Season 3 Episode 29

Squad Mutiny: Everything Falls Apart!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 03, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • It's getting pretty tiring being the only one that doesn't give every single Naruto episode a 10 or 9...

    Like always a brilliant episode when it is Shikamaru making up all the plans. Although it did seem a bit ridiculous that most of it was spent inside of that soil dome, it was still great to watch. It is just amazing how Shikamaru doesn't let a single detail slip him by and he's able to conjure up a plan with limited material and information, such as how noticing that there were some weak points within the dome's structure. It is even more impressive how Chouji noticed this. What will go completely unnoticed though in this episode is the beginning where multiple techniques were used and countered, great way to start an episode.