Season 7 Episode 8

The Appearance of Strange Visitors

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 26, 2008 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • When she first appears, Tenten is wearing her forehead protector, but later in the show, she is not wearing it.

    • When Naruto is asking the fake Lee and Gai to train for the first time, you can see Sasuke standing way in the background. Odd, since Sasuke isn't in Konoha village anymore.

  • Quotes

    • Mondai: I can't take it. What is it with this village?
      Poccha: I don't think I'll survive another minute of this place.
      Mondai: I say we quit.
      Poccha: Yeah, fine.

    • Tsunade: I don't believe it. Are you two seriously going to disobey the order of your Hokage?!
      Mondai & Poccha: (Thinking) That's the Hokage?!

    • (Katsuyu starts to sneeze acid around Modnai and Poccha)
      Naruto: Gai-sensei, what's wrong with you? Why don't you get out of that snot storm before your burned to a crisp!

    • Poccha: Oh man, I never thought the Hokage would be so scary!

    • (Mondai and Poccha land in a tree after letting go of the cloth.)
      Mondai: I give up.
      Naruto: Sensei! Bushy Brow! That was totally awesome!
      Mondai & Poccha: Huh?
      Naruto: And without even using your chakra, I'm completely blown away!
      Mondai & Poccha: So were we.

    • Mondai: I don't believe it. How did we get ourselves into this?
      Poccha: We're gonna die! We're gonna die!

    • Mondai: There's something not quiet right about that kid.

    • Mondai: Hi, I'm Gai.
      Poccha: And I'm Lee.
      Kakashi: Hm, you two don't look like yourselves. Are you feeling alright?
      Mondai: (Laughs nervously) Yeah, fine, never better.
      Kakashi: There's something different about you two. I can't quiet put my finger on it.
      Mondai: Gah! Look there! A flying monkey eating an eggroll with his feet!
      Kakashi: Really? Where? (Turns around to look and they run away) Hey, are you guys pulling my leg or... Hm, that's funny?

    • Kakashi: Something going on at the Hokage's place? What's up?
      Poccha: Nothing... Nothing at all! We-We-We were just standing here. We're not after any secret documents or anything.
      Mondai: Shut up! (Knocks Poccha in the head) Do-Don't mind him.
      Kakashi: O-kay?

    • Mondai: Now listen, they got a thing in this village called the Hokage. He's like their chief, and where we find him is where we'll find their secret documents.
      Poccha: Right, got it.
      Mondai: This guy is a big shot, so just look for the biggest building in the village.

    • Mondai: This mission will make us legends, not to mention the honor it will bring our village!
      Poccha: We'll be famous and they'll give us more missions!
      Mondai: Okay, from now on I'm not Mondai, I'm Gai from the Leaf Village.
      Poccha: And I'm not Poccha, I'm Rock Lee!
      Mondai: Then let's go, Lee!
      Poccha: Lead on, Gai-sensei!

    • Lee: Explain yourself. Who are you?
      Guy: And why are you dressed like my protogé, Rock Lee?
      Mondai: Okay, that does it! I'm sick of this game!
      Mondai/Poccha: (they put on football helmets, and rush recklessly with a green energy field around them) Super Mega Excellent Hyper Attack!
      Lee: I have no idea what it is, but I think we're under attack.
      Guy: So, it would appear. Are you ready, Lee?
      Lee: Our new technique?
      Guy/Lee: Double Dynamic Entry! (Mondai and Poccha are kicked into the air)

    • Sakura: I wonder... Do you think Naruto really fell for them?
      Tenten: Nah, no one could be that dumb, not even him.

    • Tsunade: The village must be doing well; the wackos are moving in.

    • Poccha: Look at that, everyone here is a ninja!
      Mondai: Stop staring like that! You'll look like a tourist.

    • Crow: Moron! Moron! Moron!

    • Kakashi: Do you have some interest in the Hokage's house?
      (Poccha and Mondai look back terrified)
      Kakashi: Yo!
      Poccha: N-n-no! I-it's not l-like we were looking for Konoha village's secret informa...
      Mondai: (Slaps Poccha) Are you an idiot?!

      ~Japanese version

    • Crow: Fool! Fool! Is he a fool?

      ~Japanese version

  • Notes

    • YTV Airdate: November 29, 2008

    • Mari Devon does not reprise her role of Katsuyu in this episode. Instead, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn voices her here.

    • In the edited version of the English dub, red dresses were added to Naruto's Harem Jutsu. The was done due to too much cleavage being shown on a couple of the girls.

    • When Naruto is carrying the buckets, he swings it and the stuff hits the impostors. Right after that, the four stone faces of the Hokage are seen making weird faces and holding their noses.

    • Tenten wears the same clothes that she wore at the Chunin Exam Finals in this episode.

    • Original Episode Title: Meeting the Strange Visitor, Green Beast? Wild Beast?... Animal?
      Romaji Episode Title: Chinkyaku Kenzan Ao no Yajuu? Moujuu?... Chinjuu?
      Kanji Episode Title: 珍客見参 碧の野獣?猛獣?…珍獣?

    • Original Airdate: November 23, 2005

    • Second appearance of Tsunade's summon creature, Katsuya, the giant slug.

    • During the first scene where the two impostors walk down the street in Konoha and meet with Kakashi, we see Suzumebachi Kamizuri and Ibiki Morino eating, Teuchi Ichiraku, Genma, Grandma Sancho, and Inari with Tsunami, who are shocked when they see the impostors.

      In the second scene, where Naruto begs those impostors to train him, we see Anko Mitarashi, Izumo & Kotetsu, and Sasuke.

      Soon after, when Naruto is going to do his Sexy Justu, Sasame can be seen buying something from a shop, and Neji can be seen on the floor above her.

      A similar thing like this was done during the Konoha Sport's Festival special in the first movie.

  • Allusions

    • When the impostor Gai and Lee charge at the real Gai and Lee, they put on football helmets with eye shields and run with a green energy. This could be a reference to the show Eyeshield 21.