Season 1 Episode 32

Sakura Blossoms!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 06, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • I..... am..... so..... amazed.....

    The Sound Trio was just knocked Lee out and now Sakura has to fend for herself. Team 10 watches from the bushes. Shikamaru tihnks they should do something or Sakura's dead. Ino is having mixed feelings, Sakura being her rival and all. Choji is sill eating. Then Shikamaru reminds Ino that she and Sakura were friends once. Ino has flashbacks. A younger Ino comes across a crying girl with her hair hiding her face. Ino recognizes her as the girl that everyone is picking on because of her forehead. She asks her what her name is. The girl tells her that her name is Sakura. Ino tells Sakura to come back to this spot the next day. The two meet up again and Ino gives Sakura a hair ribbon to tie her hair back. From that day foreward, they were BFFs. One day, the younger Sakura finds out that Ino has a crush on Sasuke Uchiha too. Sakura ends their friendship and gives back the ribbon and declares them rivals from that day on. Back at the battle, the female of the Sound Trio, Kin, seizes Sakura by her hair. Kin's grip is too tight for her to move. Zaku and Dosu advance forward to kill Naruto and Sasuke. Sakura cries because she is always getting in the way. Then she grabs a kunai from her back. Kin tells her that it's useless to try and fight back. Sakura tells her that the kunai is not for her. Sakura cuts her hair and is freed from Kin's grasp. Team 10, especially Ino, is stunned. Sakura viciously attacks Zaku. SHe bites him hard on the arm and refuses to let go even when he repeatedly punches her in the head. Ino tells her team that this is serious, and the three of them rush out to help Sakura.
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