Season 2 Episode 2

Surviving the Cut! The Rookie Nine Together Again!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jun 10, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • this episode was great

    This episode was good i got it on dvd so i cant watch when ever, it describes the 3rd test with the perfect amount of detail ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahah ah ahahah ha hah ah hah ha ha h ah aha hahah ahah ah ha ha hha ah ha ha aha aha ha haha aha aahaha ahaha ahahaha ahahaha ahaahah ha ha ha h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h
  • Our heroes pass the second chunin exam.

    Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura have made it to the temple with the Heaven and Earth scrolls. They read a sign posted on the wall and figure out that they must open the scrolls now. Nauto and Sakura open the scrolls and a summoning jutsu is released. Iruka senei appears. Iruka congratulates Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura for completing the second chunin exam. Sakura asks Iruka about the sign on the wall and he explains what it means. If a ninja is lacking knowledge he should study harder and if a ninja is physically weak they should train that much harder every day. Now all the genin are to assemble in a room to hear instructions from the third Hokage....
  • Kinda Boring.

    This episode is the last one for The Chunin Exams arc: Phase Two, what the point of the scrolls were and the concern of which Iruka still has for Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. This was a good way to end an arc. The explanation that the 3rd Hokage gave for the preliminary round was informative and it made sense. This episode also showed the concern in which Sakura had for Sasuke. Sakura needs to learn not to get into anyone's business. I know she cares about Sasuke but she just needs to learn not to be so nosy. The episode was informative about the exam.
  • The rookies are back together again.

    The episode started out with Iruka discribing what the scolls meant. Meanwhile, Kabuto was helping Orochimaru. Yup, he works for Orochimaru. He's a spy for Orochimaru. Guess what? The nine rookies are back together again. The sand and sounds made it too. So did Team 9. Anko and the examinators was talking about Orochimaru and how the ANBU cannot defeat him. Anyways, it's time to start battle. There was so many candidates left that they have to do a preliminary round. The 3rd Hokage explained the rules. Who will battle who? Find out on the next episode of Naruto .
  • good and boring

    this episode had alot of talk that was BORING so i dident like it that much i was happy that they finnaly reached the tower and they can move on with the chunin exams but still is way to much talk! i almost fell asleap when i was seeing this episode what realy got me excited was in the ending like preview of the next episodes and stuff and i was also happy when i heard they were doing a extra exam so i got happy MORE FIGHT! :) so i give this episode a 7.0/10 because its boring and good at the same time
  • YAY! Team 10 survived!!!!! So did Teams 7, 8, and Sand!!!!! Unfortunatley, so did Teams Guy, Sound, and Kabuto. T_T

    Team 7 makes it to the tower and opens one of the scrolls. There is a summoning jutsu written on it, and Sasuke drops it. It explodes, and out pops Iruka-sensei! Iruka tells them that they made it just in time. He also tells them how proud he is of them, and comments on their growth, especially Naruto's. Iruka says the can enter the main room now. Team 7 enters, and finds the other surviving teams, which are 8, 10, Kabuto, Guy, Sand, and Sound. Then Lord Hokage tells them that the 3rd Round Exam will have to have preliminaries because too many of the Genin survived. Lord Hokage appoints (the now currently deceased) Hayate Gekko as procter.
  • Nothing happened, it was pretty boring

    This episode brought sadness and joy to me.

    Sadness and sorrow that the episode was all about talking, they just talked and talked right on through it. It brought me joy as well, I thought that the whole forest of death was too long, even though it did provide important bits of the story. If I remember correctly it was like 9 episodes, I would have liked it to be around five because where I live they only show it once a week. I was so glad when they reached the tower so they could just move on. So I was content when they finally reached the tower.

    however, this episode was mainly a dissapointment
  • Truly nothing...A review from an artist.

    Nothing truly happened in this episode. The episode was about the team finishing. Sauske Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Naruto Uzumaki finish and grab the scrolls. Sauske Uchiha tells Sakura Haruno and Naruto Uzumaki to open the scrolls and through them. They through them after reading a scroll. Iruka - sensi comes out of the scrolls. Iruka - sensi tells them that the second exam is over and to go through some doors to get to some announcements. When they go through them they find out that their will be a piliminary round. As you can see nothing happened. This is my masterpeice.
  • An episode that makes the Naruto world even more expansive.

    Naruto and Sakura both opened their scrolls at the same time, which revealed Iruka, who was summoned in order to knock out the team if they cheated , or congradulate them if they were successful. Afterwards, all the genins who passed were escorted to a large open room with all of their jounin leaders, along with some chuunins, and the hokage. The hokage then explains the concept of the chuunin selection exam, on how it's used as an epitome for war between the countries. Before they could start the third exam, the examiner explained that there were way too many candidates, and needed to cut down on participants in order to start the third exam using preliminary fights.

    Even though this episode consisted of virtually almost no fight outside of flashbacks, this was an interesting and informative episode. One thing that intrigues me the most in fictional stories is how expansive and imaginative the world is if it already isn't based off of earth. A lot of people on the surface might see the Naruto world as a unique one for its ninjas, but politically, it blows the concept of ninjas out of the water. Kishimoto is a genius in making this carefully planned political balance into what it is today. You also feel like one wrong move could change the whole course of this story around. Even then, outside of the explaining, this episode did a good job of building up suspense. Just seeing the many faces of the genin, who are anxious to get the third round started, gets me excited. Just seeing Neji look at Sasuke, who both possess two powerful bloodline limits both involving their eyes, makes your blood rush.
  • Boring!!!!

    The episode was just talk, talk, talk. Hey if I wanted 2 watch a show like that I would have just watched the news. blah blah blah. Isn't Naruto a show about young punky over active ninja? I wanted to see some action. I wasted 30 minutes of my life watch that episode.
    Naruto u can do better than that.
  • An overall good episode.

    This episode was moving, funny, and maybe even a little confusing. It\'s moving because of Iruka\'s speech and confusing with the plague. But it is also funny the way Kakashi ignores Gai. But the episode gets a little boring, what with all the talking.The episode is informative, though. I still think this episode is a little boring. XD
    Overall this episode is pretty good and deserves a 9.3. I dont care if you disagree because a lot of fans can be moved by this episode. So, if you want to know what happens, whether you like it or not, WATCH THIS EPISODE!