Season 1 Episode 32

Sakura Blossoms!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 06, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Normally this is a pretty good show, Naruto, it needs a little more action, yet its still pretty good. But this episode, i dont know what to say about it.

    If i had to say a word, id say, stupid, and annoying. God!! it was so annoying tio watch for firteen mionutes while let sakura "blossom" while her pressuse hair gets cut off (for like 20 minutes). That whole tghing made me embareesed just to be watching such b.s. They say she blossems yet why does she almost never fight or contribute anything for that matter. Even later in the series vs Garaa she has to be saved my naruto and just stands there as usual. It woyld be nice just for once on this show to have a girl who can actually fight with the rest of them all besides the old lady and Orochimaru who i think might be a women too.
  • Don't be fooled by the episode title. Sakura is still a terrible ninja.

    I hate Sakura. I really do.

    They say 'Sakura blossoms' when all she really does is get stabbed and then saved by her friends. If she had truly blossomed then she would have taken out the Sound trio by herself or atleast to the point where they are seriously weakened. Sasuke and naruto just fought one of the most powerful ninja in the world and did extremely well. Sakura is fighting 3 genin whos talents derive from technology - no match for true jutsus.
    I hate her.

    Apart from Sakura, this is a decent episode with character development apart from Sakura and some good fight sequences (not including Sakura) thrown in.
  • Rich in backstory character relation and character development. Interesting. Although no action from more popular characters.

    An episode mostly about Sakura. Its about time she shows some backbone. It seems up to this point in the story the female ninjas have been very submissive and subdued, which makes you wonder are they there just to support the males? In which case would seem dissapointing, at least for me. I want to see the female ninjas hold their own against strong enemies, especialy fighting solo. This episode contains a heavy amount of character development, backstory, and drama. It is all about Sakura of corse,which if you like Sakura for some reason you should be pleased. She does finaly stand up for herself and become aggresive, but her skills are so basic that it\'s really not all taht impressive. Still the fact that she actualy performs a succesful attacks and makes a strong attempt is interesting. You almost have to admire her effort. I still think it is horrible that her chaarcter is basicaly just a stereotype girl with a huge crush that she basis her existence off of. Why couldn\'t she be a little more focused on becoming a good ninja rather than obssesed with getting Saskue to like her. Also the fact that she has a sensativeity to her wide forehead is kinda silly and ridiculus, of all things to be shameful about that one is pretty lame. Other than those facts, this episode has some good action sequences and violence to balance out the drama. The siginficance of this episode is very high because of the relationships explained between Sakura and other key characters. It\'s good to see that Sakura is not completely worthless. Considering the reasoning for her hair being so long in the past, it helps establish the idea that Sakura has matured through her actions in this episode.
  • When Naruto, Sasuke, and Lee are down and unable to fight, Sakura takes the initiative to step in and defend them against the ninjas from the Village of Sound.

    I'd have to say this was one of the best Naruto episodes ever. First of all, Sakura actually does something for a change, and we get to see her become more courageous and stronger. For once, the episode isn't all about Sasuke or Naruto. Sakura finally comes up with the nerve to take a stand and fight, and when she does, her skills are put to the test. In my opinion, although Sakura isn't the best fighter, she held her own quite well against three very skilled ninja, and even surprised them a couple times.
    The best part of the episode was when the past friendship between Ino and Sakura was revealed. This made the story a bit more understandable and interesting. I'm glad Ino, Choji, and Shikamaru decide to help an exhausted Sakura at the end. It shows that some of the characters actually have a heart and are kind enough to help someone in need. Anyway, this episode was great overall, I just wish it had been longer!
  • It was a pretty good episode.

