Season 3 Episode 28

Sound vs. Leaf

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 26, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • After they leave the village.

    After they leave the village and begins there mission to find Sasuke. When the episode starts it with Sasuke and the sound four. Ukon Tells Sasuke that he must die once and then everyone but Sasuke starts laughing. So they give him some pills and he takes them and they start saying if they do not seal him quick he will die! They do it because so he can go to his second lvl so he must be use to it four severly hours. They say they are Oro's special bodyguards. So they put him in a box and seal him and all is well. So then it goes to a group of four with Shinuze also the chunin procter. SO they fight them and the sound four goes in to there lvl 1 curse marks. So that battle starts and the 2 jouin lose. And the sound four look really tired. And then Naruto's group find the sound and the fat guy traps them and puts them in a earth ball. And they find that he sucks out chakara.