Season 3 Episode 29

Squad Mutiny: Everything Falls Apart!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 03, 2007 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Neji uses Byakugan to spot the sound ninjas. As they approach their position, Shikamaru notices Sasuke is nowhere to be seen. Neji tells him that Sasuke is in the barrel the ninja have. Suddenly, one of the sound ninja throws a kunai with explosive tags and Shikamaru and Neji landed right next to the sound ninja. One other sound ninja pulled some strings and on them are Kiba, Naruto, and Choji. Kiba throws a smoke bomb so the enemies do not notice Shikamaru's shadow. Then kunais are thrown right at Shikamaru and he couldn't hold the shadow. After that the fat sound ninja used clay prison to trap Naruto and the others. The other sound ninja leaves and takes Sasuke with them.

Kiba uses his jutsu to try and break out of the prison but to no avail. Neji uses the Byakugan and sees that the walls are sucking their chakra. A few minutes later, the group is feeling the effects of the chakra drain. All of them are now weak. Kiba decides that he will try to break out before all of his chakra leaves him. He gives food pill to Akamaru and they do their jutsu. They tried and tried but couldn't break through. Then they see that the walls repair themselves. Shikamaru notices something and starts to formulate a plan. Naruto tries to do the Rasengan but he is not able to because the walls drains his chakra before he could concentrate it in his hands. Then Shikamaru tells the fat Sound ninja that they won't follow Sasuke and asked him to let them out. Everyone gets mad at him except Choji. Choji tells everyone to shut up and Shikamaru goes to his thinking pose.

Shikamaru finally thought of something and tells Neji to check the wall behind Choji. he then tells Kiba to attack the wall behind Choji. Naruto doesn't know what is going on so Neji explained it to him. There are parts on the wall where the chakra is thin so the spot that he is marking is where the chakra is thinnest. Also by talking to the sound ninja, Shikamaru was able to detect where he is. Shikamaru now knows that the place where the sound ninja is farthest from, that is where chakra is thinnest. Then Choji uses his meat tank to break through.

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