    0.0 *gasp* Those sound ninja beat Rock Lee!! They didn't seem human when they fought him. But I guess that's expected when someone is in cahoots with Orochimaru. They become freaks. XD Aww. Sakura and Ino were friends. Not best friends, but friends nonetheless. (Ino had a completely different back then. Sakura, not so much.) Although she's not my favorite character, it was still sad to see Sakura upset and crying after she had been made fun of for the size of her forehead. (It doesn't look that big.) Ino has a heart! O.O Who knew? (This is really random, but when Kin had Sakura's hair pulled back, it looked really cute. XD Random...) Finally, Sakura gets brave. It must have taken a lot of determination to hold onto Zaku while being pummeled by him. When Sakura can no longer handle things (like she could in the first place XD) Ino and her squad come to the rescue. Aww. Ino has a heart...again, even if she tries to cover it up. (Which she does a poor job of attempting. :P) Overall it was a decent episode.
  • Sakura shows some backbone!

    Sakura is ready to take on the world and kick some ass! In this action-packed episode, we find out about Sakura's rivalry with Ino and her past. If I was a ninja in her past or If I was her friend, then I'd be just like Ino and stand up for Poor Sakura! It's a shame that they went from Good Friends to Sworn Rivals.
  • This was... wow

    0.0 *gasp* Those sound ninja beat Rock Lee!! They didn't seem human when they fought him. But I guess that's expected when someone is in cahoots with Orochimaru. They become freaks. XD Aww. Sakura and Ino were friends. Not best friends, but friends nonetheless. (Ino had a completely different back then. Sakura, not so much.) Although she's not my favorite character, it was still sad to see Sakura upset and crying after she had been made fun of for the size of her forehead. (It doesn't look that big.) Ino has a heart! O.O Who knew? (This is really random, but when Kin had Sakura's hair pulled back, it looked really cute. XD Random...) Finally, Sakura gets brave. It must have taken a lot of determination to hold onto Zaku while being pummeled by him. When Sakura can no longer handle things (like she could in the first place XD) Ino and her squad come to the rescue. Aww. Ino has a heart...again, even if she tries to cover it up. (Which she does a poor job of attempting. :P) Overall it was a decent episode.
  • If you\'d like to see a cute girl smoke a grown man duping him with tricks and horseplay, even though her face is a bloody mess, this episode shall be your favorite yet.

    Hooray! Weaklings get a turn to fight! This episode goes in my top 5, just because Sakura was actually kicking butt. She\'s sexy with sliced hair :#). The English lines were pretty good, the only problem was about Sakura\'s forehead. Even though it\'s mentioned in the Japanese version, it\'s a bad call. Ino\'s forehead seems a lot bigger, even if her hair is down. What ruined the episode a was the flashbacks. Despite them being very revealing, it was kind of embarrasing to watch two 10 year old (or 6 year old) girls doing nothing but modifying their friendship. Other than those, this episode pumped me up a bit. The average episode doesn\'t cause me to do that.
  • Sakura's inner self is MAD!!

    With Lee out, Dosu moves to kill him. but Sakura throws kunai at him. Claiming he'd forgotten about her, he turns on her.

    Team 10 had gotten in for a closer look and are hiding in the bushes nearby. Choji's flipping, saying they should get out of there. Shikamaru asks Ino if they should intervene, since Sakura and her had been friends at one point. This triggers a few memories of Ino's where Sakura officially breaks off their friendship and declares them rivals after it's made clear they both like Sasuke. Ino returns from the flashback and says that getting involved would only get them killed.

    Sakura throws shuriken at Dosu, but Zaku hops in and deflects them back at her. The force disables her for a moment and Kin takes that time to move in and grab a fistful of her hair. Kin compliments the nice condition of her hair, but berates her for supposedly spending more time primping up and not a lot on training. She then tells Zaku to kill Sasuke while Sakura watches. Lee is too weak to move and Kin's hold on Sakura's hair is too tight for her to move. Sakura bursts into tears, wondering why she couldn't do more to help. She's angry with herself for not being able to protect everyone for all the times they save her. But as Zaku walks over to Sasuke, Sakura manages to calm down and pull out a kunai. Kin warns her not to use it, but Sakura says it's not for her. Then she reaches back and slices her hair off, freeing herself from Kin's grip.
  • Some backbone content is provided between Sakura and Ino's relationship.

