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  • Nice to have it back to the good ol' US of A uncut, but just ONE episode a week!?!?

    Toonami, you never cease to bring us some of the best Anime the weabus, otakus, and just casual anime fans get wet over, and I appreciate you doing this for us. But seriously! You had to start it all back at the beginning and on top of that, only show one episode a week!?!? I'd give it a perfect 10 otherwise, but THIS is just unacceptable so much so, I would have to give this a 9.5. :p Sure, you're reintroducing the series like we Americans never seen it, (granted with the exception of the sucky intro used in season 1 which deducts my rating to an even 9), but we last left off at Naruto Shippuden right when Asuma died, just before it got canceled on Disney XD! My nerd wikipedia research tells me that was Episode 80. In the original Naruto, you gave us 209 episodes right up to the where CN cut us off in January 31 of '09. They were all censored too. Collectively that makes 289 episodes of the series we had to watch that were tainted by prudish censorship which we American fans, who were too cheap or lazy to download the english subbed episodes onto their computer, had to endure! Toonami, I think we fans are more than entitled to see more than one "uncut" episode a week especially after waiting as long as 2 years for a decent American broadcast. :(