Season 3 Episode 17

Sensei and Student! The Bond of the Shinobi!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 17, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Sensei and Student! The Bond of the Shinobi!
As Lee decides whether or not to go through with the operation, Gai decides to give him some motivation. Meanwhile, Tsunade frantically struggles to increase the operation's success rate.

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  • Semi-emotional

    Another emotional Rock Lee episode reminiscing about his past and how all of his hard work is about to go down the drain. Rock Lee is by far my favourite character in the entire anime, though while his injuries have been really depressing, I think we get it. There is really no need to dedicate an entire episode to a subject that has already been touched upon. A lot of flashbacks were repeated that you just say to yourself "Not again..." Though what was nice to see was the small sequence with Konohamaru. He really seemed matured in that he got over his grandpa's death a lot quicker than I'd expect from a kid.moreless
  • Rock Lee tells Guy that he doesn't know what to do because of what Tsunade had told him. Tsunade also increases the persentage of Rock Lee surviving the operation.

    This episode is mostly about Rock Lee remembering the past when Guy had told Rock Lee that he could be a Shinobi without Ninjutsu or Genjutsu only using Taijutsu. He also remembers a battle that Guy had between Kakashi and at the end Guy lost and had to make 500 laps around the village. This explained to Guy how he had given hope to Rock Lee and it shows how Guy is an influence. Lastly Rock Lee explains to Guy how he doesn't know what to do because of what Tsunade had told him about the operation and his future. I could have predicted that Rock Lee was going to go to Guy for advice on what to do. Guy tells Rock Lee giving him confidence to get the operation. Tsunade at the end of the episode it shows that she increased the percent of Rock Lee surviving from 50% to 58% which was a big accomplishment for her I could see. It shows everyone in the village looking at her as she accepts being Hokage. It was a good episode because it showed the desperation of Rock Lee and that the operation had a good ending with Rock Lee okay.moreless
  • Rock Lee must decide.....

    This episode starts out with Iruka dismissing class. He sees that Konohamaru is the last to leave again, but this time he is happy. Iruka is releived to see him adjusting. Iruka sees Rock Lee pass by and they chat for a minute. Lee continues to limp to a spot where he declared his "ninja way". He has flashbacks to when he first met Gai senei. Meanwhile, Tsunade is still researching a way to improve the chances of Rock Lee's survival through the surgery. Gai finds Lee and thru several pep talks and flashbacks, he convinces Lee that he must have the surgery and that if Lee dies he promises to die with him to show that he is confident that Lee will make it thru the surgery.moreless
  • A rather sappy episode, but still a good one

    All that really happened in this episode was Guy and Lee being all sappy and like "OMG! I don't want to die!" and stuff. It was OK. Anyway, here's what happened: Lee is sitting around feeling sorry for himself about the operation. He doesn't want to die, but he doesn't want to give up his dream of being a ninja, either. The two go through flashbacks of all the good times they had together (Lee was somewhat attractive before he adopted the "Guy Sensei" look!). Finally, Guy comes to the conclusion that he will kill himself if Lee dies. His words touch Lee, and he decides to ask Tsunade for the operation. Elsewhere, Tsunade has managed to increase Lee's survival chances to 58% instead of 50%, and she is put into office as the 5th Hokage.moreless
  • Sure to strike emotion :)

    This has to be one of the best episodes I've ever seen!!! It made you want to cry, laugh--whatever you want to say. From Rock Lee's first days of training to now when he faces a life or death decision, viewers can really see how much he has grown as a ninja. This episode stresses the bond between Gai-Sensei and Lee and the father-son relationship that they share. Even for those who don't watch Naruto, the feelings are so well-composed with the music that it is bound to strike up emotion. Definitely an episode that Naruto and anime fans must see!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the scene where Tsunade is looking down to the crowd during the inaguration, the camera shifts behind her where you can see Jiraiya standing next to the council. Look closely at Jiraiya's face, you can see the red lines on his face. In the next scene, the camera shifts to his left side and the red line is gone.

    • At the end of the second round of the Chuunin exams when all the Jounins are gathered, Tenten says, "So that's Gai-sensei's rival." about Kakashi. But, we see in flashback here that she has seen Kakashi already.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Tsunade: From this day on, I shall protect the Hidden Leaf Village as the Fifth Hokage.

    • Gai: You and I are too alike. We cannot survive without our ninja way to guide us.

    • Gai: If I lose, I'll take five hundred laps around the Leaf Village, on my hands too.
      Kakashi: There you go again.
      Gai: That's a promise.
      Kakashi: (Thinking) Great... Another one of his oddball self-imposed rules.

    • Young Lee: I want to show that I can be a splendid ninja as well, even if I do not have ninjutsu or genjutsu. I want to prove it to the whole world.
      Gai: (Thinking) There's that look.
      Young Neji: Hmph.
      Young Lee: What? What is so funny?! You think I am joking? I mean it! I will become a splendid ninja just by using Taijutsu and nothing else.
      Young Neji: You nitwit. Without Ninjutsu or Genjutsu you can hardly call yourself a ninja now can you. Do you remember when they told you that you were the first person to graduate who could only use Taijutsu. They weren't saying that because it was impressive, they only meant that it was unusual.
      Young Lee: Gah! (Gets angry)
      Gai: Listen up. If you've got the passion, that isn't necessarily the case. With the right amount of passion, and some healthy competition to spur each other on, you'll all be great ninja. You'll all still have to work your butts off though.

    • Guy: Lee, there's absolutely no doubt in my mind that the operation will be a success! And in the 1/1000th, no, 1/1000000th chance something goes wrong, I will die with you.

    • Lee: (To Gai) When I complained that effort alone couldn't beat a genius, you said to me that I'm a genius of hard work. That's when you taught me the importance of believing in myself. But... this time, even if I put forth effort, or even if I believe in myself, it doesn't look like it's going to help. Gai-sensei, please tell me... Why am I the only one that's turned out like this?!

      ~Japanese version

    • Gai: (To Lee) You, who put in so much effort...The operation will definately succeed. For sure, the way to success will open. Just in case...No, suppose the worst happens. We will die together. Since I met you, my purpose has been to make sure you become a great ninja. That's a promise.

      ~Japanese version

    • Kakashi: It's my turn to decide the event this time, right?
      Gai: What would you like to do? A taijutsu battle? A 100-meter race? Snorkeling? I don't mind if it's an eating contest.
      Kakashi: Hey now... Well then...
      Gai: What is it?!
      Kakashi: Rock, Paper, Scissors.
      Gai: Rock, paper, scissors? Are you trying to settle it with something like that?
      Kakashi: Like they say, luck is also part of one's strength. Plus it requires insight and reflexes. It's a great match.
      Gai: I-I see...

      ~Japanese version

  • NOTES (7)


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