    Rock Lee's proudest move, the secondary lotus, was rendered powerless thanks to the sound ninja's special ability to manipulate sound to their liking using their chakra. Sakura is tired of always being protected by everyone closest to her, and summons enough willpower and strength to battle against the sound ninja. She fought couragously, but it wasn't enough. Ino, Chouji, and Shikamaru, were behind the bushes, witnessing the events that's being taken place in front of her eyes. Awakended by the friendship her and Sakura shared before their Sasuke rivalry was surfaced, Ino leads her crew out into the battlefield to fight against the sound ninja.

    This episode was surprisingly deep. It started off a little shabby, but then got better. Sakura finally went on the offensive, which was nice, but the flashback scenes concerning Sasuke and Naruto always protecting her dragged out a little too long. Some effect died out before the emotional scene of Sakura biting onto Zaku's arm in a one sided fight, but I absolutely loved the second half. Even though shounens are my favourite genre of anime, they also carry within them the things I hate the most about animes, like superficial personalities and relationships. I felt that the Ino and Sakura relationship presented in this episode was strolling along those rails, but it was executed brilliantly.

  • Not the most action-packed eppie, but difinitely a "must-see."

    I knew Sakura was going to end up getting her hair cut like that, but it still came as an emotional surprise. Especially with Ino there watching.
    I'm really glad we finally have gotten the "heads up" on Ino and Sakura's relationship. We were left in the dark about most of it for a while, only knowing that they were rivals.
    The episode really leaves you hanging. Waahh! What will come of that mark Sasuke has? When will Naruto wake up? Why do the Sound Village ninjas want Sasuke? Will Sakura be able to hold her own much longer? many questions.
  • Now I know.

    Oh my Goodness! Sakura can kick @$$ if she really tries. Now without her hair I wonder if Sasuke will like her at all. That must've took courage to do that. Now I know all about Sakura and Ino's past. They were friends but they both like Sasuke and we couldn't have that now could we. But that was a dumb thing to stop being friends over. Man! The way Sakura bit that dude and held on was crazy. She was bleeding and stuff. It made me feel bad inside. This episode was very informative. I hope they have more like it.
  • What I want to say is I love this episode. Right now this is my favorite episode. It is really sad but I still love it more and more. She shows them that she can fight. She may not be able to beat them but whats wrong with trying right?

    This is so awesome. Sakura does her best and thats what your supposed to do right. In school your always told to work your hardest. Well that also goes with everything else. She finally relizes that you haft to protect whats most precious to you with all your might. She tells them the honest truth and she wants to work harder at becoming a better ninja. she doesn't want to be that girl who always needs to be protected. She gets sick of them playing around with their heads. She wants them to learn a lesson as she is doing herself. She is developing as a better ninja. I hope she becomes a great ninja and all her dreams come true. espically the one about sasuke. Then Ina notices that she has to help her whether she likes it or not. Of course ino cant ruin her reputation, so she Tells them That she doesn't want sakura take all the glory for helping sasuke out. Thats Ino for you. when he Wakes up in the next episode he dont even pay attention to that.
  • Sakura is tired of always being protected. This time she wants to protect those important to her.

    Definetely a tear jerker. A very powerful episode in which you learn that Sakura and Ino, although now sworn enemies, used to be best friends. Sakura overcomes her fear in this episode and fights the enemy ninja to protect Naruto, Sasuke, and Lee. We see a lot of flashbacks of Ino and Sakura's childhood together and how they became enemies. This episode easily made me cry and I think it's a GREAT character developing episode. We learn a lot about how Sakura feels about her team and what goes on inside her head. Also i think cutting her hair was a really important part of the episode. It seemed to give her strength. Can't wait to watch the next episode....superb installment!
  • Sakura comes through.

