Season 3 Episode 1

Roar, Chidori! Brother vs. Brother!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 21, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Sasuke remembers the day that Itachi single-handedly wiped out the entire Uchiha clan as he desperately searches for Naruto. However, Itachi and Kisame have already found him.

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  • Meh

    With just about a flashback episode for everyone, Sasuke was up for his dues. Itachi and Kisame politely ask Naruto to step outside with them while Sasuke is out running in circles looking for the three. During his running spree he thinks back to the night when the entire Uchiha clan met genocide at the hands of their own prodigy, Itachi. Sure it is sad that Sasuke lost his parents, his aunt and uncle that he says hi to every morning before school, his entire clan getting killed, all at the hands of his brother. This is all sad, but I didn't sympathize. No I'm not heartless. This episode is equivalent to me picking up a newspaper and seeing an article about a shooting. It is sad, but unless you have direct connections to anyone involved in that shooting, it is just that, a sad event that you're really not going to cry over.moreless
  • Sasuke comes face to face with his brother, Itachi.

    Itachi and Kisame have found Naruto and are going to take him with them. Kisame wants to chop one of Naruto's legs off and starts to swing his sword. just as he is coming down on Naruto, a giant frog in armor appears and blocks his sword. Jiraiya has shown up in the nick of time. Sasuke has also found them. Sasuke charges his chidori and lunges at his brother in an attempt to kill him. Itachi grabs Sasuke's arm and directs the blow into the wall. Sasuke attempts to use his free arm and Itachi breaks the arm he's holding....moreless
  • Itachi and Sasuke fight while Sasuke remebers the night where he found out that Itachi had killed the whole clan. Jiraiya arrives at the end.

    This a great episode. There is a flashback about the day that Sasuke found out that the whole clan was massacred by his brother, Itachi Uchiha. I liked also how the flashback sort of explained Sasuke's words before his attack and how he has a lot of hatred towards his brother for what he did. Itachi, as powerful as he is, effortlessly he stopped Sasuke's attack. Jiraiya arrives at the end to stop the fight. As I've said before about this episode, it is great and I think that the flashback is what really in my opinion made it a great episode but the fight itself is also great.moreless
  • when i saw this episode i was shocked cause when itachi told him your weak, you lack hatred, they may not be itachi's exact words but w/e,any ways it was sad the way itachi treated sasukemoreless

    when i saw the epiosde i thought naruto would've not listened to sasuke and still helped him out but i was wrong. even though it is a cartoon i was worried sasuke might not make it alive. thank goodness he did. well anyways, the part that i didn't like was when itachi made sasuke look into itachi's sharingan he used tsukuyomi. when he made sasuke relive his past about itachi killing their parents. i hate itachi even more, cause its his fault sasuke went to the orodude. the fact that itachi is still alive makes me mad. someday i really hope sasuke would kill off itachi and go back to konoha and ahem get married with sakura, she's the only one taht will love him for who he is and she's been waiting for him for a while and sasuke deserves happiness after what he's been through. they both do.moreless
  • This was one of the coolest episodes of naruto yet because you saw Sasukes brother with his mangekyou sharingan and you could see that Itachi is really strong because nobody could beat him especially when he did his mangekyou sharingan power.moreless

    This was one of or the best episodes of naruto yet because with Itachi and his mangekyou sharingan you could finally see why Sasuke had so much determination to get so much stronger. Now we also know how far away Sasuke is until he can actually beat his brother because Itachi was so much stronger than Sasuke,Kakashi sensai and every one. With the Mangekyou sharingan Itachi brought sasuke into his own real world and tortured him and out of all of the villains that were from Naruto episodes being able to make your own real world would be the coolest move of all because you will always win.moreless
Doug Stone

Doug Stone

Fugaku Uchiha

Guest Star

Kari Wahlgren

Kari Wahlgren

Mikoto Uchiha

Guest Star

Crispin Freeman

Crispin Freeman

Itachi Uchiha

Guest Star

Megan Hollingshead

Megan Hollingshead

Uruchi Uchiha

Recurring Role

Kirk Thornton

Kirk Thornton

Kisame Hoshigaki

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Sasuke becomes fearful of Itachi and runs away he isn't wearing shoes inside his house, but when he is shown outside his house running away, he is wearing shoes.

    • When the young Sasuke was running home, his arm movements were not in sync with his running.

    • Technically, Sasuke shouldn't have been able to use that uber-powered Chidori when he first saw Itachi. Because he already used that attack twice in that day and he can only use that attack twice.
      1st: Busting out of the Uchiha tomb
      2nd: After busting out of the Uchiha tomb, and showing that he is more superior than Naruto, he uses Chidori again

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Naruto: Aw, don't tell me that! One wink from a pretty girl and you turned into a mountain of mush. You fell for it like a ton of bricks, Pervy Sage!

    • Jiraiya: You two don't know me at all, do you> Should have done your homework. Jiraiya, the Toad Sage, falls victim to no woman's charm. Rare beauties fall for me like blossoms in a storm. It isn't in my nature to be duped by the wiles of women. When you reach the stature I have, the ladies kneel and worship at your awesomeness.

    • Sasuke: It's just as you said brother. I've fostered my hatred for you all this time. I've lived my life for one single purpose: to see you die! It ends here!

    • Young Sasuke: Please don't kill me!
      Itachi: You're not even worth killing.

    • Fugaku Uchiha: Your brother has always been a little strange son. He has a hard time dropping his gaurd around other people, letting them in.
      Young Sasuke: What do you mean?
      Fugaku Uchiha: I don't know. I can't read him and I'm the boy's father. That kid...

    • Kisame: Hard to believe such a child carries the Nine-Tailed Fox.

    • Itachi: Foolish little brother...if you wish to kill me, despise me, hate me, and survive in an unsightly way! Run! Run and cling to life.

      ~Japanese version

    • Kisame: Itachi, who is this kid?
      Itachi: He's my brother.
      Kisame: That's funny! The way I heard it, the entire Uchiha clan was wiped you!

    • Kisame: I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it, I thought that the entire Uchiha Clan was you!

      ~Japanese version

    • Itachi: You're in the way!

      ~Japanese version

  • NOTES (5)


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