Season 3 Episode 28

Sound vs. Leaf

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 26, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Meh.

    This could be described as the episode that sets up the main fights in the future. It is also inevitable a series of one on one fights is going to occur. There really isn't much that could be said about this episode except that surprisingly as little content as it packed, it didn't bore me. In fact there were a couple of interesting points, such as how the Sound Four were heavily injured against those two jounins. It really speaks more for the jounins, I just love it when side characters get this type of attention, but the episode remains a sort of prefight sequence.
  • The chase begins.

    The show opens up with Shikamaru's squad going through the trees after the Sound Ninja and Sasuke. While up ahead Sasuke takes a pill that will cause him to die, but the Sound Ninja perform a sealing Jutsu that will barely prevent his death. After they have done this and seal him in a casket they move off to meet Orochimaru. On the way they run into a couple of Leaf village ninja's, Genma and Raido. They defeat the Leaf ninja's in battle, but due to the fact that they had to use everything they had they are forced to stop and rest.

    After dodging several traps, Shikamaru's group finds the Sound Ninja's........
  • Another Great Episode!!!

    We sure have had a lot of great episodes of Naruto and this one was one of them. What happens is as the first step in gaining power, Sasuke's cursed seal must be advanced to its second state. For this to happen, the Sound Four seals Sasuke into a barrel and carry him from Konoha as his seal advances. They are confronted by two nearby Konoha ninja, Raido Namiashi and Genma Shiranui, but eventually defeat them thanks to their cursed seals. After carrying Sasuke for a ways, the Sound Four takes a break, giving the recently caught up retrieval team a chance to try a sneak attack. Their presence is detected, and the Sound Four attacks them before they can make a move. Great episode this was! I can't wait for the next great episode. Thunder was here!!!
  • And they set off.....

    The Sasuke retrieval squad sets out to retrieve Sasuke from the clutches of the evil Orochimaru. But things don't go so smoothly. They are stopped by various booby traps set out through the forest.

    elsewhere, The sound 4 give Sasuke pills that are supposed to bring out the full power of the curse seal. But to do that, he has to "die". Before he is "killed" by taking the pills, he is put in a special coffin that keeps him under control and slowly brings his curse seal to it's fullest. The coffin is supposed to "bring Sasuke back to life from his temporary death state".

    The sound 4 are attacked by some leaf shinobi and resort to their curse seals to take them out.

    When Shikamaru's group catches up with the sound 4, a trap goes off which sends off a blinding light.....
  • After they leave the village.

    After they leave the village and begins there mission to find Sasuke. When the episode starts it with Sasuke and the sound four. Ukon Tells Sasuke that he must die once and then everyone but Sasuke starts laughing. So they give him some pills and he takes them and they start saying if they do not seal him quick he will die! They do it because so he can go to his second lvl so he must be use to it four severly hours. They say they are Oro's special bodyguards. So they put him in a box and seal him and all is well. So then it goes to a group of four with Shinuze also the chunin procter. SO they fight them and the sound four goes in to there lvl 1 curse marks. So that battle starts and the 2 jouin lose. And the sound four look really tired. And then Naruto's group find the sound and the fat guy traps them and puts them in a earth ball. And they find that he sucks out chakara.
  • Come on! We wanna see some real action!

    Come on, enough of chasing Sasuke around! WE WANT BLOOD!!!!! Ahem, sorry. I'm on a bit of a caffeine rush. Well, Shikamaru's got himself a squad of Genin and they're all looking for Sasuke who has left with the Butterfly people. I call them that due to the purple bows on their butts. I do believe that Sakon is their leader. One of those reasons is that he's the hardest of the Sound 4 to unlock on Naruto Arena. The easiest is Jirobo. It doesn't get any easier than him. Well, I guess I should get on with it. Sakon, Kidomaru, Jirobo, and Tayuya tell Sasuke they have to "kill" him if he wants to get to CS2. He agrees, and they feed him some kind of drug that "kills" him. Then they stick him in a barrel and carry him around. Raido and Genma, who were on a mission with $hizune and Iwashi, run into the Sound 4 and are near death, until their teammates find them and save them. Although after this battle, Orochimaru's men are tired and need to take a break. This gives time for Shikamaru and Neji to sneak up on them. However, Sakon hears them and throws a kunai at them. They dodge it, but are blown away by the paper bomb attached to it.
  • The case after Sasuke begins.