    Rock Lee tries to protect Sakura from the Sound Ninja. Dosu uses his sound jutsu to attack Lee. He then charges for Sakura , but once again Lee stops him. Dosu knocks Lee to the ground and cannot get up. Kin grabs Sakura by her hair and holds her to the ground. Zaku goes to kill Sasuke. Sakura knows there is only one way to get away from Kin, Sakura cuts her hair to break away from Kin. She then goes after Zaku to stop him from getting to Sasuke. Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji all watch this from the bushes and Ino decides.....
  • sakura was awesome in this episode.

    this episode had me at the edge of my seat.. literally!!! i like how in the previous episode lee stepped in for sakura. it showed how much he cared for her and all of that. sakura was really brave though. she showed those sound ninja (and ino) that she ain't no scaredy ninja. sure she needed to be saved in the end,and she was almost killed. but what kept me interested was the fact she did not turn back,even if it meant she was going to lose her life. sakura had great determination,like a real ninja. this is one of the best episodes of naruto in my book.
  • Awsome

    This episode was great. Its the one episode where Sakura does something useful (in part 1) most of the time i see her in the back round yelling "you go saskue" or some other crap. It was pretty lame that the only move she did was the replacement move. Anyways this episode rocked, we got to know more of the past of the lamest characters ever (Sakura and Ino) Sakura should have helped Lee out instead of just standing there. What i find kind of weird is that Sakura magically knows how to fight in this episode. This episode was good but of course she becomes useless again next episode.
  • Come on sakura let rocks

    Sakura is strong and she is gret ,she just a rebel she give a lot of inspiration the thing that she did was incredibleshe let us saw her true face she is not a little girl that allways need help to do everything.she is a gret ninja i love th poat that she cut down her hair it was give in shock and she never give up she continue. she deos not has limits.went the sound girl belive that she had everythin in under control she just telll her''no my friend, it still continue''

    lol i love the oart went she bite that other guy and she did that justzu and all does stuff,i love this epi that is the reason why i love so much this series .i hope that it continue in that way.i like too the next epi je je je ino help her ald frien in honor of her lost is gret no way it is perfect.the girl can rock too how said no because we can rulez with it yehaaaa it is a great true and no one can said no.i love this , XD.
  • Just... Wow!

    This episode showed a lot of Sakura... Not in that way you pervs! Still in their battle Lee is showed what the Sound Ninja call "The Wall." Dosu used his robot arm hand thing to convery wind into sound vibrations to damage Lee's ears and make them bleed. The attack is very serious. After remembering a flashback Lee gets his strenght but waits to strike. But when Dosu goes after sakura Lee springs into action. Sakura can't stand Lee that way. Meanwhile Ino, Shikamaru and Chouji watch their battle. Ino rememebers a flashback when her and Sakura were friends and it shows how they became rivals. When Sakura tries to attack the girl grabs her hair to hold her back. When they say that they will get rid of Sasuke, Sakura does the un-imaginable and cuts off her own hair ro get her off. That is something she would never do because Sasuke loved long-haired girls. She questions why she's needed but she really is. In the end Ino-Shika-Cho combo come to the rescue.
  • Wow !!!

    From the beginning of this season I was waiting to see the scene in which Sakura cuts her hair, and finally this is it. This epi is amazing and even if Sakura is not a perfect ninja, her determination to save her friends is worth anyone's admiration. And those scenes with Ino and her are also so sad... This is second episode of Naruto so far that made me cry. I know, I'm pathetic, but whatever... this episode is that good. I've seen a lot things on TV, but I don't think that there's ever gonna be anything as cool as girl who cuts her hair with knife (just look at Starbuck). I'm glad Sakura's finally fighting - I was starting to dislike her always hiding behind other people's back.
  • Sakura blooms is when sakura comes out of her shell.

