Season 1 Episode 7

The Assassin of the Mist!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Oct 15, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • The Assassin of the Mist! (1-7) Second Episode of the Wave Country Mission arc.

    This episode begins with Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke, and Tazuna traveling on a boat though the mist towards Wave Country, Tazuna's home. When the mist clears, they can see the bridge that is being build and Naruto cries out in amazement. he is immdetiatly told to shut up because they do not want to attract attention to the boat. Kakashi then asks Tazuna about the shinobi that are pursing him and says that if they do not know by the time the boat reaches the shore, they will leave. Tazuna then explains that a wealthy and super-dangerous shipping merchant named Gato is trying to assassinate him. This is because Tazuna is organizing the building of the bridge and when completed, it will ruin Gato's shipping monopoly. He tells then about how Gato is a black-hearted man who sells bundles of illegal goods and using shinobi to take control of businesses and counties that are necessary for his business to prosper. Tazuna further explains that the reason he didn't pay the full price for an A or B ranked mission is because the Land of the Waves is very poor. Tazuna tells them that if they abandon him now, he will die, and that his family will be miserable and hate the leaf ninja, successfully getting Team 7 to stay for the duration of the mission. When the boat reaches shore, Team 7 begins to escort Tazuna home. As they walk, Naruto decides that it is his turn to act cool, randomly throwing kunai into the bushes claiming that he protected them from danger. When Kakashi goes to investigate the bushes, he finds a snow hare, still with it's winter pelt. At once, Kakashi shouts for everyone to get down. Just as they all duck, Zabuza's (from the end of the previous episode) massive sword flies over their heads and smashes into a nearby tree. Zabuza then appears out of nowhere and stands on his weapon, lodged in the tree. Naruto thinks this is finally his chance to be the hero and save the day, but Kakashi steps in and tells him to back off. He identifies the new ninja as the Hidden Mist's Missing-nin, Momochi Zabuza. He then tells the rest of the team that against Zabuza's, he will have to use his Sharingan. He orders Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura to surround protect Tazuna at all costs. Zabuza then jumps into the nearby lake and performs a Ninpou Hidden Mist no Jutsu. He seems to disappear into the mist and it is now that Kakashi tells them to be careful for Zabuza is known for his skill at the silent kill. As Kakashi gathers his chakra, Sasuke fells the immense power of these two Jounins and feels as if this much pressure to act could drive him crazy. Kakashi tells him not to worry, saying that he will protect his comrades with his life. Suddenly, Zabuza appears behinds Sasuke and Sakura and in the front of Tazuna, breaking through their defense easily. Zabuza claims that he has won and beings to swing his weapon. Kakashi sees the attack coming and runs in, stabbing Zabuza with a kunai. Water leaks out of the body instead of blood and the wounded Zabuza turns out to be a simple water clone. The real Zabuza suddenly appears behind Kakashi and attacks him with his sword, appearing to cut Kakashi in two. It turns out though, that the Kakashi that was sliced in half was also a water clone, he copied Zabuza's Ninjutsu. The real Kakashi silently appears behind Zabuza, holding a kunai to his throat and telling him not to move. In my opinion, this episode was not all that bad. In the beginning, I was a bit disappointed, I though I was going to have to watch another filler episode. However, towards the end, when Kakashi and Zabuza begin their fight, things heat up. At the very end, I'm sure that almost everyone wanted to find out how this intense battle between two elite ninjas ended. Extra information - In this episode, we were introduced to the Sharingan. This is a special eye that is found only in select members of the Uchiha clan. It gives the owner the ability to use an various ocular-type jutsu that can read and copy opponents techniques.