Season 3 Episode 43

Showdown: Gaara vs. Kimimaro!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 29, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Rock Lee: "Hey what up Gaara...thanks for helping me, even though you tried killing me before...boy this is awkward!"

    This is what I love about the rescue Sasuke arc, lots of great character development and even better action. Rock Lee vs. Kimimaro already delivered an eye candy fest and then it immediately follows it up with Gaara vs. Kimimaro which isn't quite as good but is still a very great fight. Watching Gaara go to work with Kimimaro dodging while shooting bullets at Gaara had me left in awe. The Kimimaro flashback sequence was also interesting, wasn't as tearjerking as a Rock Lee moment but it felt a lot more poetic; a character who was bred to fight ever since he was born. It was also fun seeing a cameo appearance from Haku and Zabuza.
  • Nice Scenes of Battle.Again Gaara is my Fav,he is cool ,tg=his episode is "all time-watching-full of action episode" Strate ACTION!some flashbacks,but Decent and ncie to watch!

    Gaara once fought Rock Lee,now he helps finding Sasuke and ending up helping Rock Lee,against a very tough opponenent ,Kimimaro!which even Naruto (clones and Kyuubi form) couldnt land a scrach on him,looks cool,nice fighting,a little bit of flashes at the end,But strate fighting!

    Gaara sure did awsome stuff,no matter how hard he made his Finishing blows,Kimimaro still stood up,battle was awsome,Naruto go`s finding sasuke cozz he left the village,its up to "The sasuke reetrivel Sqaud to fins him"

    Not much to say about this episdoe non-other that this is just strate Action games,very fun and really cool.

    i`l give episode a 9.2 ,i liked it alot,nice to watch,Gaara fans would compltely enjoy it!
  • Showdown between Gaara and Kimimaru

    Rock Lee still thinks that he can fight, but Gaara knows that Lee is in no condition to fight Kimimaru. Lee charges toward Kimimaru, but Garra trips him with sand and stops him. Now the fight is solely between Kimimaru and Gaara. Kimimaru tries several attacks to break through Gaara's defence, but with no results. Gaara tries to catch Kimimaru in a sand trap and finds that Kimimaru is too fast to catch until he tricks him into another trap. It seems as if maybe Gaara has won, but Kimimaru uses his level two curse seal and breaks out of the trap and charges towards Gaara.....
  • Great to see Garaa in control of his demon and aiding Rock Lee

    After feeling sorry for Garaa for his childhood, then rejoicing when Naruto beat him in his demon form, I had hoped his character would evolve into a more heroic form. I was not disappointed. It was also ironic that he would be the one to assist Rock Lee in his efforts to defeat Kimimoru. Rock Lee's character brings in so many aspects for those of us who have been following the entire series. I am a newbie to Naruto but have been avidly recording the shows from Cartoon Network on my TiVo as well as purchasing the box sets as they are available. I look forward to seeing the characters evolve, especially Garaa.
  • Finally Bone VS Sand!

    What goes down in this totally awesome episode of the anime series, Naruto is Lee, wanting help, tries to bypass Gaara and attack Kimimaro. Because Lee is still recovering from his operation, Gaara forces him to sit. Using his sand, Gaara tries to crush Kimimaro, though by activating his cursed seal Kimimaro survives the attack. Calling upon a greater amount of sand, Gaara tries to bury Kimimaro, though advancing his cursed seal to level 2 allows Kimimaro to survive and escape this as well. Totally awesome, there I said my opinion of this episode now it's time to dance! Strike of Thunder!!!
  • Great character development sprinkled with epic action and cameos.

    This episode is the first half of the fight between Kimimaro and Gaara. In the previous episode we saw how easily Temari takes out Tayuya, and Kankuro takes out Sakon and Ukon. The fact that this battle gets it's own episodes speaks to how powerful and well matched these opponents are.

    I like how Zabuza and Haku encounter Kimimaro along the road to the Village Hidden in the Mist. It's neat how they explore the path of characters with the same pain as Naruto and Gaara. Many parallels can be drawn between Haku and Kimimaro. Both would rather be needed, have someone that depends on them and their fighting ability than to live alone, unneeded, unwanted. And then to have Kimimaro fight against Gaara. Gaara, a formerly lost soul who found his original purpose through destruction of others, rather than misguided companionship like Kimimaro.

    But the limited action matches the masterful introspection. Another epic battle involving Gaara. The sand tsunami was a great scene. The wall of sand sweeping away Kimimaro. Only to have him rise from the ground in his Level 2 curse seal form, charging at Gaara and Rock Lee. Looks like Kimimaro can't be stopped! Great episode.
  • This is when Gaara fights Kimimaru and Kimimaru has flashbacks up to when he met Orochimaru.

