Season 9 Episode 16

Sealed Sand: The Counterattack!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo



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  • Quotes

    • Shikamaru: It's troublesome, but when I do tings, I do them properly. This time, I'll make sure there won't be any victims.
      Temari: Let's see if you can do it without crying this time.
      Shikamaru: You sure remember things that are way in the past. This is what's difficult about girls.
      Ino: (To herself) I-I kinda feel like I don't belong here...

      ~Japanese version

    • Rock Lee: (Dramatic entry) Konoha Senpu! A hero's entry always comes late!
      Naruto: That's right! Sorry we made you wait, Gaara!

      ~Japanese version

    • Kankuro: Why are you here?
      Kiba: (Akamaru barks) This is how dogs are. They aren't satisfied until a favor has been returned. Especially Akamaru.
      Kankuro: I guess you can't stop a dog from returning a favor.

      ~Japanese version

    • Temari: So you are the Konoha reinforcements.
      Shikamaru: A girl saving a guy... I just can't leave things that way.
      Temari: As always, so obnoxious about guys and girls, huh?

      ~Japanese version

  • Notes

    • YTV Airdate: November 28, 2009

    • Original Episode Title: The Sealed Sand Water Tiger's Counterattack

    • Near the end of the episode, Temari and Kankuro use the same methods of defeating their foes. That is, the Summoning Jutsu as well as the Puppet Coffin move. This time however, it's with the aid of Shikamaru and Kiba and Chouji respectively. Gaara, this time, uses a sand spear to piece the chest of his combatant.

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