    I love this episdoe cause you see a more seroiuse side of sakura. In this episode she relizes that she can't be the hopless little sakura any more. She is the one now that has to protect sasuke, naruto and rock lee. Also you get to the a little of the history between her and ino. And how they became rivels in the first place. It also shows how much she has grown scince she was little. how she became more confident and how ino was such an important person too her. I think that people can kinda relate to the episode cause it can remind them the day they dicided to grow up and take life by the horns. so to speak. I give it a 10 out of 10.
  • I..... am..... so..... amazed.....

    The Sound Trio was just knocked Lee out and now Sakura has to fend for herself. Team 10 watches from the bushes. Shikamaru tihnks they should do something or Sakura's dead. Ino is having mixed feelings, Sakura being her rival and all. Choji is sill eating. Then Shikamaru reminds Ino that she and Sakura were friends once. Ino has flashbacks. A younger Ino comes across a crying girl with her hair hiding her face. Ino recognizes her as the girl that everyone is picking on because of her forehead. She asks her what her name is. The girl tells her that her name is Sakura. Ino tells Sakura to come back to this spot the next day. The two meet up again and Ino gives Sakura a hair ribbon to tie her hair back. From that day foreward, they were BFFs. One day, the younger Sakura finds out that Ino has a crush on Sasuke Uchiha too. Sakura ends their friendship and gives back the ribbon and declares them rivals from that day on. Back at the battle, the female of the Sound Trio, Kin, seizes Sakura by her hair. Kin's grip is too tight for her to move. Zaku and Dosu advance forward to kill Naruto and Sasuke. Sakura cries because she is always getting in the way. Then she grabs a kunai from her back. Kin tells her that it's useless to try and fight back. Sakura tells her that the kunai is not for her. Sakura cuts her hair and is freed from Kin's grasp. Team 10, especially Ino, is stunned. Sakura viciously attacks Zaku. SHe bites him hard on the arm and refuses to let go even when he repeatedly punches her in the head. Ino tells her team that this is serious, and the three of them rush out to help Sakura.
  • Sakura finally shows her true colors. A very speical episode.

    This is a great episode where Sakura finally reveals the fact that she isn't a burden to Team 7. At the beggining of the episode, Lee is finished by Dosu. Sakura is the only one left in her squad, Naruto and Sasuke are both disabled. As she trys to stop them, Kin grabs her hair and stops her. Sakura then remembers how her teammates had always been protecting her, and how she had always been in the back, even Lee who wasn't in her squad saved her. After in this flashback, she makes a desperate attempt of freedom, cutting her hair with a kunai. Ino, who is watching this with her squad, also has a flashback. She remembers how Sakura used to be a crybaby and how people mocked her because of her big forhead. In the flashback younger Ino gives younger Sakura a red ribbon as a symbol of friendship. After this, Sakura uses the substitution jutsu to get near Zaku and stabs a kunai into his arm while biting him. She is bleeding...a lot. As she is hit off, Ino realizes that she must save her friend and her and her team jump into save her. I thought this was a really great episode and Sakura showed her bravery and how she has improved from when she was a child. A great episode.
  • This episode is one of the best episodes in the series! I was glued to the T.V! Sakura was tired of someone always protecting her,she cut her hair for her friends!

    This episode is one of the best episodes in the series! I was glued to the T.V! Sakura was tired of someone always protecting her,she cut her hair for her friends!Ino is suprised that Sakura cut her hair beacause it ment they are rivals! Sakura showed courage,strength,and how powerful girls really are! Go Sakura! We also learn why Ino is Sakura's rival,Sakura's past,and why Ino and Sakura grew their hair long.There was no REAL action but a definate must watch! I think Sakura is a role model to girls because of her courage and strength! At the last part of the episode Ino,Shikamaru,and Chouji come to the aid of Sakura!I would give this episode a thumbs up!!!!!
  • This episode was awesome!

