Season 2 Episode 40

Sasuke's Decison: Pushed to the Edge

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Feb 17, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Sasuke's Decison: Pushed to the Edge
Sasuke struggles to keep up with Gaara's monstrous capacity. Only able to use Chidori twice on normal circumstances, Sasuke remembers the tragic day that his family died. After failing to defeat Gaara, Sasuke realizes he must risk the use of Chidori beyond his limit if he's to defeat Gaara. That is, will he make it?moreless

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  • Emo emo emo!

    The first five minutes were kind of touching; that scene where the kids are all running away from Gaara who just wanted a friend is just a sad sight to see. Though afterwards it went downhill from there; it was mostly Gaara drooling while he was spouting such nonsense about confirming your existence, you're my prey, etc. You would expect more from a fight between two villages who hold their prized Genins highly, although Sasuke delivered more on his part than Gaara does, although he isn't much better. Much of his time was spent on a flashback whether or not he should use a third chidori, though the releasing of the cursed seal was a bit surprising and unexpected.moreless
  • sasuke vs crazy gaara

    well sasuke is again fighting gaara, except gaara is in his creepy demon form. hes screaming at sasuke telling him how weak he is compared to him. then sasuke gets really angry and attacks gaaras demon with a chidori. it cuts through gaara but he is too strong and is barely injured. gaara screams some more and sasuke decides to use another chidori but he has already used two in one day. but when gaara is coming sasukes chidori stops and he is badly injured. naruto comes and kicks gaara in the face just in time to sake sasuke. plz view my profile!moreless
  • Sasuke finds out why everyone is scared of Gaara.

    Sasuke has caught up to Gaara and starts to attack him. Gaara is showing part of his hideous true form and easily deflects the attacks. Meanwhile, the battle between the 3rd Hokage and Orochimaru is continuing. The 3rd Hokage is trying to find the strength to pull Orochimaru's soul from his body. Back to Sasuke and Gaara, Sasuke decides it is time to use the Chidori. It is the second time he has used it today. He and Gaara charge each other. Sasuke is able to wound Gaara again, but it does not even slow him down. Things are looking grim for Sasuke when....moreless
  • Orochimaru battles the Third Hokage and Sasuke battles Garra.

    This is a great episodes because there are two big battles here. The one with Garra and Sasuke and the last one of the Third Hokage yet not the last one for Orochimaru. The battle of Sasuke and Garra was interesting. Sasuke used the Chidori a third time and couldn't move but did effect a little Garra. I was glad Sasuke could do the Chidori for the third time but he didn't get well after that because he couldn't move. Orochimaru's and the Third's battle wasn't going well either because Orochimaru still had strength to pull his soul back into himself while the Third was struggling to finish the jutsu. Overall, this episode went well but the battles weren't going so well.moreless
  • The continued match: Sasuke vs. Gaara!

    As their match resumes, Gaara begins to transform into Shukaku the Sand Demon, similar to Kyuubi the Fox Demon imprisoned in Naruto's body. Shukaku greatly increases Gaara's power and speed. Sasuke uses his Chidori, a technique Kakashi tought him to use during the month of training. His Chidori cuts Gaara's arm off, but Gaara is unfazed and is doubly set on killing Sasuke. Sasuke's in trouble!!!!! He can only use the Chidori twice in a day, and he already used it once in the Chunin Exam and then again just now. Sasuke must now rely on Orochimaru's curse seal to get the job done. The curse seal lends him the power to create another Chidori. Gaara is still unaffected. Sasuke collapses, due to the ammount of pressure from the curse seal. Then Naruto, Sakura, and Pakkun arrive and repel Gaara.moreless
Dave Wittenberg

Dave Wittenberg

Kakashi Hatake

Kate Higgins

Kate Higgins

Sakura Haruno

Liam O'Brien (V)

Liam O'Brien (V)

Gaara / Kotetsu Hagane

Maile Flanagan

Maile Flanagan

Naruto Uzumaki

Steve Kramer

Steve Kramer

Sarutobi the Third Hokage

Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum

Zabuza Momochi / Orochimaru

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    • Gaara: Now it's clear to me exactly why I've been looking forward to this. This pain, what a thrill it will be to crush such an opponent capable of wounding me so badly! Such a victory will make me feel what it is to be truly alive!

    • Sasuke: What would happen if I tried to use it more than twice.
      Kakashi: Well, for one thing it wouldn't work. But remember this, if you try to force a jutsu, not only will it not work, it will drain your chakra to absolute zero. Worst case scenario, you die. Even is the worst doesn't happen, nothing good can come of it. Trust me, especially in your case.

    • Gaara: When we finally fight, it won't be to advance to the next stage, but solely for survival. One seeking to destroy the other, only the last one standing will feel the full value of his existence.
      Kakashi: You're not talking about a match, you're talking about a grudge bout to the death. It's crazy
      Gaara: Uchiha. In the depths of your soul, it's what you want too, isn't it.

    • (Flashback to Sasuke's training before the final match)
      Kakashi: Okay, hang on a minute here. So you're the one called Gaara. Seems you can read a lot in Sasuke's eyes. Be careful, you may not be able to read them as well as you think.

    • Sasuke: (Thinking) This is unreal, his strength is off the charts.
      Gaara: (Looking for Sasuke) What's wrong? You're not afraid of me are you?
      Sasuke: (Thinking) If this comes down to physical strength, forget it.
      Gaara: Yes, that's it. You fear me, don't you, Uchiha? You live in fear everyday I'm alive.

    • Sasuke: There's a reason Itachi let me live, a reason he chose me to be the one to track him down, kill him. I avenger!

    • Temari: (Referring to Sasuke) No one has ever wounded Gaara...and he's done it twice! He's a freak of nature, like Gaara.

    • (After Gaara blocks all of Sasuke's kunai knives)
      Gaara: Here, you can have them back!

    • Sasuke: Why are you so obsessed with me?
      Gaara: You have eyes that know true solitude. Eyes that know loneliness is this world's worst kind of pain. I told you, you have the same eyes as me. Eyes that seek power and are filled with hate and murderous intent, the same as mine. You have eyes that are itching to kill the one who put you in the hell known as solitude. Those are the eyes I'm talking about.

      ~Japanese version

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