Season 3 Episode 37

Roar and Howl! The Ultimate Tag Team!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 08, 2007 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Kiba begins his attack on Sakon, but is repelled and unable to see the counter attack. Confused but determined, Kiba tells Akamaru to use their Gatsuuga Attack (Dual Piercing Fang). The attack lands on Sakon. Tayuya summons giant monsters to aid her against Shikamaru. She then attempts to play her flute. Meanwhile Kiba and Akamaru are grappling Sakon and his other half respectively. Akamaru has transformed into Kiba. Kiba tries to low kick his opponent but is blocked when a foot emerges from the stomach. Kabuto and Orochimaru discuss "the four". Orochimaru claims that Kimimaro will not fail him and will "clean up quickly". Kimimaro stands with the barrel containing Sasuke, surrounded by Naruto clones. Naruto's red demon chakra starts to flow from his body, and long white spikes emerge from Kimimaro's palms. Naruto's clones rush toward Kimimaro. Tayuya begins playing her flute, sending the Monster with a club after Shikamaru. The monster smashes through the tree branch Shikamaru was standing on as he evades, noting that she is controlling their actions through the sound of the flute. Orochimaru's curse spreads across Tayuya's body as she continues playing. Akamaru gets punched and knocked into a rock formation. Kiba sees then gets hit with a gatling punch sending him against a rock formation. He manages to dodge another punch, but Sakon Grabs him by the throat, explaining that his brother Ukon usually sleeps inside his body but has awoken. Ukon has the ability to emerge from any area of Sakon's body. The curse begins to spread over Sakon and Ukon. Kiba gets struck with a gatling kick sending him backwards and knocking into Akamaru as they slam into another rock formation. Ukon uses level 2 curse, transforming him into a more demon like appearance. Ukon wants Sakon to do the same and Sakon does, adding that his elder brother is hasty. According to Kiba, once Ukon appeared their chakra level rose tenfold. Kimimaro destroys a multitude of Naruto clones, with various close range attacks. Shikamaru avoids another attack from the giant, but claims that he is at too much of a distance to attack. Akamaru suggests to Kiba to use an extreme technique, Kiba refuses and Akamaru bites him. Kiba agrees and decides to use Garouga ( Double Wolf Fang ). The enemy charges them slamming his fist into Kiba. Kiba grabs his arms and Akamaru marks him with his scent. Kiba and Akamaru fuse together and become a giant two headed wolf. Sakon and Ukon get hit hard with the double wolf fang attack, splitting them apart. The brothers regenerate a spiky black armor for their arms and legs. Kiba & Akamaru perform the Gatsuuga (Dual Piercing Fang)once more as the brothers summon a giant wall with a demon face for defense. Akamaru/Kiba duo slam into the wall. The brothers try attacking but one is sprayed in the eyes with acid by Akamaru. The other brother punches Akamaru after he transforms back to normal. One brother plants himself inside Kiba's body. Kiba struggles to regain possession of his arm. Flashbacks of Akamaru and Kiba are shown. Ukon states that he plans on tearing off cells that belong to Kiba. Kiba stabs himself with a Kunai and blood spurts out of Ukon's mouth. Kiba hints on performing suicide to kill them both.

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