Season 3 Episode 17

Sensei and Student! The Bond of the Shinobi!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 17, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Semi-emotional

    Another emotional Rock Lee episode reminiscing about his past and how all of his hard work is about to go down the drain. Rock Lee is by far my favourite character in the entire anime, though while his injuries have been really depressing, I think we get it. There is really no need to dedicate an entire episode to a subject that has already been touched upon. A lot of flashbacks were repeated that you just say to yourself "Not again..." Though what was nice to see was the small sequence with Konohamaru. He really seemed matured in that he got over his grandpa's death a lot quicker than I'd expect from a kid.
  • Rock Lee must decide.....

    This episode starts out with Iruka dismissing class. He sees that Konohamaru is the last to leave again, but this time he is happy. Iruka is releived to see him adjusting. Iruka sees Rock Lee pass by and they chat for a minute. Lee continues to limp to a spot where he declared his "ninja way". He has flashbacks to when he first met Gai senei. Meanwhile, Tsunade is still researching a way to improve the chances of Rock Lee's survival through the surgery. Gai finds Lee and thru several pep talks and flashbacks, he convinces Lee that he must have the surgery and that if Lee dies he promises to die with him to show that he is confident that Lee will make it thru the surgery.
  • A rather sappy episode, but still a good one

    All that really happened in this episode was Guy and Lee being all sappy and like "OMG! I don't want to die!" and stuff. It was OK. Anyway, here's what happened: Lee is sitting around feeling sorry for himself about the operation. He doesn't want to die, but he doesn't want to give up his dream of being a ninja, either. The two go through flashbacks of all the good times they had together (Lee was somewhat attractive before he adopted the "Guy Sensei" look!). Finally, Guy comes to the conclusion that he will kill himself if Lee dies. His words touch Lee, and he decides to ask Tsunade for the operation. Elsewhere, Tsunade has managed to increase Lee's survival chances to 58% instead of 50%, and she is put into office as the 5th Hokage.
  • Sure to strike emotion :)

    This has to be one of the best episodes I've ever seen!!! It made you want to cry, laugh--whatever you want to say. From Rock Lee's first days of training to now when he faces a life or death decision, viewers can really see how much he has grown as a ninja. This episode stresses the bond between Gai-Sensei and Lee and the father-son relationship that they share. Even for those who don't watch Naruto, the feelings are so well-composed with the music that it is bound to strike up emotion. Definitely an episode that Naruto and anime fans must see!
  • Lee is basically trying to figure out wut to do since there's only 50% chance the surgery will become a success. then guy and him reminisce about their past and promises, and then lee makes a decision and Tsunade finally gets inaugurated as hokage.

    it was ok, but it was boring b/c of all the flashbacks and crying. there wasnt any action. but the end was ok, espically the part where we get to see that tsunade raised the success rate of the surgery by 8%, and then she finally becomes hokage oficaaly. Another part that was good was the part where kakashi and guy play rock paper scissors, it was funny, but then guy and lee got all mushy afterwards and started talking about their nija ways. overall i was kind of disappointed by the episode, it was almost like a filler. and thats about it.
  • POOR LEE!!! *cry*

    I was SOOOOO mad when those kids started making fun of him!!!! I was ready to start beating up those brats. >:( How dare they? Lee is 10 times the shinobi they'll every hope to be!!! (Notice that we never see them in the series. :P Aha losers.) The entire episode was so sad! Lee about had to give up all he had worked so incredibly hard for. I actually found it a little sad when Gai lost to Kakashi in rock-paper-scissors and had to run around Konaha 500 times on his hands with the whole village mocking him. :( But if it hadn't been for that incident, I guess Lee and Gai wouldn't have the strong bond they do. It was so sweet at the end when it was reveiled that Tsunade had worked so hard and had increased Lee's operation's projected success percentage from 50% to 80%. :) She really does have a good heart. Despite how heartbreaking it was, this was a really good episode. :)
  • i luvvvvvvv this episode. i felt sooooooo bad for lee!!

    this episode was really good!!! i felt bad for lee because everyone was saying get better and stuff but he cant. but it was really funny to see lady ysunada studying. i think she did that because she felt bad for lee and she wanted to help him. i also thought when gai and kakashi were playing rock, paper, scisors and kakashi won and guy had to walk 500 laps on his hands that was funny!!! but near the end when gai said to lee if you die in surgery ill die right next to you. i was about to cry because that was soooooo nice!!! this was an awesome episode!! i cant wait till next weeks!!!
  • Rock lee is coming back and it doesn't get any better then this!!!!

    Konohamaru is in high spirits at the biggining of the episode but lee is not. We see in this episode how inteligent Tsunade is and strong gai and lee are. This is a very good episode and inportant in the sametime. It shows that lee is very hardworking and its pretty sad that if the opporation fails he and gai dies but they all seem to have faith which makes the episode even more intresting as it turns out that having no purpose is more atrocious then having no life. In this episdoe lee will have to make the choice. Iether he gives up or takes the opporation while his life is in stake!!!!!!
  • While Lee is trying to decide wether to undergo the operation he looks back upon his childhood. Gai finds Lee and encourages him to go through with the operation. Meanwhile Tsunade tries to find a way to increase the 50% succes rate of the operation

    In my opinion this is a true 'tearjerker'. The origines of the Gai-Lee friendship are explained and it shows how Lee became a 'genius of hard work'. The character development is very clear in this episode and I have to say this is probably one of the best episodes made.