Season 3 Episode 28

Sound vs. Leaf

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 26, 2007 on TV Tokyo



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    • Kiba: Here's what happened: The scent of two newcomers converged on the scent of Sasuke and four others. The two have stayed behind while Sasuke's group has moved on. So what now?
      Shikamaru: Just as I thought, Sasuke's got an escort. (Thinking) Man, this is turning out to be such a drag.

    • Iwashi: I'm going, Shizune. I'm going to find them and make them pay.
      Shizune: No you won't!
      Iwashi: What? What do you mean?
      Genma: She's right, Iwashi. They were using jutsu beyond the powers of mere shinobi. (Coughs) You go after them and you'll only be killed.

    • Kiba: Akamaru?
      Shikamaru: What's wrong with him?
      Kiba: He smells blood somewhere nearby.

    • Sasuke: (Thinking) One thing's for sure, I can't afford to die, not yet! (Speaking aloud) I guess I'm in your hands.

    • Sakon: Strengthening that Curse Mark will also increase its effects on your body. Such a rapid change would kill you at once. And so, to ensure you survive the transition to the second state, we must give your body time to get accustomed to it, several hours at least. After that, once the transition is complete, your power may even be equal to ours. Unfortunately, even with all these preparations, you'll still have to die.

    • Sakon: You will take one of these awakening pills.
      Sasuke: What's it for? Awakening from what?
      Tayuya: That mark on your shoulder is only a First-State Curse Mark, but those pills will stimulate and magnify its power, making it a level two.

    • Kidomaro: Fighting two jonins at once? I'm trembling at the prospect.

    • Naruto: Ha, Got it! And when we do find them I'm gonna clobber them with this brand new jutsu of mine!
      Kiba: (Thinking) That Naruto. Everytime I turn around he's got a new trick up his sleeve. And just when I thought I caught up to that little pain in the neck.

    • Tsunade: (To Lee) A true ninja, endures hardship with patience and restraint. He knows how to wait. So just look at this as another kind of training.

    • Genma: Trust me, you pawns of Orochimaru. You don't want to mess with the leaf shinobi.

    • Sakon: Before we go any further I'm afraid you must die just this once.
      Sasuke: I must die.....once?

  • Notes

    • YTV Airdate: November 2, 2007

    • This is the third episode to not use a title card. Instead, the episode's title appears in the bottom right hand corner of the screen while the footage is playing, with no character saying the title. Also, this episode had no title appearing at all in the Japanese version.

    • Original Airdate: November 24, 2004

    • Original Episode Title: One, Invincible Formation Goes Into Force
      Romaji Episode Title: Teppeki no Foomeeshon de Ooabare Dattebayo
      Kanji Episode Title: 鉄壁のフォーメーションで大暴れだってばよ

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