Season 1 Episode 32

Sakura Blossoms!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 06, 2006 on TV Tokyo



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    • (In Sakura's imagination)
      Naruto: Hey, Sakura!
      Lee: Sakura-san!
      Sasuke: Huh.

      ~Japanese version

    • Sakura: It's not meant for you!

    • Sakura: (Talking to Ino in flashback) So, I guess that means we're rivals from now on.

    • Shikamaru: Well? Ino...So like, what do you want to do?
      Ino: Why do you keep asking me that, what am I supposed to do? You want me to go out there and get myself killed?

    • Sakura: What trick does he have up his sleeve now?

    • Sakura: (thinking It's no use. I've got no strength left. (begins to cry, still thinking) Way to go Sakura. You let everyone down again! What good are you?! Even now, when the others really need me, I cave! How many times have they saved my neck? You think, maybe, just this once, when it's life or death, you'd think just maybe that I'd be able to come through!

    • Ino: (Watching Sakura being punched by Zaku after she attacked him) Sakura.
      (Goes to flashback of Ino's and Sakura's childhood; Sakura is crying)
      Young Ino: Hey, aren't you the one they're always teasing because you got such a big forehead?
      Young Sakura: (Looks up) Who...who are you?
      Young Ino: Who, me? Oh, that's easy. My name's Ino Yamanaka. Who are you?
      Young Sakura: (Mumbles) My name's...Sakura.
      Young Ino: Huh? Hello, I can't hear you. Let's try that again, okay? Who are you?
      Young Sakura: My name is Sakura!
      Young Ino: That's better. So this is the famous forehead, huh? (Points to Sakura's forehead) Whoa, it is kind of big. So that's why you hide it with your bangs? (Pulls up Sakura's bangs) That's dumb. It just makes it worse. Makes you look like a sheepdog. (Sakura sobs) So you're Sakura, huh?
      Young Sakura: Uh-huh.
      Young Ino: (Starts to walk away) Hey, you know what? I've got something special for you. Come back here tomorrow, okay?
      Young Sakura: Huh?
      (Goes back to present time and shows Zaku continuing to beat Sakura)
      Zaku: Somebody get this crazy girl off of me!
      (Goes back to the next day in the flashback; shows Sakura with a red ribbon in her hair to keep her bangs off of her forehead)
      Young Ino: There, see? What an improvement! You look a lot better. You can keep that ribbon.
      Young Sakura: Oh...thanks...But....
      Young Ino: Huh? But what?
      Young Sakura: My forehead.
      Young Ino: Oh, come on! I'm telling you the more you try and hide it the bigger deal you make of it. And your face isn't that bad. Actually, it's a pretty good face. You just got to be more confident.

    • Dosu: (To Lee) Your jutsu is indeed fast, but ours is even faster because it travels at the speed of sound.
      (Lee vomits blood)
      Sakura: Lee, what's wrong?
      (Lee's ear starts to bleed)
      Lee: (Thinking) ear.
      Dosu: Oh, I forgot to mention this little gadget I wear. (Shows metal contraption on strapped to his arm) You might be able to dodge my blows, but you can't get away from it.
      Sakura: (Thinking) What trick has he got up his sleeve now?
      Dosu: (Laughs) I don't need to strike you with my fists. I can hit you with the power of sound.
      Lee: Sound?
      Dosu: What makes it possible for the ear to hear things. What is sound, really?
      Sakura: Vibrations.
      Dosu: Give the little lady a prize. Yes, the vibration of molecules in the air creates a sound wave. These vibrations are collected by the ear. Then directed through the outer ear canal to your eardrum. The rest, as they say, is anatomy. What interests me are the organs of your inner ear, the ones that control your sense of balance, your ability to move. (Laughs and looks at Lee) Feeling a little dizzy, naseous? That's right, best if you don't even try to stand up for a while.

    • Shikamaru: You and were friends once, right?

    • Zaku: All right, little man...time to end it!

    • Zaku: Face it little man, you're up against the jutsu of the future. (Shoots air out of his palms)

    • Dosu: Now watch...We're going to show you something called "the wall".

    • Sakura: I've always considered myself to be a true ninja. I claim that I'm madly in love with Sasuke, and I'm always lecturing Naruto acting like I know so much more. But it's all empty words, because their always in the lead, and I watch them from the background. Why is that?

    • Zaku: Somebody get this crazy girl off of me!

    • Zaku: (About to deflect Sakura's kunai) Thanks for the present. Hope you don't mind if I return it!

    • Sakura: Okay, no more caving. Now it's my turn to take the lead, and all of you can watch me from the background.

    • (Sakura takes out a kunai knife)
      Kin: Come on. It's pointless, that won't work on me.
      Sakura: (She turns and grins at Kin) It's not meant for you.
      Kin: What the-?
      (Sakura cuts her hair with the kunai)

    • Dosu: Now then little girl, it's your turn.
      Lee: No! (While Dosu is charging at Sakura, Lee tries to make it to her before him) No!
      Dosu: What?!
      Sakura: Lee!

    • Kin: My my, what soft and shiny hair. But you know what? If you spent a little less time shampooing, and a little more time practicing your jutsu, you might not be in this fix. Hey Zaku, I know what would be fun. Let's make Ms. Beauty Queen watch while you finish off that Sasuke guy.
      Zaku: Why not? Sounds like fun to me.
      Sakura: (thinking) You stay away from him!
      Kin: Don't even. (pulls Sakura hair more)
      Lee: (struggles to stay conscious, watching in fear) No,...Sakura.

    • Ino: Woah! Sakura!
      Lee: Sakura, be careful.

    • Sakura: And Lee, you did more than just say you like me, you proved it. We're not even teammates, and you put your life on the line for me.

    • Ino: Didn't I tell you Sakura? I told you I would never let you show me up.

      ~Japanese version

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