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  • While naruto vowed to be the best ninja this show already became my favorite anime

    This show proved that it was the best anime of it's time. By pulling us into a facinating and yet beutiful world. Where the animation complements the story telling and makes me amazed by the action going on in this show. The action is done so well that sometimes it's jaw dropping watching to of your favorite characters battling it out and it just looks amazing to your eyes. The characters all have very intresting with every character having a very specific motive for what there doing and why. The story can be hard to follow at times if you missed an episode or two but topically you don't need to be cuaght up to enjoy the action. The dialogue is freash and the voice acting helps pull you in to a huge world where there is always an evil guy for your characters to fight. But the villians are also what makes this show great becuase the villians are either evil people or there scray becuase of the hanes things they do. Sometimes you get the simpithetic villian which helps keep the show freash and three demisional. For all the praising I'm doing some moments feel either rushed or just unitresting you rarely get parts like that but I should mention it becuase there a chore to sit through and watch. I love the three main leads there the focus of the story and they never disapoint.