Season 9 Episode 16

Sealed Sand: The Counterattack!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

So the Konoha reinforcements have finally arrived on the job, because as Shikamaru says, "A girl saving a guy...I just can't leave things that way." Temari tells him about Gaara and Kankuro, but Shikamaru informs her that the two man cells from Konoha are already on the way. At the present time, however, his shadow is unable to extend any further. Ino, however, begins to feel just a bit out of place when Temari and Shikamaru begin to bicker. Kyaku sends another attack their way and Temari has her fan at the ready.
The episode begins now.
At Kankuro's battle, the blue haired shinobi berates the Suna for being so weak that they had to rely on Konoha for help. As Kiba explains, a dog, especially one like Akamaru, isn't satisfied until its returned the favor. The three headed dragon sword launches forward.
Suikon throws the mace towards Gaara and it is easily blocked, but at the same time, Suikon's armor begins to absorb Gaara's chakra. All of the sand in Gaara's gourd spills out and he begins to rise while standing on an ascending sand pillar. Suikon rises with him.
The Shitenshounin leader is still making off with Matsuri when he suddenly comes to a halt. His attention is drawn to the three battles that his comrades are currently in.
As Suikon's weapon is still attached to the sand, Gaara manipulates the sand to spin Suikon around just as one would with a mace. The leader is impressed that such power would come from Suna no Gaara seeing that he is the ultimate weapon (clearly, Matsuri does not know that much about Gaara.) However, Gaara still cannot suppress Takumi Village's weapons
Lee and Naruto finally catch up to Gaara, but after seeing how the battle is in his hands, wonder what they can do, if at all.
The powerful wind cyclone is so powerful that Shikamaru gets a cut on his cheek from it due to the heavy level of chakra, but Temari tells him about how Kyaku's sword can amplify her chakra. Essentially, Kyaku is dependent on that sword, so all they have to do is get her in range of their own attacks and then stop her. While Shikamaru and Ino are blown back, they notice that Kyaku keeps her distance from Temari since they are both long range types.
Kiba uses Juujin Bunshin and Chouji, Bubun Baika no Jutsu, while Kankuro sends Karasu forward. The three attacks all collide at once- they are not in sync at all.
Suikon is catapulted from the sand some ways far in the forest. Even with his armor, Mugenkougai, taking most of that damage does a lot. The Shitenshounin withdraws his sword and holds it up, sending out six reflected beams of light.
While looking for something to extend his shadow with, the waterfall gets Shikamaru's attention and he rushes to whisper something to Temari. As this happens, one of the reflected light beams strikes Kyaku's weapon.
"Behold the terror of my village's newest weapon!" The Shitenshounin leader declares as the beams of light each reach the other villains. Each of them press their weapons into the ground.
Elsewhere, Neji notes the formation that each of the villains form when coming together looks somewhat like a waterfall, but in a triangular shape. The lines connecting the triangle are no barrier, but a waterway.
The leader uses Ningu Kekkai (Ninja Weapons Barrier): Gyakuun Roku no Jin (Jin's Good Twist of Fate): Activate!
The weapons glow profoundly and create a pathway that heads for Gaara's sand pillar. A water dragon strikes him and he falls. The leader explains that Gyakuun Roku no Jin's target was Gaara from the start. When it follows his chakra, a water dragon is formed and the sand will begin to soak in the water, making it a lot heavier. Because of this, the sand cannot be used anymore.
Gaara is down for the count and cannot defend himself, though his gourd is able to cushion his fall. Just as Suikon throws his mace to finish Gaara off-
"Konoha Senpuu!"
Lee intervenes and kicks the weapon away. Naruto enters from behind and gives Suikon a heel kick. Gaara attempts to get back on his feet, but he's in no condition to. At this point, Sakura shows up and takes care of Gaara's injuries, though he warns Naruto and Lee about Suikon's ability to absorb chakra.
Kyaku notes that the pair of Temari and Shikamaru have no long range abilities, and this is why she hasn't been attacked yet. While the two have Kyaku distracted, Ino attempts to use Shinranshin no Jutsu, but she's easily knocked back by the wind.
"One wounded by the waterfall," Shino notes as his bugs arrive and quickly head off to relay the information to others.
Chouji, Kiba, and Kankuro are once again off key with their attacks and they collide again.
Lee and Naruto are now only using simple taijutsu to fight Suikon, but it's still no good. Sakura has finally healed Gaara, but his chakra has not fully returned. Shino's bugs arrive and spell out the message that Ino's in trouble. Though Sakura insists that Gaara's injuries are not fully healed, he assures her that he'll be fine. Naruto presses Gaara to go after Matsuri, but he confirms that he'll only need a few moments.
Elsewhere, Akamaru finds one of Kurorai's's a signal to try Gatsuuga once more. Kankuro will have to back Kiba up with Karasu.
Temari uses Fuuton, Daikamaitachi (Great Sickle Weasel) and while it appears to have missed, Kyaku is suddenly stuck in her place; Shikamaru's finally captured her with his shadow. How? The waterfall, because even with that type of water current, one can make a shadow, and by raising the waterfall, the technique's distance increased.
Temari uses Kuchiyose, Kiri Kiri Mai (Summoning Technique, Whirlwind Dance) and Kyaku is quickly disposed of in the same manner as Tayuya.
Gaara walks forward, but Suikon still thinks he has no sand left. Gaara, however, begins breaking down his sand armor and forms a sand spear. "This is my weapon!" He declares before throwing it as it pierces and goes through Suikon's armor. Though Gaara prepares to finish Suikon off, Matsuri's cries for help have him heading back towards her.
Kiba, Kankuro, and Chouji try once more to synchronize their attacks, but when blue haired kid stops them with Ryuugan Garian Tou, nothing happens. Akamaru is right behind blue haired and the one in Chouji's hand disappears, while Kiba is revealed to be Karasu. Before Blue can do anything, he's captured by Kuroari as Kankuro uses Karakuri Engeki (Puppet Play): Kuro Higi Ippatsu (Black Secret Technique, One Dreadful Shot) to finish Blue off just as Sakon and Ukon were.
Everyone finds out that the last one, the Shitenshounin leader himself, is heading towards the valley with Matsuri in tow and Gaara in pursuit.
While everyone heads in their direction, Naruto chooses to pursue Gaara by himself.
"I've cornered him," Gaara concludes as he pulls out the jouhyou that Matsuri was using not that long ago.
Next Time: The Resurrected Ultimate Weapon.
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