Season 7 Episode 4

Run! The Curry of Life

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 12, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Raiga and Lee are continuing their battle. Raiga is impressed with Lee's determination. Raiga uses his strongest attack and knock Lee unconscious over the cliff. Meanwhile, Tenten, Ranmaru, Grandma Sanshou, and Karashi are on their way with a batch of the Curry of Life. They find Lee and Tenten and Karashi each take a plate of curry and go to find Naruto and Neji. Grandma Sanshou and Ranmaru feed Lee some of the curry to try and revive him. She fears that it may not be enough, but Lee suddenly comes to and starts to scarf down the curry. Tenten finds Naruto and feeds him the curry and he comes to as well. Karashi feeds the Curry of Life to Neji, but it has the opposite effect on him. Lee has eaten all of the rest of the curry and is acting very weird. It seems that a bottle wine fell in the curry and now Lee is drunk. Raiga starts to head for Grandma Sanshou and Ranmaru. Ranmaru tells Grandma Sansou that he will go out and talk to Raiga. Raiga is pleased to see Ranmaru alive. Naruto and Tenten watch from behind a boulder. Raiga wants to finish off everyone and Ranmaru pretends to agree. Ranmaru then creates a fog so Raiga can't see. Ranmaru leads Raiga to the cliff and is going to lead him over the edge of the cliff to atone for his past. All of a sudden, Lee shouts at Raiga. Lee kicks through the fog revealing himself to Raiga and begins to attack. He kicks Raiga and knocks Ranmaru over the cliff and Raiga nearly follows. Naruto is able to catch Ranmaru. Raiga becomes enraged and attacks Lee. He uses his Thunder Armor and when they hit each other, they are both thrown back. Raiga decides to kill Lee while he is still unconscious, but Ranmaru and Naruto show up and block his way of attack. Naruto uses his Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu. Raiga uses his lightning attack and destroys most of the clones, but Naruto and a few of them get through and pummel Raiga. After hitting Raiga several times, Naruto and his clones send Raiga over the cliff. Raiga calls upon the lightning to give him a funeral and it strikes him, leaving nothing behind.

Grandma Sanshou takes in Ranmaru and trains him to cook curry. She offers some curry for the road, but Neji and Naruto make excuses and drag Lee out with them.
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