Season 7 Episode 8

The Appearance of Strange Visitors

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 26, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Wooooooooooooow............

    OK, so this episode probably didn't deserve a 10, but I just give them 10's to boost Naruto's popularity. Anyway, two butt ugly guys that look nothing like Guy and Rock Lee pose as Guy and Rock Lee and head to Konoha. However, the only one who is fooled is, of course, Naruto. Tsunade, being the evil genius that she is, hatches a plan with S/h/i/z/u/n/e to wear these guys out. The two call upon Sakura and Tenten to take care of the job. Tenten has Naruto and the two imposters plant some old guy's rice field, while Sakura has them climb to the top of a mountain to fetch her "lost" laundry, which "she loves very much". After that, Tsunade makes them care for Katsuyu, who is blowing acid snot balls at them. And after all that, before they almost die of exhaustion, the two imposters start to run away, but they are confronted by the real Guy and Lee who beat them to a bloody pulp, and that is the end.
  • The inept spies get the runaround.

    Two spies see Gai and Lee leaving the Hidden Leaf Village and think that this is their chance to disguise themselves as Gai and Lee, sneak into the village and steal the village secrets. Their disguises are terrible. The only one that is fooled is Naruto. Kakashi runs into them and after a short scene they divert his attention and run away. Kakashi reports the two spies to Tsunade who then devises a plan to teach the spies a lesson. Mayhem follows as the two spies are put through ridiculous tasks with Naruto in tow thinking that this is all training. Funny episode, but I wish that they didn't make Naruto look like a total idiot in this one.
  • This episode was about the funniest Naruto ever!

    This episode is full of funny moments and cameo apperiences.
    The two brothers are funny and they even go as far to dress up like Gai and Lee. Fake Lee is fat and wears womens panties, while the skinny is Gai and acts nothing like him. Naruto is very naive in this episode going as far as "training" with them and beliving all the words they speak! If only fillers could be this great, I would be happy when they came on! To bad many fillers are not, but this one episode is apart from the filler pack. You need to watch this episode if you have not already!
  • This was funny.

    This episode didn't serve any purpose but it's still got me laughing. I can't believe Naruto was fooled he can be so dense I swear. It was so funny what the girls did to him. Tenten making them do all that farming, yay for her haha. Those fakers are such idiots. Omg Sakura's glare of doom was so frickin funny those guys were like "..." and she was all evil glare yay her. And Tsunade's was the best with the slug and everything yay her omg so funny so yeah the episode didn't really serve any purpose but it was sitll really funny.
  • A fake Lee and Gai infiltrate the village, fooling no one...except Naruto. Sakura, Tsunade and Tenten do their best to make sure the "spies" have a horrible time in the village.

    It's a filler episode, but one of the more enjoyable ones. It isn't very important so you can skip it, but I suggest not to. It's funny how the fake Lee and Gai look nothing like the real Gai and Lee and yet Naruto does not see this. It's another one of those episodes that make Naruto seem extremely stupid. It reminds me of episode 101, where they try to take off Kakashi's mask because It's purely a humor episode. After a series of filler episodes that focus on fighting, it's a nice break to see an episode that isn't serious. Definately worth watching.
  • Funny episode.

    This episode was like episode 101. It wasn't part of the storyline but it was more of a humor episode. Basiclly two idiots invade Konaha, dressed as Guy and Lee. Naruto cant tell the difference so he "trains" with them. The ending was hilarous when the real Guy and Lee did a team rocket type of thing. (kicking them into the air) But this episode was a random filler.Nothing important.
  • Funny

    A fat guy and a tall guy come to the leaf village dressed up as Lee and Gai to steal some secret files from the hokage.Kakashi tells the 5th hokage about them and The 5th Hokage then thinks of it as perfect training for the Leaf Village.Naruto thinks the 2 men are Gai and Lee and asks them to teach him taijutsu.They refuse and the rest of the villagers(TenTen,Sakura)pretend to think the 2 men are Lee and Gai. The 3 do random tasks ask by some leaf villagers to the point the imposters give up.

