Season 3 Episode 29

Squad Mutiny: Everything Falls Apart!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 03, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Shikamaru's group tries to sneak up on the four Sound ninja, but are caught off-guard and trapped by Jirobo's dome made of stone. Not only do the walls of this dome regenerate after every hit, making it very difficult to escape from, but it is slowly eating away at the group's chakra. Shikamaru tries to get Jirobo to let him and only him out, but Jirobo refuses. Has Shikamaru betrayed his friends?moreless

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  • It's getting pretty tiring being the only one that doesn't give every single Naruto episode a 10 or 9...

    Like always a brilliant episode when it is Shikamaru making up all the plans. Although it did seem a bit ridiculous that most of it was spent inside of that soil dome, it was still great to watch. It is just amazing how Shikamaru doesn't let a single detail slip him by and he's able to conjure up a plan with limited material and information, such as how noticing that there were some weak points within the dome's structure. It is even more impressive how Chouji noticed this. What will go completely unnoticed though in this episode is the beginning where multiple techniques were used and countered, great way to start an episode.moreless
  • Great Episode here!

    Jirobou captures the 5 Konahu ninja in his earth dome barrier that eats chackra. The 5 ninja start argunin with each other but they only have a small amount of time before they die. They need to get out of the barrier quick but no attacks work on it. Konahau's Sauske retreval team catches up to the Sound Ninja 4 and Sauske. Shikamaru has the 4 in his shadow but things go bad as shurikan fly towards him and loses his grip on them. Then Jirobou (the fat guy of the sound ninja 4) traps them in a earth dome of stone that sucks up there chackra. After a few failed attac attemps on the dome by Kiaba, Shikamaru starts talking to Jirobou, asking for only him to be let out while they keep Sauske. The team starts yelling at each other, including about Choji eating at a time like this. Jirobou refuses and Shikamaru goes into his squating possishion to think. He then tells Kiba to attack the wall behind Choji while Neji watches with his Byakugan. His plan was to find the weakest part of the chackra to break the dome by finding where Jirobou is so he could find the weakest chackra point in it. Final part of the plan was for a super strong taijutsu by Choji, hense why he was eating to gain strengh. Choji uses his expanshion jutsu to "roll" out of the dome and destroy it. They broke thru the dome but lost time on catching Sauske as the other 3 went ahead.moreless
  • Is Shikamaru betraying his teamates??

    Just as Shikamaru and Neji are sneaking up on the four Sound Ninjas, one of the ninja's throws a knife with a paper bomb at them and knocks them out of their hiding place. Then another of the ninjas pulls on some webbing and drags in Naruto, Kiba, and Chouji. Kiba throws smoke bombs which hides Shikamaru's shadow juutsu, but he is stopped when one of the Sound ninjas is able to throw kunais at Shikamaru and breaks the hold he had on them. Then the big Sound ninja (Jiroubou) traps them in a earth style sealing Juutsu. He then starts to drain their chakra. Shikamaru then tries to make a deal with Jiroubou to let him go. Is he about to betray his friends???moreless
  • Oh no! What will they ever do? =P

    The squad led by Shikamaru is able to out manuver the sound 4 for a while, but are soon trapped within a giant dome made by Jirobo. The squad tries their best to get out, but fail. Shikamaru carefully analyzes what is going on and silently figures out a plan to get them out. Shikamaru pretends to betray the group to get Jirobo talking, and figure out where Jirobo is standing by listening to where his voice is comeing from. Shikamaru teels them of his plan and they work together to get out of the prison Jirobo made. Now finnaly out, they can take Jirobo on!moreless
  • watch it! It's AWSOME!!!

    i think this is a exitind an awsome episode. If you haven't seen this episode you should totaly see it. Sasuke betrayes the leaf village and naruto and friends go after him and try to bring him back. the bad people (forgot names) gave him a pill that puts him in a half dead state and puts him in a bin thing.If you want to know what happens to sasuke and if naruto brings him back to the leaf village than watch this episode and further into the episodes. Its an awsome show. My bf logan says also that its an awsome show and episode.moreless

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