Season 7 Episode 23

Run, Dodge, Zigzag! Chase or Be Chased!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 21, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Never mess with Naruto's ramen or his money!

    I found this to be pretty funny. They work as a team finally and come to a conclusion that they could work together if they can help their flaws. Hinata caring too much for the other two, Naruto and Kiba bluntly saying too much at each other and fighting, but realized they could be a pretty good team if they worked it out.

    Naruto going demon fox over his ramen and money was funny, and sending a mass storm of Narutos to find him. Naruto getting owned by Sakura, Teuchi and even Hinata jyuukens Naruto,. XD

    So in all, this was a test for the three because when the three were together on previous missions they failed those and the only team that failed any mission in these arcs. When you compared Naruto teamed up with Team Gai to Team Kurenai it was apparent. Sometimes I'd wish the filler would have an Arc not with Naruto in it but another team that deserves the spotlight without him, but oh well!
  • -_-

    Wow, terrible. No point in this episode at all, it was close to being a complete waste of a half hour if it weren't for the fact that it was just SOOOOO damn stupid that it got at least a giggle out of me. When the last episode left off on a somewhat "exciting" note, I thought there was going to be at least a half assed attempt to make this finale of this so so terrible filler arc "exciting". Nope, complete failure. It was stupid, and the humour is just so elementary and juvenile. What I got out of this episode? Nothing really. Hopefully it can't get any worse than this.
  • Woah did not see that one coming. . . . .

    A great ending to the funny arc. Although it was a very unexpected ending. This episode kept me laughing till the very end. Poor Naruto, he lost a lot of food and money from his fake counterpart. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! I seriosly thought those clones ment the group a lot of harm, but it really was all just a test! A real test of cooperation for Naruto, Hinata, and Kiba. Good thing that they passed the test, it would have been bad if they went back to ninja academy. (Poor Tsunade with her debt ^_^)
  • A funny filler with well a wierd ending.

    Ok I gotta say it. Naruto going Kyubi over Ramen...... priceless. Kiba and Naruto chase their clones around the village to prevent them from attacking the village. It only takes one hit to beat them cause they are so weak though. Also beccause Kiba has Akamaru and Naruto has a treasure chest. The reason this episode is good though i cause the clone Naruto is running around ruining Naruto's life. How? By ruining all his favorite places to eat. It was absolutely hilarious when Naruto went Kyubi ovr ramen. So funny I had to mention it twice. The best part was the ending, right after Naruto takes off the teasure chest Hinata hits him. And Tsunade owes the dude money lol.
  • wow this ended different than expected

    trapped in a cave filled with paper bombs, kiba, hinata and naruto are sure they will die. the bombs explode but hinata uses her protection jutsu and they come out unscathed. since hinatas leg is injured she stays behind while kiba and naruto go after the imposters. at the leaf village the imposters plan to terrorize the village. when naruto gets their his copy stole lots of things so naruto loses all his money. eventually at the end kiba and naruto defeat the copies. it turns out the whole mission was a fake to see how well they coaporated. they all passed and dont have to go back to the academy.
  • Oh wow, I was right! Thank you, Bleach and Voice!

    I was watching this episode this morning, and about half way through it, I remembered last week's new episode of Bleach, and then Voice whispered to my brain, "This is all just a test." I really need to find out Voice's true identity. Not knowing is driving me nuts. Anyway, in case you're not a Bleach fan, last week was the end of a filler that ended up being just a test. This little creepy girl named Lirin kept kidnapping Ichigo's friends and they had to play all of these twisted games in order to get them back. In the end, it all just ended up being a plot formed by Urahara to improve Ichigo, Uryu, Orihime, Renji, Kon (does Kon really count?!?), and Chad's teamwork. And that's what Tsunade did. Except for Naruto's clone running up all those bills, that was real!!! ^_^ In case you're still confused as to what I'm talking about, Kiba, Akamaru, Hinata, and Naruto were sent out on a mission to grab some buried treasure. But if they failed like all the other times they did when they were teamed up together, they get sent back to the Academy!!! And some phsyco kidnapped them and stole their faces, save for Akamaru. Anyway, they all broke free and beat everyone up and they didn't get sent to the Academy. Oh, but Hinata accidently beat Naruto up because she thought he was a clone. :P It was great! Hm, that will make a fun story to tell their children someday. :P
  • The short filler arc ends.

    Naruto, Kiba, and Hinata have been captured and are imprisoned in a cave by their look-a-likes. The look-a-likes plant paper bombs all along the ceiling before they leave and Naruto, Kiba and Akamaru work feverishly to free Hinata so she can block the coming cave in. They get her free in the nick of time. After she blocks the rocks from hitting them she frees Naruto and Kiba. Kiba uses his Fang Over Fang to break out of the cave and they all make it out in the nick of time once again. They head off to the village to stop their look-a-likes and....
  • This was really funny.

    I really liked this episode alot especially with the real Naruto and the fake Naruto had alot of issues together. First the imposter makes Sakura really mad and then the real Naruto gets punched all the way down to the Ramen shop and the whole bag of Ramen or box gets knocked down right from Naomi's hands and the chef must make Naruto deliver all the Ramen. Next he finds out that the imposter of him has taken alot of food and the real Naruto must pay all that money for the food that the fake stole. Next he finds out that he is headed for all his special golden Ramen he has been saving for and he eats it all and makes the real Naruto angry and does all the shadow clones. It finds out that this was just a practice that Tsunade had planned for. I say this episode is totally awesome and I loved it ALOT. I hope I can see it again.
  • Funny Filler

    This whole mission was a test. It was funny to see Naruto spend all his money. And that Ramen delivry. He even used tajuu kage bunshin for Ramen using Fox chakra. Naruto got owned by Sakura, when it wasn't his fault. At the end everyone was caught but it turned out to be a test from tsundade. Unfortunately Tsunade thought that the guy was doing him a favor training the three. But in the end Tsunade was stuck with another bill. Its hard out there for a Hokage. Overall a very good funny filler. Very good coclusion to the whole arc.
  • So funny!

    Hahaha this episode was so funny and awesome and stuff! First off, the whole mission to bring back the treasure was just a test to see if they could work together as a team. Well, they did. Yay them. Oh my gosh the funny parts of this episode were funny (...) Ok, when Sakura vows to hit the next Naruto she see's after one walks by her and knocks all her books down(the fake naruto) and then she see's the real one and sends him flying omg that was so funny! And the next one is when Hinata see's that the real Naruto doesn't have the box on and thinks he's the fake and hits him with Jyuuken! Omg that was so funny! I was laughing so hard then. And the end was also funny when Tsunade was like "I shouldn't have become the Hokage!"
  • Funny filler

    This whole mission was a test. It was funny to see Naruto spend all his money. And that Ramen delivry. He even used tajuu kage bunshin for Ramen using Fox chakra. Naruto got owned by Sakura, when it wasnt his fault. In the end Tsunade was stuck with another bill. Its hard out there for a Hokage.
  • A good filler episode

    This episode is part 2 od Dig Here! Bow Wow! Find The Pile Of Gold!Naruto,Kiba,and Hinata are still trying to get out of the cave.They finally escape but now they have to stop the fakes!The froup heads to the the village to stop the fakes.They get there and stop the fake Kiba and Naruto easily but Naruto still had trouble getting the other Naruto!After the fake Naruto steals food Naruto has to use all his money.Then Naruto heads home but then he finds his special Ramen eaten.Then he goes into 9 tailed forum and stops the fake!