    Funny episode but, only got 8.9 for Naruto being out character (he was to stupid).
  • Stupid, but funny.

    Stupid, but funny. A bunch of mediocre spies try to steal information about the great Konoha in order to be surrounded by women in their own village, and try impersonating Rock Lee and Gai. I don't know why, I was laughing most of the time at the sight of Rock Lee's impersonator, just because he's so fat and they expect people to believe them. It was funny how Naruto actually fell for it, and misinterpreted the forced labour into actual training. In a way, Naruto did get what he wanted and the training seems to have paid off, while the impersonators got pranked on by the entire village of Konoha.
  • its a pretty funny episode because i think gai is always funny and its worth watching.

    *spoilers* just so u guys know. this is a funny episode because its about gai and lee its a filler but its a funny filler its about these 2 idiots that want the secret files in konoha, so they were trying to blend in. when they were spying at the village they saw gai and lee on their way out of the village on a mission. They dress up as the 2 of them and wanders in the village where they run into kakashi LOL!!! kakashi reports them to tsunade and she calls sakura and tenten to torcher them. during that time naruto runs into the 2 fakes and askes them to train him. now comes the missions-planting crops in a dangerous field with these giant leeches,retrieving a piece of cloth from a cliff,and washing tsunades slug (the one that she summons) after those missions the 2 are half dead and naruto was confused. near the end of the episode the 2 meets tsunade and she hits them out of the village and after that narto runs after the 2 and meets the real gai and lee returning. he askes them stuff and they get all confused and suchthe last scene was tsunade talking to sakura and ten ten about the 2 idiots. i think they also talked about naruto too but i watched that episode a 2 weeks ago so i might get some of it wrong. hehe sorry.
  • This is really one of the more random of the filler episodes. Naruto is almost out of character in how oblivious he is to the whole situation.

    In short, watch this episode if you're a Naruto fan and want a good laugh. But if you're searching through all 200+ eps for the most interesting/important ones then feel free to skip this one. You won't be missing anything.

    It's a rather big forehead smacker on the part of Naruto's character. He's not the brightest crayon in the box in any situation, but the fact that he falls for the two men's disguises is completely ridiculous even for him. Seeing as this episode was only done for comedic value, however, this can likely be overlooked. I'll just guarantee that you'll spend most of the episode shaking your head and wishing for the time skip to hurry up and get here.
  • Mostly a flashback episode from season one. Nothing special about it.

    This is actually a flashback show if anyone misses Naruto Episode 1 to 26 (Season 1). It started out by Konohamaru asking questions of Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke of themselves and their storyline.

    First it started out by Naruto about himselves and some addition to impress himself as usual. Then Sakura and Sasuke tells their story. Nothing really that much but only if anyone miss the whole Season one (rarely) and the story is something to be skipped.

    Even though I like both Naruto manga and anime , yet flashbacks are the most boring type to see unless their something related to their past and not the sypnopsis of the whole Season. Pretty boring for me.
  • not great

    wow this is by far the worst naruto episode i have reviewed. it was stupid. oh and sorry bout this review being very late. well theres these retarded spies who think theyre all that. they dress up as rock lee and might guy. the costumes are really bad. they infiltrate the leaf village and everyone but naruto of course nows that there imposters. since rock lee and might guy are awesome everyone asks them to do things only rock lee and might guy could possibly do. in the end the spies are badly injured and think that they should never come back to the leaf village
  • And I thought the real Gai and Lee were ugly enough...

    This was a very dull episode. It is somewhat hard for me to believe that Naruto is THAT dumb that he wouldn't recognize that he was talking to imposters. I mean, he's good at battle strategy, right? Like the time he teamed up with Sasuke to break Kakashi out of the Water Prison and the times he fought Kiba and Neji in the Chuunin Exam? Those were things it takes a very brilliant strategist to come up with... yet he couldn't see that those guys weren't Gai and Lee?

    And the imposters were, as I said in the summary, even uglier than the real Gai and Lee. Probably even to the point of being creepy.

    2.2 because there were a few points that were okay, although I don't know what they are.