Season 7 Episode 23

Run, Dodge, Zigzag! Chase or Be Chased!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 21, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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Naruto, Kiba, and Hinata must make it back to Konoha and stop their evil look-alikes from ruining their village. The impostors think it'll be an easy task, but when the real Naruto and Kiba expose their weakness, they discover that it may not be so easy.

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  • Never mess with Naruto's ramen or his money!

    I found this to be pretty funny. They work as a team finally and come to a conclusion that they could work together if they can help their flaws. Hinata caring too much for the other two, Naruto and Kiba bluntly saying too much at each other and fighting, but realized they could be a pretty good team if they worked it out.

    Naruto going demon fox over his ramen and money was funny, and sending a mass storm of Narutos to find him. Naruto getting owned by Sakura, Teuchi and even Hinata jyuukens Naruto,. XD

    So in all, this was a test for the three because when the three were together on previous missions they failed those and the only team that failed any mission in these arcs. When you compared Naruto teamed up with Team Gai to Team Kurenai it was apparent. Sometimes I'd wish the filler would have an Arc not with Naruto in it but another team that deserves the spotlight without him, but oh well!moreless
  • -_-

    Wow, terrible. No point in this episode at all, it was close to being a complete waste of a half hour if it weren't for the fact that it was just SOOOOO damn stupid that it got at least a giggle out of me. When the last episode left off on a somewhat "exciting" note, I thought there was going to be at least a half assed attempt to make this finale of this so so terrible filler arc "exciting". Nope, complete failure. It was stupid, and the humour is just so elementary and juvenile. What I got out of this episode? Nothing really. Hopefully it can't get any worse than this.moreless
  • Woah did not see that one coming. . . . .

    A great ending to the funny arc. Although it was a very unexpected ending. This episode kept me laughing till the very end. Poor Naruto, he lost a lot of food and money from his fake counterpart. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! I seriosly thought those clones ment the group a lot of harm, but it really was all just a test! A real test of cooperation for Naruto, Hinata, and Kiba. Good thing that they passed the test, it would have been bad if they went back to ninja academy. (Poor Tsunade with her debt ^_^)moreless
  • A funny filler with well a wierd ending.

    Ok I gotta say it. Naruto going Kyubi over Ramen...... priceless. Kiba and Naruto chase their clones around the village to prevent them from attacking the village. It only takes one hit to beat them cause they are so weak though. Also beccause Kiba has Akamaru and Naruto has a treasure chest. The reason this episode is good though i cause the clone Naruto is running around ruining Naruto's life. How? By ruining all his favorite places to eat. It was absolutely hilarious when Naruto went Kyubi ovr ramen. So funny I had to mention it twice. The best part was the ending, right after Naruto takes off the teasure chest Hinata hits him. And Tsunade owes the dude money lol.moreless
  • wow this ended different than expected

    trapped in a cave filled with paper bombs, kiba, hinata and naruto are sure they will die. the bombs explode but hinata uses her protection jutsu and they come out unscathed. since hinatas leg is injured she stays behind while kiba and naruto go after the imposters. at the leaf village the imposters plan to terrorize the village. when naruto gets their his copy stole lots of things so naruto loses all his money. eventually at the end kiba and naruto defeat the copies. it turns out the whole mission was a fake to see how well they coaporated. they all passed and dont have to go back to the academy.moreless
John DeMita

John DeMita

Agari Kaisen

Guest Star

Lex Lang

Lex Lang


Recurring Role

Richard Cansino

Richard Cansino

Izumo Kamizuki

Recurring Role

Liam O'Brien (V)

Liam O'Brien (V)

Kotetsu Hagane

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Kiba catches Hinata from falling, after he breaks them out of the cave, he is holding both her arms, when Naruto stands up he is only holding one arm.

    • Before when Kiba tells Hinata not to fall behind, Hinata moves her mouth as if saying something but no sound comes out.

    • Naruto says that the box sitting on the rock is the treasure box when they find it after Hinata stops the rocks from falling on them, yet Naruto never saw the treasure box and Kiba did not mention that he found it.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • (Hinata uses Gentle Fist on Naruto because she thinks he is the fake)
      Kiba: I'd hate to be the real Naruto right about now. Oh boy!

    • Naruto: I'm not letting this fly! You ate my special ramen! You've crossed the line!

    • (Shopkeeper grabs Naruto and stops him)
      Naruto: Let me guess, I stopped by earlier and ate a bunch of food?
      Shopkeeper: That's right, ya did. Really packed it in. And now you're going to settle this bill.
      Naruto: That face stealing jerk!

    • Naruto: Just leave me to me!

    • Kiba Come on, Akamaru, Fang Over...
      (The fake Kiba lay out unconscious)
      Naruto: He's out cold?!
      Kiba: Oh that sucks! I didn't punch hard or use jutsu or anything.

    • Naruto: (Thinking) The fake me protected the fake her from the real me? That makes my head hurt.

    • Fake Naruto: They all think I'm that little spaz.

    • Kotetsu: Kiba? Naruto?
      Naruto: I know how weird this sounds, but did I come through here?
      Kotetsu: Yeah, just now.
      Naruto: All those guys were impostors.

    • Kiba: You head back at your own pace. Be careful, your leg is still injured, so don't push it.
      Hinata: I won't overdue it.
      Naruto: Here's the plan: Head home at your own pace. Be careful, that leg is still hurt, you know.
      Kiba: Didn't I just tell her that? Were you paying attention?
      Naruto: Whazzat? I zoned out.
      Hinata: Thanks, Naruto.
      Kiba: (Grabs Naruto by the collar) Come on, idea boy.

