Season 1 Episode 32

Sakura Blossoms!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 06, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Normally this is a pretty good show, Naruto, it needs a little more action, yet its still pretty good. But this episode, i dont know what to say about it.

    If i had to say a word, id say, stupid, and annoying. God!! it was so annoying tio watch for firteen mionutes while let sakura "blossom" while her pressuse hair gets cut off (for like 20 minutes). That whole tghing made me embareesed just to be watching such b.s. They say she blossems yet why does she almost never fight or contribute anything for that matter. Even later in the series vs Garaa she has to be saved my naruto and just stands there as usual. It woyld be nice just for once on this show to have a girl who can actually fight with the rest of them all besides the old lady and Orochimaru who i think might be a women too.