Season 1 Episode 32

Sakura Blossoms!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 06, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Sakura's inner self is MAD!!

    With Lee out, Dosu moves to kill him. but Sakura throws kunai at him. Claiming he'd forgotten about her, he turns on her.

    Team 10 had gotten in for a closer look and are hiding in the bushes nearby. Choji's flipping, saying they should get out of there. Shikamaru asks Ino if they should intervene, since Sakura and her had been friends at one point. This triggers a few memories of Ino's where Sakura officially breaks off their friendship and declares them rivals after it's made clear they both like Sasuke. Ino returns from the flashback and says that getting involved would only get them killed.

    Sakura throws shuriken at Dosu, but Zaku hops in and deflects them back at her. The force disables her for a moment and Kin takes that time to move in and grab a fistful of her hair. Kin compliments the nice condition of her hair, but berates her for supposedly spending more time primping up and not a lot on training. She then tells Zaku to kill Sasuke while Sakura watches. Lee is too weak to move and Kin's hold on Sakura's hair is too tight for her to move. Sakura bursts into tears, wondering why she couldn't do more to help. She's angry with herself for not being able to protect everyone for all the times they save her. But as Zaku walks over to Sasuke, Sakura manages to calm down and pull out a kunai. Kin warns her not to use it, but Sakura says it's not for her. Then she reaches back and slices her hair off, freeing herself from Kin's grip.
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