    • Kiba: Leg still givin' ya trouble?
      Hinata: I'm fine.
      Naruto: Hey now, be honest. If your leg hurts, tell us already.
      Hinata: I didn't want to complain and slow down the team.
      Naruto: Yeah, and how's that workin' for ya?
      Hinata: I... I didn't mean to..
      Kiba: Seriously, this is the very thing that makes us not so hot as a team guys. Hinata worries too much about the two of us. Meanwhile, Naruto and I always end up growling at each other.
      Naruto: Huh, now that you mention it...
      Kiba: If we kept stuff like that in mind while we're out on missions, I think we'd grow into a pretty awesome trio. Don't you?
      Naruto: Hey, it's worth a try.
      Hinata: Yeah, you're right.

    • Tsunade: When I agreed to be Hokage, what the heck was I thinking?!

    • Kiba: Do us both a favor and can the puppy-dog eyes. That might work on a push-over like Naruto, but I hate that stuff! (The fake Hinata faints) And these wimps thought they were really gonna take out the Leaf?

    • (Fake Naruto runs into Sakura while she's carrying books)
      Sakura: (Upset) Something maybe you'd like to say?! Like... Oh, I don't know, "sorry"?!
      Fake Naruto: (Laughs) Ha, ha, ha, ha... Check it out! You're so clumsy you landed right on your butt! (Taunts) What's the matter? Can't walk and carry books at the same time? Some ninja you are, you big klutz! (Runs off)
      Sakura: (Stands up angrily) By the time I'm done with you, Naruto, you won't have a butt... (Yelling) 'cause I'm gonna kick it all over the village!
      Naruto: Sakura! Get out of the way!
      Sakura: (Glares from behind her) Naruto! Shut up!!!
      (Punches Naruto in the chin, sending him soaring)
      Naruto: (Slurred) What was that for?
      Sakura: (Clueless) Wait a minute... If Naruto ran off in that direction... (points to her left) did he come by the other way so quickly? (Points to her right)

    • (Hinata falls onto Naruto)
      Naruto: Hinata, holdin' up okay? (Hinata turns red and faints) Guess not.
      Kiba: Okay, here's an idea. How about you cut our ropes first, then you can faint all you want?

    • Fake Hinata: Rest in peace, or pieces, I guess.

    • Kiba: We found you, you fakes!
      Naruto: I'm going to kick your asses!

      ~Japanese version

    • Tsunade: My worries of debt do not decrease.
      Shizune: Frankly speaking, it's increasing.

      ~Japanese version

    • Fake Hinata: I hope you get to heaven easily.

      ~Japanese version

    • Tsunade: I shouldn't have become a Hokage!

      ~Japanese version

    • (Hinata faints)
      Kiba: Hey, Hinata, cut these ropes before you pass out.
      (Kiba sticks his ear to the ground)
      Kiba: The guys outside are no longer there.
      (Rocks start to fall)
      Kiba: This isn't going to hold up for much longer. We should get out of here quickly. That's...

      ~Japanese version

    • Hinata: Exploding tags!
      Kaisen: Once we leave, we'll set the tags to explode.
      Fake Kiba: You have no means to escape nor will anyone come and help you. Accept the facts.
      Agari: This is better than returning to the Academy, right?

      ~Japanese version

    • Ayame: I'll be right back, okay?
      Ayame's father: Okay! Be careful!
      (Naruto flies by and bounces around knocking the container out of Ayame's hands)
      Ayame's father: What happened?! Are you alright, Ayame?!
      Ayame: Y-Yes, Naruto-kun suddenly flew by and...
      Ayame's father: What? Naruto! How dare you do that to my daughter?!
      Naruto: W-What?
      Ayame: Father, I'm alright, so...
      Ayame's father: No, you should rest a little. We should have Naruto take responsibility and have him go!
      Naruto: What?! B-But you know what? I-I-!
      Ayame's father: If you refuse, I'll never let you eat my ramen again.
      Naruto: (After doing chores) Are they serious?! I'm not supposed to be doing this anyway! I finished the delivery!
      Ayame's father: Okay! Good job!

      ~Japanese version

    • Hinata: Naruto, Kiba!
      Kiba: Oh, the real Hinata has returned.
      Naruto: Hey, Hinata, right here!

      ~Japanese version

    • (During preview of next episode)
      Jiraiya: It's not-not-not-not here! Bastard! Where did it go, Naruto?!
      Naruto: Oh, if it's that then I wrote it.
      Jiraiya: Wrote it?!
      Naruto: Then I handed it over to the receiving ninja.
      Jiraiya: Handed it over?!
      Naruto: That's why it should definitely have arrived at the place.
      Jiraiya: You idiot! If I leave it this way, then my precious writing fame will-
      Naruto: Rather than that, let's start training.
      Jiraiya: Shut up! Come on, Naruto. No matter what, we're going to get it back!

      ~Japanese version

    • Fake Hinata: Kiba, please stop! Forgive me!
      Kiba: You may have fooled Naruto, but that won't work on me.
      (Fake Hinata faints)
      Kiba: Were these guys serious about destroying the village?

      ~Japanese version

    • Kiba: Hey, aren't you going to ruin the village? You guys are too weak!
      Fake Naruto and Hinata: Damn it! (Both run away)

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: You're not ruining the village, but you're ruining my credit.

      ~Japanese version

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