Season 1 Episode 32

Sakura Blossoms!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 06, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Rich in backstory character relation and character development. Interesting. Although no action from more popular characters.

    An episode mostly about Sakura. Its about time she shows some backbone. It seems up to this point in the story the female ninjas have been very submissive and subdued, which makes you wonder are they there just to support the males? In which case would seem dissapointing, at least for me. I want to see the female ninjas hold their own against strong enemies, especialy fighting solo. This episode contains a heavy amount of character development, backstory, and drama. It is all about Sakura of corse,which if you like Sakura for some reason you should be pleased. She does finaly stand up for herself and become aggresive, but her skills are so basic that it\'s really not all taht impressive. Still the fact that she actualy performs a succesful attacks and makes a strong attempt is interesting. You almost have to admire her effort. I still think it is horrible that her chaarcter is basicaly just a stereotype girl with a huge crush that she basis her existence off of. Why couldn\'t she be a little more focused on becoming a good ninja rather than obssesed with getting Saskue to like her. Also the fact that she has a sensativeity to her wide forehead is kinda silly and ridiculus, of all things to be shameful about that one is pretty lame. Other than those facts, this episode has some good action sequences and violence to balance out the drama. The siginficance of this episode is very high because of the relationships explained between Sakura and other key characters. It\'s good to see that Sakura is not completely worthless. Considering the reasoning for her hair being so long in the past, it helps establish the idea that Sakura has matured through her actions in this episode.
  • Sakura is tired of always being protected. This time she wants to protect those important to her.

    Definetely a tear jerker. A very powerful episode in which you learn that Sakura and Ino, although now sworn enemies, used to be best friends. Sakura overcomes her fear in this episode and fights the enemy ninja to protect Naruto, Sasuke, and Lee. We see a lot of flashbacks of Ino and Sakura's childhood together and how they became enemies. This episode easily made me cry and I think it's a GREAT character developing episode. We learn a lot about how Sakura feels about her team and what goes on inside her head. Also i think cutting her hair was a really important part of the episode. It seemed to give her strength. Can't wait to watch the next episode....superb installment!
  • Sakura fights for Sasuke and Naruto. Ino, Chouji and Shikamaru comes to help.

    In this episode Sakura cuts her hair. I did not want her to but she had to. This episode was very very sad. The reason why I thought that it was sad is because Sakura was getting beat up and the flashback of Sakura and Ino was very sad. I felt sorry for Ino because Sakura and her are not friends anymore.
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