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Season 3 Episode 21

Run, Idate, Run! Nagi Island Awaits!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 17, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

While Aoi, the shinobi that is working for Wasarabi, begins to beat up Idate, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura finally get to the island Idate is located on. As they are about to go look for Idate they are attacked by their old Rain ninja friends from the Chunin exam. Naruto gets rid of them using Rasengan so the three go search for Idate. They find Idate badly injured and Aoi standing near him. Naruto and Sasuke attack Aoi but are easily defeated. Before he leaves Aoi tells the three that the needles he attacked them and Idate with are poisonous and mean certain death for Naruto, Sasuke, and Idate. Can they find a remedy before it is too late?moreless

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  • Hmmmm

    This arc just turned for the worst with very lackluster characters in Aoi and Idate. What they basically did was replicate Naruto's situation in the first episode with suckier execution. Everything felt so uninspired and small scenes were dragged out to make the episode feel longer. The fight scene with Aoi seemed pathetic, never would have guessed he was a jounin, and Naruto making that swirl under the ocean felt a little bit unrealistic. I thought Naruto was unable to make rasengans without the aid of his replications? The only good part of this episode was that it showed a flashback to the fist episode.moreless
  • A reason for Idate to continue

    Another great show. This one reveals more about Idate's past and why he does not trust anyone anymore. It also tells about Aoi's past and how his and Idate's past are intertwined. There is another fight scene between the Hidden Rain guys from the Forest of Death Chunin exam. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura make it to the island and confront Aoi (who has beaten up Idate). Everyone is hit with poison needles by Aoi and he leaves. Tsunade had given Sakura some medicine just in case and she gives some to everyone. Naruto then convinces Idate he must continue the race....moreless
  • Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are attacked underwater by the mist ninja from the Chunin exams. Naruto defeats them and swims to shore with Sakura and Sasuke who are then attacked by Aoi. Idate, Sasuke and Naruto are poisoned but Sakura gives them medicine.moreless

    Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are attacked by the mist ninja underwater and Naruto beats them with his Rasengan making a wirl pool. Naruto was actually being smart this time and using his brain. Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura get to shore with Sakura faking that she needed CPR but she stopped before Naruto could preform it to her. She actually thought that Sasuke would do it. Sakura needs to really think about things before she does them. She is so annoying. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura try to find Idate and they do. He is beat up by Aoi and Aoi starts to fight Sasuke and Naruto. Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura get poisoned by Aoi. Sakura then gives themselves and Idate some medicine. At the end of the episode Naruto is carrying Idate on his back running to continue the race. The episode was good and the reason why I said that it was exiting was just because the fighting was good.moreless
  • (Except Idate got beat up. :P) Oh Idate, you little wimp that was created only because the anime was too far ahead and Kishimoto needed time to write more of the manga and so this filler arc was made, progress the story line just a little please. :moreless

    Oh Idate, you little wimp that was created only because the anime was too far ahead and Kishimoto needed time to write more of the manga and thus they created this filler arc, progress the story line just a little please. :P But seriously, he's such a wimp. (How did he ever become a ninja? Not even Sakura's that wimpy. XP) So let's see...what happened in this episode? Idate got beat up by Aoi, and Naruto Sasuke, and Sakura are attacked by the Rain ninja, but of course they escape because Naruto used his fancy little Rasengan that he really needs to stop flaunting around because it's becoming cliched. Again, I'm being leaniant with the rating I gave it. (Just a few more episode of these awfully done fillers. :P Just a few more...)moreless
  • This when I tell about how I really like this episode. Also what were the good parts.

    I really like this one for many reasons such as the inveted idea of Naruto's woolpool using the rasangon when I read it I though it was something else but I thought that very clever I don't think Saske would have done that. Plus I did not think his clones would last underwater. Sasukra was still kind of a wouse, but she did have the pills (yah). I could not stop laughing when Naruto was going to give Saskura CPR, espeally when Saskura saw Naruto (with his fish lips)tring to give it to her CPR and then she punches him. I did not surprize me that she wanted done by Saske and punches Naruto for begin a pervert, but really she would not be alive without Naruto because Saske did not do anything but swim up. Plus he was not even near her Naruto was. I wish she did thank him but I think she was in Saske land (lol). I thought Idate was going to die it seem like he wanted to, but the team came to the resue. I wounder when Idate told his story, maybe Naruto could have told Idate his but Naruto has his ways. I thought Saske would have said,"It was Naruto's way of talking to him." This is one of thouse time your would think Saske would say something too but no. Even when Naruto would have put him on his back; I think it is Naruto's way not to give up. I think without Naruto that he would not be in this race still.moreless

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