Season 7 Episode 8

The Appearance of Strange Visitors

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 26, 2008 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

sneak into the village to learn its secrets. No one is fooled by their disguise though, well except for Naruto who wants to train with them. Tenten Sakura, and Tsunade team up and give the impostors a bunch of dangerous and tiresome tasks to teach them a lesson, Naruto mistakes these tasks for training exercises. Tenten tells them that they promised an old man that they would help plant rice, when they get there the field is huge and is filled with giant leeches Naruto think that it is taijutsu training and is excited the impostors however are not. After planting the rice they have to put fertilizer down which smells horrible, the impostors end up getting the fertilizer in their faces. Sakura says that her laundry blew away; Naruto offers to help and is punched in the stomach by Sakura. Sakura's sheet is stuck up on a mountain, and as the impostors and Naruto climb Naruto asks why they aren't using their chakra, and they tell him that it is better training which Naruto again believes. Tsunade tells them that her giant slug is sick and that she needs treatment, the slug sneezes acid on the impostors and Naruto asks why the done get out of the way and they tell him that it is training for life and death situations, which he once again believes. In the end the real Gai and Lee return just in time to see the impostors leaving, the impostors decide to take out their anger with the village on Gai and Lee. Gai and Lee use a double dynamic entry to finish them off, they are in the spring of their youth! And youth always prevails.
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