Season 3 Episode 37

Roar and Howl! The Ultimate Tag Team!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 08, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Tag team match.

    A pretty good fight but overall it is plagued by the other things that bar down Naruto continually. A huge flashback was shown late near the end of the episode that basically recapped all of Kiba's highlight moments during the anime. Plus the first half felt a little messy switching between Kimimaro vs. Naruto, Shikamaru vs. Tayuya, and Akamaru/Kiba vs. Ukon/Sakon. Thankfully the second half solely concentrated on the tag team match with Kiba and the fight was actually really interesting, Kiba shows that you don't need to be Shikamaru to plan a decent strategy. Then that huge flashback hit, it literally took up 25% of the episode.
  • Kiba is fighting with Sakon!!

    I must say that this review is very late, but I wanted to write it. So here I am. Ok well in this episode Kiba is fighting Sakon, meanwhile Shikamaru and Naruto's fight is still going on. From what I remember Kiba is destroying Sakon until he uses his curse seal and then splits into 2. Kiba and Akamaru fight there hardest but come short in the end. Ukon sort of fuses with Kiba's body and Kiba then stabs himself to get rid of him. Kiba runs away and hides, because he can't do anything. He apologizes to Akamaru for being a lousy owner. Ukon finds his blood trail which leads him to Kiba's empty jacket. Kiba and Akamaru got away safely, but how long will it be until they are found.
  • Can Kiba and Akamaru pull out a victory?

    Things are looking grim for Shikamaru, Kiba, and Naruto. Naruto is facing Kimimaru with his shadow clone juutsu he attacks but all the clones that attack are eaily beaten off. Shikamaru is now facing 3 giant warriors that Tayayu has summoned and now she controls with a flute. Shikamaru realizes that he is too far away from her to do anything but dodge the attacks. Kiba and Akamaru are facing off against Sakon and Sakon's brother, Ukon, who is joined with him. After several attacks, Kiba learns that Sakon and Ukon have the ability to regenerate themselves. Can he and Akamaru win?
  • Fang Over Fang!

    What happens in this episode is as Tayuya guides her three beasts after Shikamaru, she activates the first level of her cursed seal to make controlling them easier. Naruto too begins his battle, creating a great deal of shadow clones with which to attack Kimimaro, though Kimimaro is able to defeat the clones by the dozens. As the fight between Kiba and Akamaru vs. Sakon and Ukon rages on, Ukon pushes his cursed seal into its second level. Recognizing the huge increase in strength that this allows the brothers, Kiba and Akamaru combine to become a giant double-headed wolf. The combined beast charges towards Sakon and Ukon, though the brothers are able to block the attack. As the wolf transformation disperses, Akamaru is attacked and left heavily injured, and Ukon merges himself with Kiba's body. Needing to get rid of Ukon to save Akamaru, Kiba stabs himself in the stomach, causing him and Ukon to start coughing up blood. It was a very awesome episode. Thunder was here!!!
  • My only wish is that I had popcorn when I was watching this!

    AH! I swear, the Sasuke Retrieval Arc just keeps getting better and better! I only wish I had popcorn when I was watching this! Let me fill you in. Naruto has just taken off after Kimimaro Kaguya, a former teammate of Sakon, Tayuya, and the late Kidomaru and Jirobo, who has stolen Sasuke's coffin from Naruto, who had just gotten it back from Tayuya. Choji and Neji have collapsed from exhaustion, and Kiba has rolled down a cliff with Sakon, his opponent. Now Shikamaru is on his own to fight Tayuya. She starts activating her curse seals and playing her flute. Meanwhile, Naruto makes thousands of clones to fight Kimimaro. He states that the clones are merely trash, and he will take them out one by one. And he does. And down by the river, Kiba is taking on Sakon. Sakon reveals his brother, Ukon, as his extra head. If you stand in front of Sakon, the top of Ukon's head kinda looks like a ponytail. Anyway, Kiba and Akamaru battle them, but Ukon manages to invade Kiba's body and bind their souls. Kiba stabs himself in the stomach, to try and kill Ukon.
  • Kiba and Akamaru try to deal with Sakon and his brother, Ukon.

    Good episode. Naruto still tries to get Sasuke back from Kimimaro, while Shikamaru evades Tayuya's 3 zombie friends that she is controlling with her flute. In the meantime, Kiba and Akamaru are having a rough time dealing with Sakon and his newly discovered brother, Ukon, his other head. As Kiba and Akamaru attack, Sakon reveals his brother and punches Akamaru down. Akamaru convinces Kiba to use their secret weapon to transform and merge into a Two-headed wolf, their best move. Things are looking good as they split Sakon and Ukon apart, but get worse when they grow the other half of their missing body to become 2 separate bodies. Then, when they summon their best defense to stop Kiba and Akamaru, Akamaru gets badly injured while Ukon merges with Kiba using his Kekkei genkai. He's gonna kill Kiba from the inside out!