    After leaving the Leaf Village the Sound ninja tell Sasuke that he has to half way die but that they will be protecting him. Meanwhile Genma and Raido are on the outskerts of the Leaf Village after getting done with a mission. They notice someone in the woods. Genma and Raido go and see who it is. They find out that it was the Sound ninja and have a battle with them but lose. When Kiba tells Shikamaru of the battle Shikamaru decides to go after Sasuke instead of getting information on the Sound ninja. He then informs the group to be aware of traps because the Sound ninja now know that they are being followed. At the end they avoid all the traps and are about to confront the Sound four but the Sound ninja throw a kunai with a paper bomb at them and it explodes leaving them in a flash of bright light. This was a good episode and I am really excited about the next episode when they start to fight against the Sound four.
  • The chase begins

    In this episode, The search for Sasuke continues as he has been taken by the sound four after he so foolishly agreed to join them in his never ending search for power. During the episode, two chunnin and two jounin try to stop the sound four from taking Sasuke, but their foolish attempt fails. Shikamaru and his squad continues to search for Sasuke when they find the injured bodies of the leaf ninjas. They escort them to the leaf village hospital and cotinue on the search for Sasuke. Hopefully the squad of five can make it to Sasuke before it's to late.
  • Team Shikamaru basically go after Saske.Meanwhile 2 chunin and 2 jonin ninja fight the Sound Four.the leaf ninja get injured and get tooken to a hospital.The Team Shikamaru confront the Sound Four.

    Team Shikamaru sets out in pursuit of Sasuke and the Sound Four. Their quarry is delayed somewhat because they need to perform the Four Black Fog Formation Seal with Black Sealing Method that will let Sasuke to use his Black Cursed Marked Seal of Heaven to increase his power. This will allow Sasuke to control the power of the cursed seal and advance it to level two. When Sasuke asks what will happen, they say that Sasuke will change into an apparent death state. After the ritual is complete, Sasuke will need to spend a long time inside a wooden barrel. When he finally emerges, the curse seal will respond to his will, the same as it does for the 4 Sound ninja. Sasuke takes the drug, and Sasuke immediately becomes sick. Then the Sound four create a barriers around the barrel.

    Nearby, one of Konoha's ninja teams detects the chakra from the ritual. The team consists of Chunin, Iwashi Tatami; Raido Namiashi;Jonin Genma Shiranui and Raido and Genma follow the chakra and encounter the Sound Four. They have not been informed of Sasuke's defection, and are unaware of his presence in the barrel. They fight the Sound ninja. The sound four activate their cursed seals. Iwashi and worried that Raido and Genma are overdue, go looking for them and find them motionless on the ground.Raido runs over to Genma to check him and detects his heartbeat but it slowly comes to a stop. Then she uses a medical jutsu to bring him back to life. She then heals Raido and she and Iwashi take them to the Konoha hospital. Genma tells them that if they go after them they will die because their moves aren't ninja moves.

    Kiba smells the blood from the battle, and asks Shikamaru if they should investigate. After some discussion, Shikamaru decides to bypass the battle area and keep moving. Soon, the team comes upon an area that is infested with booby traps. First they see a circle of explosive tags that blow up when a person walks into a designated area.

    The Fifth Hokage catches Lee trying to walk up the stairs by himself. Lee admits that's he wants to get to training as soon as possible. Tsunade responds that there are other types of training. Tsunade gives him a medicine. Then they walk throuhgh a bunch of trip wires and Naruto very closely stepped on one that was camofualged to look like grass. They proceed slowly and carefully, eventually coming upon the Sound Four, who are resting after expending a lot of energy in the ritual and the fight with the two Jonin. Shikamaru designs an attack plan, and the team prepares to carry it out. However, Kidomaru detects their presence, thanks to the network of spiderwebs he set up for just such an emergency. Thanks to him, the Sound Four are able to counterattack by throwing a kunai attached to explosive tags before Team Shikamaru is ready.