Season 6 Episode 13

Sakura's Determination

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 16, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • A Hollywood action movie ending

    We find out in the end that the Fuuma clan was just a ploy by Orochimaru to further distract konoha ninjas from nearing Sasuke. The story was better executed than I expected it to be, and the fight with Arashi was pretty pleasing to the eyes, but there was just so much annoyances. The one in most particular is all the cliches you always see in Hollywood action movies, like when a person jumps in front of someone to take the bullet. Never saw that one before. The other is Sasame constantly crying about Arashi. Though the ending brought some excitement when Sakura wanted to become Tsunade's disciple.
  • Naruto, Sakura, Sasame, and Gamakichi find Arashi.

    Naruto, Sakura, Sasame, and Gamakichi find Arashi, but he is not even a person anymore. Orochimaru has changed him into some kind of monster and melded Kamikiri and Jigumo to his body. Naruto tells Sakura to take Sasame to a safe place and he attacks Arashi. Naruto gets caught in Jigumo's webbing, but it turns out that was a shadow clone. Arashi then starts to attack Sakura with Kamikiri. Naruto jumps in and blocks the attack with his body. Naruto uses his shadow clones to attack Arashi, but they are defeated and Naruto is trapped in a chakra prison and is being squeezed to death when...
  • How many times is Sakura gonna change herself?!?

    Well, well, well, let's see, this is about the millionth time Sakura has decided to change herself, isn't it? *rolls eyes* I don't know how much more of her I can take. Anyway, the trio have just found Arashi, who turns into a hideous monster and traps Naruto, and once AGAIN Sakura is watching and doing absolutely nothing!!!!! Sasame refuses to believe her cousin is totally demonic, so she stabs him and sets him free, but only for a moment. He soon returns to his monster like state. Arashi tries to kill Sasame, and Sakura throws her life on the line and jumps in front of her, as Arashi prepares to chop off her head. Wow, Sakura in the Land of Waves Arc cried if she so much as broke a nail. This Sakura is really more mature. Naruto blathers some crap about who knows what, the usually "everyone is special" speech. What is this, Fat Albert?!? Anyway, Arashi goes to kill him, and Sasame saves him, AGAIN. Then Arashi is freed, the cave begins to cave in, Jiraiya shows up and saves them all, Arashi informs Sakura that Sasuke is alive, Arashi stays behind and dies, the remaining four go back to the Fuma Clan, Sakura becomes Tsunade's student, and that's all folks!
  • So this is where the fight begins and finishes when Sasame's cousin dies..and at the end sakura decides to step up and is going to train under the hokage..

    ok so after figuring out that the person pretending to be kabuto was from her clan they go to another door and inside was Arashi which had those other two that attacked them that day all fused in puppets..and then when the battle starts Sasame wants to go to him and put some sense in him by telling him he needs to come back..but then sakura is standing there watching and naruto gets captured in a jutsu and she suddenly know that she needs to protect the ones that cares the most to her..and saves Sasame in time from the other dude's blade..and that is when naruto breaks through it and everything is abuot to come down and the toad and Jiriaya comes through and Arashi tells her she did a really good thing by helping him at teh end we now know that sasuke is still alive and being protected by orochimaru for three years yet..and that is when sakura finally realizes that she isnt going to be a burden anymore and is going to have strength of her own by being trained under tsuneada. i loved it..^-^
  • Sakura, after realizing how far Naruto went to protect her, decides that it's time she took some initiative.

    It's refreshing to see Sakura resolve to take her trainig as a shinobi more seriously. Naruto has been a good teammate and friend to Sakura and seeing as he put his life on the line to protect her in this episode, it did show initiative on Sakura's part to ask Tsunade to be her sensei. I think that Sakura finally realized how much more valuable she could be to Naruto in his quest to find Sasuke. Considering that he nearly died trying to bring back Sasuke, Sakura clearly owed it to Naruto. As of this episode, the members of Team 7 (excluding Kakashi) each has a Sannin as their sensei.
  • End of a filler arc.

    I definetly thought the ending to the Fuuma clan filler arc was going to be better, this was only ok. First off, I want to say Sakura was weak, I have to admit even though she is my second favorite character. Even though she couldn't have really have done anything anyway. It's awesome that she will start training with Tsunade though after this episode (in Shippuden she rules!) Seeing that this was a filler after all, it was only ok and not really needed with the story, but I liked it either way(mostly the ending.) So yeah, that's the review.
  • Nice to hear that Sakura knows she is a hindrance. About time

    This episode wasnt that bad . Yes i believe it was a filler, but not an entirely bad one. Arashi becomes himself again but dies, due to being a "puppet". It was weird seeing two bodies come out from one, but hay its Naruto. But i still wonder how toad sage got away from that Geisha and where in the world is orochimaru?
  • In the end of this mission, Sakura decided to ask Tsunade to be her apprentice.

    This whole arc is really concerning on Sakura, which I thought is fine, since she is one my Top 10 favorite characters in Naruto.

    After Sakura asked permission from Tsunade to be an apprentice, I immediately thought that now that Sakura's being trained by Tsunade, Sannin is being created once more. Well, at least once Sasuke returns to Konoha.
  • Boring.This is one of my least favourite episodes

    I found this episode really boring.It does nothing to the plot and very irritating when Sasame keeps saying whatever the guys name was...Arashii.And then Sakura would only say Naruto!Then Naruto would only say "Sakura-chan!" I got bored.The only good parts was when Jiraiya showed up with the frog then after that they left...Another thing that has annoyed me for a few eps is that all people seem to care about is Sasuke.Even though this episode is important to the Development of Sakura and we see her improve greatly as a ninja and a person. That is why this episode couldn't be skipped otherwise Sakura would never develop
  • This is one of the best episodes of the series.

    Even though this is considered a filler episode, it is one of the best in the series so far. This episode also has some references to the Manga. Naruto saves Sakura's life several times in this episode, and he comes close to death several times as well. Naruto also reassures her that she isn't a burden for him, and she is very important to him. She also says that she is willing to risk her life to protect him as well because he is precious to her as well. Naruto's strenght and determination influence Sakura to become stronger (in both the Manga and the Anime). She decides to become Tsunade's apperantice as a result. Her desire to help both Naruto and Sasuke will make her stronger later. At this point in both the Manga and the Anime, Naruto and Sakura have become much closer than they ever were before, and it will continue to get better.