    In one word I was very suprised at this episode. This was the moment that the viewers really see Sakura shine. When she chops her hair off I couldn't help but respect her. I was jumping up and down cheering myself! in the confinement of my room. The battle that followed was a gruesome one Sakura was fighting like a wild animal like they were threatening her freedom and in fact they were. It was also revealed that Sakura and Ino were once best friends. Ino befriended Sakura when the kids made fun over her large forehead and Ino gives her a ribbon so she can pull her bangs out of the way in which Ino says it makes her forehead look bigger. The two girls stop being friends. When Sakura discovers Ino had a crush on Satsuke also. We also find out this is the reason why they both have long hair because as children both of there manes were short.
  • This episode rocks!

    Finally Sakura shows how awesome she can do! See Sakura haters!? She's not so worthless after all! And it really got me touched when she cut her hair, she rather sacrifice her hair for someone's life. I think this episode is a lesson: People should sacrifice something precious to them for someone even more precious. Like when a bully is picking on your friend and they want money and your friend has no money and you gave up your money for your friend.

    This episode should be viewed to all boys. Girls do have power! cha! lol. Well all I can say is that this episode is really good.
  • This is why i like Sakura.

    In this episode, Sakura finally shows us some of her moves. She showed those Sound Ninjas whatfor. She used susbstitution to fool one of them. I laughed when that one sound ninja reflected the kunai's back her at thought it was substitiution but it was the real Sakura. She did amazing. That is why she is my favorite Naruto character.
  • Alright Sakura

    This was a very good episode. Sakura finally showed her true strengths and showed the team of sound ninja who is boss, well in my opinion she did. It was bad that she cut off the hair that she had been growing for years so Sasuke would like her more. It was crap though that the sound ninja ganged up on her because she tried to defend Naruto and Sasuke, but I guess that is how it works in the ninja world. I have to give Sakura credit for taking those blows, Japenese and American, to fool that dude and attack him unexpectantly. I have to give the creator credit this was one awesome episode.
  • Although it doesn't have as much back-cracking action as other Naruto episodes, Sakura Blossoms is an incredibly well written episode that explains Sakura's relation to Ino.

    Well, if you were to watch the series in order, you would notice that Sakura is mainly just the helpless girl that only gets in the way of all the action done by Sasuke and Naruto. But with those out out of action, Sakura is now the main character of an episode for once.

    Now, although some may say that the action isn't the best in the series, I disagree, since there's actually a solid non-2-dimensional reason to fight. Sakura continues to fight on through the episode not to make sure she wins, but to make sure that she can stand on her own without the help of the guys.

    One aspect of the episode that I found well utilized was the use of flashbacks to explain Ino and Sakura's rivalry. Now usually, flashbacks are just a cheap way of explaining something, but given the cricumstances, a flashback was the only way to explain Sakura's childhood. Not only do these flashbacks explain how Ino and Sakura were like as little kids, but it mirrors how much Sakura has developed, or blossomed.

    Some tidbits that one may notice is that the episode is given from a girl's point of view, showing that they itemize guys as much as guys itemize girls... just something to think about. And even though too much thinking will make you wonder why fighting over Sasuke is so dramatic, it may make you realize that the Sakura/Ino rivalry isn't about Sasuke, but about each other, and seeing who will bethe better ninja.

    Normally, the anime basically mimics the manga, but in this episode, I'm glad that they have utilized their animation and music to its fullest extent. For example, notice how Sakura almost releases Zaku when biting him, as well as her slight flinches whenever she got hit.

    All in all, Sakura Blossoms is a well written episode, that's well balanced with plot development, character development, drama, and some hard core "meaningful" action that far surpasses its manga counterpart.
  • This episode was awesome sakura looks way better with her hair cut

    Yea so basically rock lee is getting defeated and is down and ino shikamaru and chouji are watching from the side lines while sakura tries to fight the sound ninjas. One of the sound ninjas gets a hold of sakuras hair as she is thinking about her times with sasuke ino and naruto. This shows that sakura also used to be a very shy and teased girl untill ino showed up then ino found out sakura liked sasuke too. So Ino and sakura became rivals. After she is remember these things she decides the only way to get free from the sound ninja is to cut her hair so she does. Then Ino shikamaru and chouji step in fo the battle!
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