Season 1 Episode 26

Special Report Live From the Forest of Death

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Mar 04, 2006 on TV Tokyo
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Special Report Live From the Forest of Death
Konohamaru interviews Naruto's team about being a ninja.

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  • This episode waz pointless and it had no meaning, it should have never been aired and it wasted my time.

    OK is this naruto at ALL! Another great example why shows lose thier viewers, im not saying naruto is losing veiwers; but this episode put me to sleep. This had nothing to do with the story and the sad thing is we have to put up with waiting for a episode each week! Well some people liked this episode but people have to understand we dont get a new episode everyday. Some dont care but if ur gana make a dumb episode at least put some fighting or meaning into it,not some dumb interviews or flashbacks of what happened before; i think i know cuz i watched it!moreless
  • Yay! a first dose of filler

    This episode is basically the first filler in the series filled with lots of flashback goodness.It is an episode that you can easily skip though it does pay to watch it.Some of the clips are excessively boring but the comments Naruto,Sasuke and Sakura make can give you a good laugh.It covers some of the most interesting episodes including the kiss in episode 3 which im sure SasuNaru fans will be delighted at.Most people either hate or love this episode and if your too lazy to watch the first season this is perfect for you.Even if you dislike fillers it is nice to reflect on what you have seen so far(or not seen) and watch this no matter how annoying you find it.moreless
  • The first filler episode....Ugh.

    Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi are selected by the academy to interview the genin before they take the second test of the chunin exam. They use the fake box gag again to sneak up on Naruto. Naruto sees through the disguise and they tell him they are to interview him and the other genin. Anko gives it the go ahead and tells everyone to take a ten minute break. They interview Naruto first then Sakura and then Sasuke. Basically the episode has some new dialog, but they mainly rehash several scenes from the previous episodes and splice it together. They could have left this one out. Oh well, it's still Naruto.moreless
  • Ewwww..... Filler!!

    Konohamau is doing an interview for a newspaper articale. Konohamau's first candidates are squad 7. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura recall all their times together in a humorous way. At least that is what they try to do. Naruto keeps giving himself all the credit for everything they do while giving the others none. Sakura tells them what an idiot he is and that if they want a good story, they should listen to her. But it seems she is similar to Naruto in that she only talks about one thing. Unlike him though, it's about someone other than herself: Sasuke. So Konohamaru asks Sasuke's opinion. Sasuke's story is the most accurate of the three.moreless
  • filler

    This episode was a letdown. In the middle of the Chuunin exams, how can you make an enitre episode of filler and water down the suspense of entering the Forest of Death? This episode had a few funny moments, and I did like some of the "interviews" but for the most part, I was just wondering when we could move on with the story a little. I really wanted to see what happned when they begin the hunt for the scrolls in the Forest of Death. However, we had to sit for an entire episode watching an interview. Still some parts of the interview were pretty good but I don't like that this episode was made during the Chuunin Exams.moreless
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Dave Wittenberg

Kakashi Hatake

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Julianne Buescher

Anko Mitarashi

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    • Naruto: Your tribute to the great Sasuke is putting everyone to sleep Sakura!

    • Sakura: Shadow clones? Who can handle THAT many Narutos?

    • Naruto: But I thought I was the only one being interviewed.
      Konohamaru: No boss, but you are the most important.
      Naruto: Oh, well in that case, I'll give you an interview that will make it clear to your readers why I'm the greatest ninja ever.

    • (While being interviewed)
      Sakura: But Sasuke, that means you care about me!
      Sasuke: I ,uh, guess that's true.

    • Udon: Hey, Sasuke! You're the coolest! When I see you, I feel like I'm looking at my future self! Do you think you could give a few words for our article?
      Sasuke: Well, I guess I better set the record straight. If you listen to Naruto, you'll end up with more fairytale than truth.
      Naruto: Oh, no you don't! They came here to interview me, not you!
      Sasuke: They came here to interview everyone, loser. There are other ninja here besides you, ya know! (In a mocking tone) Believe it!

    • Sakura: Geez, I bet Naruto is just talking about himself. He probably didn't even mention us!
      Sasuke: Hmph. That would be just like him.

    • Naruto: That's why you got your butt kicked by Rock Lee, because you're better than him? Even you screw up sometimes!
      Sasuke: I'm gonna screw you up, Naruto!

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