Season 7 Episode 4

Run! The Curry of Life

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 12, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • The Drunken Rock Lee fights again!!! An Anime King review!!

    In this great episode of naruto, one of the former Swordsmen shows his face. His name is Raiga and I dont like him at all!! In this episode Rock Lee is fighting Raiga on his own, but there\'s a catch, Rock Lee is unconcious!! And that is what makes Raiga mad. In his eyes Lee is just playing around, and he\'s dodging all of Raiga\'s moves easily. Thats why I like Rock Lee, his body is like the Ultimate Taijutsu weapon of the Leaf Village. In this episode Rock Lee fights in three states, one he is woke as normal, 2nd he is unconcious, and third he is, well once again drunk. That just more proof that Rock Lee is the ultimate taijutsu weapon. Anime King out!!