Season 1 Episode 32

Sakura Blossoms!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 06, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • Come on sakura let rocks

    Sakura is strong and she is gret ,she just a rebel she give a lot of inspiration the thing that she did was incredibleshe let us saw her true face she is not a little girl that allways need help to do everything.she is a gret ninja i love th poat that she cut down her hair it was give in shock and she never give up she continue. she deos not has limits.went the sound girl belive that she had everythin in under control she just telll her''no my friend, it still continue''

    lol i love the oart went she bite that other guy and she did that justzu and all does stuff,i love this epi that is the reason why i love so much this series .i hope that it continue in that way.i like too the next epi je je je ino help her ald frien in honor of her lost is gret no way it is perfect.the girl can rock too how said no because we can rulez with it yehaaaa it is a great true and no one can said no.i love this , XD.
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