    OoOooO! So freakin sweet! this is when Gaara decided to take over after Rock Lee had a go at Kimimaru. ^-^ O_o and it was floopin awsome seeing Gaara's new techniques! they was soo flippen awsome..that was when Kimimaru got trapped and had flashbacks in his early was sad how his own village treated him..then the leader finally let him out and told him they needed they went and when Kimimaru was going to the Mist village, he met Zabusa and Haku..which was probably going somewhere else..and Kimimaru asked if they was from the Mist and Zabusa said no so off he on..*sighs* that was so sad..but then Gaara had a new outfit on and OO! ^-^ did it look good on hiM! ehh anyway. almost at the end gaara is almost out of chakra and then before kimimaru dies, he does his last technique and a lot of needles or spikes shoot out everywhere and luckly Gaara has enough chakra and has him and Rock Lee both in the air above the covered spikes..that was awsome by the way..but would have been bad if Gaara didn't have any chakra left..and then Kimimaru appears out of his spike and was about to kill Gaara but then he died right there..BUT! O_O naruto is gonna fight sasuke! ^-^ cant wait for that to happen!
  • Gaara and Kimimaro go at it!

    Well, this is certainly getting interesting. Although I was a bit sad to see Kimimaro go. :( I'm getting ahead of myself. Gaara arrived in the nick of time to save Lee from Kimimaro. Lee wants to help, but only gets in the way. He's still recovering, so Gaara makes him sit out. You know, other than his clothes and the fact that he doesn't kill people for fun anymore, Gaara is exactly the same. Anyway, Gaara uses his genetically mutated sand to try and kill Kimimaro, but he breaks out and ends up going to CS1, and later CS2. Gaara is in trouble now!
  • Garra's Come Back Match!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh Yea finally we get to see Garra fight again. But this time he is fighting Kimimaru! Kimimaru is really strong. He gave Garra a run for is money. WOW!!!!! also everytime Lee would try to help Garra just ended up saving him time after time! also Naruto is still chasing Sasuke. Sasuke is on a rampage! He's going to look for Orchimaru to kill him. also we saw Orchimaru's new look. (again) I kind of like it. he looks stronger. well Garra has some new attacks which is cool. also Garra kept missing cause Kimimaru is strong. but Garra will get through next episode!
  • Haku and Zabuza return.

    As Naruto continues to chase after Sasuke, Gaara starts his fight against Kimimaro. Kimimaro underestimates Gaara. Gaara uses some of his most powerful attacks but cant defeat Kimimaro. After realizing how powerful Garra is Kimimaro goes into Curse Seal Level 2 and attacks Garra. Can Gaara defeat Kimimaro and will Naruto be able to get to Sasuke in time? This was a good episode because we see some of Kimimaros past and we see that Sasuke and Kimimaro are somewhat the same because they are both fighting for a reason to live. We also see how Kimamaro meet Orochimaru. Thats all folks.
  • this was a good episode with lots of action you also get to see gara do some cool moves i can't wait for episode 249

    gara shows some cool moves in this episode
    lee gets to take a break
    the bone dude takes out his spine and does some crazy stuff but gaara is ready for him.
    he was going to be orochimarus "container" but now saskay is
    lol i can't spell saskay
    anyway really good episode don't miss it
    a little while after these will just be alot of filler episodes so yeah don't stop now
    i got to write somemore words so they will be random
    no need to read any further than this
    hope u find htis review useful
    lollol lol ol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
  • Fantastic!

    This episode is great. With Kankuro and Temari deafeded Tayuna, Sakon&Ukon already. (You can see why or how in my previous review). This battle is one of the greatest battles. Kimimaru and Gaara still battles. None of them gave in. Then Kimimaru pull out his strongest bones. It can go through anything. Luckily, Gaara has a jutsu that can defeat it: Ultimate Absolute Defends: Shield of Shukaku. It stops just in time to stop the bone from hitting him and Rock Lee. After a while, Gaara finally defeated him by burrying him. Kimimaro uses the Dancing Fern Seed or something like that to escape but he still dies.
  • Woot first comment

    Ver nice it shows are too favorite little phyco shinobi batteling it out and finding out who is the better ninja (well not reall) anyway to get this review started this was a ver excellent episode and I loves the duel between Kimimaro and Gaara Kimimaro sure is one boner but Gaara got his sand peeps crushing kimimaro and his bones. I took off a few points because of the talking but I am not such a fair reviewer anyway.