Naruto - Season 0

TV Tokyo (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village!
    It's summer and Naruto and gang are doing missions. Their newest mission is to escort the leader of the Hidden Waterfall Village. But when Kakashi is called back to Konoha for an emergency jounin meeting, he leaves Naruto and gang behind. At the same time, an attack is initiated on the Hidden Waterfall Village, led by a missing-nin, and its former strongest jounin is executed. All of this is an attempt to get the "hero water", which multiplies your chakra tenfold in exchange for your life. Naruto and the gang are forced to do battle with the enemy in order to rid the Hidden Waterfall Village of its menace.moreless
  • Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow!
    After being assigned to watch a movie about Princess Gale, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura discover someone who looks exactly like Princess Gale being pursued by some shady-looking fellows. The group saves her, only to find out from Kakashi that they were hired by the guys they just defeated. Turns out the girl is an actress named Yukie who plays Princess Gale and her next movie takes place in the Land of Snow. Yukie hates acting, but is really good at it. When they all arrive in the Land of Snow, the group discovers that Yukie is really the long-lost princess who ran away many years ago. She holds the key to an ancient treasure, and is the target of a group of ninja. When an old enemy from the past comes back to haunt Kakashi, the group must do everything they can to protect Yukie. But for what reasons did she run away to begin with? Will spring ever come to the Land of Snow?moreless
  • Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival!
    The ninja of Konoha are having a sports festival, filled with many events. Everyone keeps dragging Naruto off to each of the events, but all he really wants to do is use the bathroom.
  • The Adventures of Naruto!...Oh, and Everyone Else Too! / One on One: Every Genin For Themselves!

    A special reflection on all of the adventures from the Forest of Death up to the current point.