Season 7 Episode 4

Run! The Curry of Life

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 12, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Drunken Lee ftw!

    Is this really the end to this filler arc? I hope so, please Raiga, please don't come back alive, okay? This was an odd episode. The first half had a lot of animated movements in the veins of stuff like One Piece with extremely exaggerated motions. Lee the most particular case here was the prime example. It wasn't really funny though. And this whole sidestory of the Curry of Life giving people magical abilities, such as Ranmaru being able to use his arms and legs, was just stupid and unrealistic. What made this a good end to this arc is that Raiga finally dies, thank you! And Drunken Lee made an appearance. He's awesome no matter how bad an episode is.
  • End to a good filler arc.

    It was good. First I have to say Raiga was one of the ugliest characters of all time. Seriously. Lee fallig down the cliff to be coincidently found by Tenten and Ranma had to be luck. Haha drunken Lee rules and such kicking Raiga's arse. This episode was fast paced, a little too much for me at the middle, but it was still good and how Raiga suicided really didn't dissapoint me. Haha. The end was good to, it was mildly humorous. So basically yeah good way to finish off a filler arc, it was good knowing that nothin related to it will ever be shown again.
  • Very funny episode. Drunken Lee rocks!!

    This episode was so d@mn funny. That bit with Lee falling down the mountain was hilarous. Drunken Lee rocks. Even Neji was funny. Although it was weird that Raiga vaporized himself. And I still want to know why he created all those funerals. Karashi comes back and Ranmaru becomes part of the family. Curry never tasted so good.
  • The Drunken Rock Lee fights again!!! An Anime King review!!

    In this great episode of naruto, one of the former Swordsmen shows his face. His name is Raiga and I dont like him at all!! In this episode Rock Lee is fighting Raiga on his own, but there\'s a catch, Rock Lee is unconcious!! And that is what makes Raiga mad. In his eyes Lee is just playing around, and he\'s dodging all of Raiga\'s moves easily. Thats why I like Rock Lee, his body is like the Ultimate Taijutsu weapon of the Leaf Village. In this episode Rock Lee fights in three states, one he is woke as normal, 2nd he is unconcious, and third he is, well once again drunk. That just more proof that Rock Lee is the ultimate taijutsu weapon. Anime King out!!
  • Amazing! Lee was hilarious! I loved it=)

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  • A good episode to end this arc.

    Well, this was another good episode (despite the fact that it wasn't my favorite). Ranmaru decides to send himself and Raiga off a cliff so that Ranmaru could be with Raiga forever. However, drunken Lee shows up and faces Raiga, then loses. Now it is Naruto's turn to protect Ranmaru from being killed by his once former friend, Raiga. Naruto sends Raiga down a cliff, and then Raiga calls upon the lightning to give him a funeral worth remembering. Other than that, it was a good ending to a good arc, so another 10 out of 10. More Naruto reviews are coming soon!
  • Raiga commits suicide... But other than that, it was awesome!!!

    Raiga commits suicide... But other than that, it was awesome!!! Hahahaha!!!!! OK, Grandma Sancho and Karashi make lots of Life Curry to take to Naruto, Lee, and Neji, who are dying out on the battle field. You know, it's kinda ironic, because Neji just got out of critical condition from the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, and now here he is dying again! Anyway, they give the curry to Lee and Naruto, but Neji passes back out again after they feed it to him. And, as it turns out, Karashi accidently dumped a ton of booze into the curry pot, and Lee goes into Drunken Fist mode... Meanwhile, Tenten has convinced Ranmaru that he doesn't need Raiga to complete him, so Ranmaru prepares to throw himself off a cliff with Raiga so that Raiga can't hurt anyone anymore, but they can still be together. But just as Naruto is about to stop them, Lee, who is drunk as skunk, pops up and picks a fight with Raiga. Ranmaru tries to get him to just ignore Lee, but Raiga tells the boy that Ranmaru has changed and that Raiga no longer knows him. Well, then Naruto gets involved. You know how this part will go, I'm not going to explain it to you. In the end, Naruto knocks Raiga off a cliff, and then he commits suicide on the way down by making his thunder pierce his chest. They forgot to edit this episode well... Instead of replacing Raiga saying, "I'm tired of your (whatever he said)" they just made the sound go away. They should just put Naruto on Adult Swim so they won't have to do so much editing. Little kids shouldn't be watching Naruto anyway.
  • The final battle with Raiga

    Raiga has defeated all of the Leaf Ninja. Tenten, Karashi, Ranmaru, and Karashi's mother are bringing curry to revive everyone. There is a slight problem with the curry though. It seems that a bottle of wine fell in the curry and they did not have time to make more. They first find Rock Lee, who is in really bad shape and give him some curry. Tenten takes off with Karashi to find Naruto and Neji. Lee wakes up and eats most of the rest of the curry, making him very drunk. Tenten find Naruto and revives him with the curry. They watch as Ranmaru confronts Raiga...