Season 3 Episode 29

Squad Mutiny: Everything Falls Apart!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 03, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Great Episode here!

    Jirobou captures the 5 Konahu ninja in his earth dome barrier that eats chackra. The 5 ninja start argunin with each other but they only have a small amount of time before they die. They need to get out of the barrier quick but no attacks work on it. Konahau's Sauske retreval team catches up to the Sound Ninja 4 and Sauske. Shikamaru has the 4 in his shadow but things go bad as shurikan fly towards him and loses his grip on them. Then Jirobou (the fat guy of the sound ninja 4) traps them in a earth dome of stone that sucks up there chackra. After a few failed attac attemps on the dome by Kiaba, Shikamaru starts talking to Jirobou, asking for only him to be let out while they keep Sauske. The team starts yelling at each other, including about Choji eating at a time like this. Jirobou refuses and Shikamaru goes into his squating possishion to think. He then tells Kiba to attack the wall behind Choji while Neji watches with his Byakugan. His plan was to find the weakest part of the chackra to break the dome by finding where Jirobou is so he could find the weakest chackra point in it. Final part of the plan was for a super strong taijutsu by Choji, hense why he was eating to gain strengh. Choji uses his expanshion jutsu to "roll" out of the dome and destroy it. They broke thru the dome but lost time on catching Sauske as the other 3 went ahead.