Season 8 Episode 20

The ANBU Gives Up? Naruto's Recollection

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 20, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The ANBU take Naruto to a dark room to ask him about Gennou. They put him under regressive hypnosis to try and find out what he knows since Naruto can't remember. They force him to regress to the first time that he met Gennou.

Naruto remembers meeting Gennou outside the Ichiraku's Ramen Shop. They share a meal together, but Gennou does not finish his meal and gives it to Naruto and they become friends. It seems that Naruto was always meeting Gennou at the ramen shop.

Meanwhile, the others are searching the village for traps set by Gennou, with Neji and Hinata using their byakugan to scan through objects. Shino wonders how master trap-maker, Gennou, got caught so easily, which raises Kiba's suspicion, as well.

Sakura and Ino go to the examination room where the body of Gennou lies. Ino leaves the room, but Sakura stays; outside, Ino realizes that Sakura has become stronger than herself.

The ANBU keep asking Naruto if there is anything else that stands out in his memory, and he remembers one thing: Gennou showed him a picture of a young boy about his age, identifying him as his grandson, and said that once he retires, they would live the life of treasure hunters. The ANBU realize that they can learn nothing else from Naruto.

The others report to Shikamaru and tell him that they have not found anything. Shikamaru tells them that they checked out the places that Gennou visited, but he only went to eating establishments. Shikamaru tells Hinata to meet Sakura and Ino, while the others are to continue the search. Shizune tells Shikamaru to come see Tsunade immediately.

Tsunade tells Shikamaru that the Waterfall Village is performing practice maneuvers and that she suspects that it's a diversion and that they will attack soon. She tells Shikamaru that he needs to take everyone and go to the border along with the rest of the jounin. Shikamaru disagrees and he suspects there is something they are missing. He says that Gennou was much too clever to be caught so easily by the ANBU. Shikamaru thinks that he and the others should stay and continue to investigate and Tsunade agrees.

Shikamaru, Naruto, and Choji look through all the blueprints that were returned. It seems that the original recommendation letter has disappeared.

The others go to the site where Gennou blew himself up and find irregularities. Tenten find that the trees were burned on both sides like there were two explosions. This raises their suspicion. Shino thinks that Gennou drew the ANBU to the spot to fake his death.

Sakura, Ino, and Hinata enter the examination room and notice that the hands on the dead body are not those of a carpenter. Hinata uses her byakugan and sees that there is no trace of a developed chakra network, then realizes that the body is not one of a ninja.

As the Waterfall ninja get closer to the Leaf Village border, Guy tells the other jounin that they must prepare to battle the Waterfall ninja.

Shikamaru discovers that the blueprints for the academy are missing and alerts the master carpenter. Suddently, a giant bird appears above the village and drops a bunch of papers, which turn out to be pages from the missing blueprints. Shikamaru wonders why this is happening.