Season 3 Episode 29

Squad Mutiny: Everything Falls Apart!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 03, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Oh no! What will they ever do? =P

    The squad led by Shikamaru is able to out manuver the sound 4 for a while, but are soon trapped within a giant dome made by Jirobo. The squad tries their best to get out, but fail. Shikamaru carefully analyzes what is going on and silently figures out a plan to get them out. Shikamaru pretends to betray the group to get Jirobo talking, and figure out where Jirobo is standing by listening to where his voice is comeing from. Shikamaru teels them of his plan and they work together to get out of the prison Jirobo made. Now finnaly out, they can take Jirobo on!