Season 2 Episode 10

Surprise Attack! Naruto's Secret Weapon!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 29, 2006 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Naruto tells Kiba that if he will challenge him for the title of Hokage, then Kiba will be the underdog. Kiba and Akamaru both do the "Beast Imitation" technique, where in Akamaru transforms to look exactly like Kiba in "beast mode". They attack using a "double-whirlwind" attack (Ground Fang) and Naruto goes down. But Naruto rises up again so Kiba and Akamaru keep on attacking him with the same technique. Then Naruto suddenly comes up with an idea. When the smoke clears from the last attack, the crowd is shocked to see THREE "beast-Kibas" in the ring!! Naruto transformed himself into Kiba so that the real Kiba and Akamaru won't know who is who. Everyone was surprised that an idiot like Naruto can come up with a brilliant plan, even Kiba's jounin (Kurenai) but she was still confident that Kiba will prevail. The real Kiba's "Beast Imitation" technique gives him a sense of smell 1000 times that of normal, so he literally "sniffs" Naruto out and punches him. The transformation is dispelled as "Naruto" falls to the ground. But Kiba is shocked when he sees that it is Akamaru who is lying there! This confuses him so he hits the "other" Kiba behind him, thinking he was Naruto, but it turns out that it was the REAL Akamaru! Shino was watching in the sidelines and was shocked when he thought that Kiba's nose was fooled. After being "sniffed out" and punched by Kiba, instead of transforming back to his original form, Naruto quickly transformed into Akamaru. Naruto gets an opening and kicks Kiba. Kiba is furious because he played into Naruto's trap and thus calms himself down. With Akamaru out, the match is now "even". Naruto then tells Kiba that he still hasn't whipped out his "new move" yet, and he's going to do it now. Naruto begins to perform the seal, but Kiba throws some shuriken to stall him. He then uses his "Beast Imitation" speed to attack Naruto. Naruto has no chance to finish his seals as Kiba keeps attacking with his speed, and all Naruto can do is avoid the attacks. Everyone now thinks that this match is a total mismatch. Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji think that Kiba is just too strong for Naruto. Kiba finally finds an opening when he positions himself behind Naruto, just below his waist. He is about to attack when *POOF*, through all the excitement, Naruto FARTS DIRECTLY IN THE FACE OF KIBA!? Since "beast-mode" Kiba has a sense of smell 1000x normal, the fart proves to be devastating! This gives Naruto the opening to do his "new move": He does Kage Bunshin no Jutsu to create 5 clones of himself. One clone hits Kiba low, three clones kick him simultaneously up in the air, while the real Naruto jumps up over Kiba...and hits the "Uzumaki Naruto Combo!!" (A similar move to Sasuke's "Lion Combo") Kiba crashes hard to the ground...KO! Naruto wins the seventh preliminary match!! As Naruto walks up back to the audience area, Hinata gives him an ointment to cure his wounds. Naruto thanks Hinata and says that she is a good person. Meanwhile, Neji is keeping an eye on Hinata and thinking how foolish she is.

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