Season 1 Episode 32

Sakura Blossoms!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 06, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Although it doesn't have as much back-cracking action as other Naruto episodes, Sakura Blossoms is an incredibly well written episode that explains Sakura's relation to Ino.

    Well, if you were to watch the series in order, you would notice that Sakura is mainly just the helpless girl that only gets in the way of all the action done by Sasuke and Naruto. But with those out out of action, Sakura is now the main character of an episode for once.

    Now, although some may say that the action isn't the best in the series, I disagree, since there's actually a solid non-2-dimensional reason to fight. Sakura continues to fight on through the episode not to make sure she wins, but to make sure that she can stand on her own without the help of the guys.

    One aspect of the episode that I found well utilized was the use of flashbacks to explain Ino and Sakura's rivalry. Now usually, flashbacks are just a cheap way of explaining something, but given the cricumstances, a flashback was the only way to explain Sakura's childhood. Not only do these flashbacks explain how Ino and Sakura were like as little kids, but it mirrors how much Sakura has developed, or blossomed.

    Some tidbits that one may notice is that the episode is given from a girl's point of view, showing that they itemize guys as much as guys itemize girls... just something to think about. And even though too much thinking will make you wonder why fighting over Sasuke is so dramatic, it may make you realize that the Sakura/Ino rivalry isn't about Sasuke, but about each other, and seeing who will bethe better ninja.

    Normally, the anime basically mimics the manga, but in this episode, I'm glad that they have utilized their animation and music to its fullest extent. For example, notice how Sakura almost releases Zaku when biting him, as well as her slight flinches whenever she got hit.

    All in all, Sakura Blossoms is a well written episode, that's well balanced with plot development, character development, drama, and some hard core "meaningful" action that far surpasses its manga counterpart.