Season 5 Episode 4

The Battle Begins: Naruto vs. Sasuke

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

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  • Sasuke gets jealous of Naruto?

    The fight between Sasuke and Naruto was surprisingly intense; both of them actually fighting to their full strength and revealing their best ninja techniques such as Naruto's mass shadow replications and Sasuke's flame throwers. It ends in an exciting note with Sasuke using his chidori and Naruto his rasengan with Sakura trying to jump into the middle. What people will almost always overlook in this episode is the segment with Chouji and Shikamaru. These two have a pretty great and ongoing developing relationship with each other it is a treat to see every time we see them together. What hampers this episode down though is the overuse of flashbacks but it isn't as bad as in previous episodes.
  • this is the beginning of sasuke's betrayal of the leaf village in order to gain power.we see him frantic with the disgust of how little power he has attained in comparison to naruto so now he tries to prove his worth by fighting naruto

    Sasuke is in the hospital and is being haunted by Naruto's strength and his own weakness.he remembers his meeting with Itachi and sulks when he remember that Jiraiya said they were after Naruto not him.Sakura and Naruto show up in his room to visit him.Sasuke snaps at Sakura and purposely picks a fight with Naruto just so he can beat him and prove he's stronger.and Naruto being Naruto accepted with little hesitation because Naruto has been itching to fight Sasuke since day 1.they go to the hospital room despite Sakura's protests.they throw everything they have at each other but it is futile.Naruto makes a rasengan and Sasuke makes a chidori and they charge at each other.Sakura jumps between them but neither of them are able to stop.ah good times when suspense and intrigue filled the air.Sasuke is full of hate and scorn for himself and Naruto is trying to prove his worth against the Uchiha prodigy.this is what every Naruto episode should be about
  • This is a great example how friends become rivals. Sasuke is angry due to all of Naruto's triumphs that Sasuke couldn't do.

    A great episode to see that Naruto and Sasuke feel about each other. It was kind of painful to watch two friends/teammates fight against each other. Sasuke wanted to show his true strength to Naruto but Naruto doesn't want Sasuke fight against him. Sasuke never thought about the Village, all he cared about was him getting stronger and being able to fulfill his revege against his brother Itachi. Sakura tries to break up the fight but there was nothing she could do but run in between Naruto's Rasengan and Sasuke's Chidori. This was a thrilling episode to watch. What will happen to Sasuke.
  • Sasuke and Naruto battle it out.

    The long awaited fight between Naruto and Sasuke begins this episode. It seems that Sasuke has become extremely jealous of Naruto and his fast progress in his training. This along with the fact that Sasuke's brother Itachi basically called him a weakling not worthy of fighting. Itachi was only after Naruto. It seems that this feeling has been building since the attack on the Village Hidden in the Leaves when Naruto faced off against Gaara and beat him and save Sakura when Sasuke could not. This was one of the best episodes of the series so far. Look foward to the next episode.
  • Naruto and Sauske were engagin in a fight becuase Sauske got so tired of Naruto being better than him and passing him up. They battled on the rooftop of the hospital. Sakura was running toward them so they will stop fighting. Kakashi stopped the fight.

    this episode was the BOMB!! I've been waiting for this fight for like forever. i've seen it in the amvs and i finally got to see it. Omg i was like no hew didnt just do that. When sasuke slapped the plate of food out of Sakuras hand i was like oh #3LL no. i wouldve slapped him myslef. Tihs episode just really had a lot of *gasp* and *ohhh* in it. Then when sasuke grimmed naruto omg i could fel the chill from his glare thorugh the screee. I thought sasuke was going to kill naruto because of what the damage the chidori had did to the FRONT of the water barrel. but nartuto would've killed sasuke. i was so glad when kakashi stpped in cause sakura would've got killed herself or even oblivated . why would u run with ur eyes close if u tryin to stop someone/something from fighting. no sense. but im glad that kakshi stopped it though
  • Awesome is what Thunder said.

    In this episode this happens: Due to the injuries he received in the Land of Tea, Sasuke is stuck in the hospital recovering. Angry that Naruto has continued to get stronger while he is still not strong enough to defeat Itachi, he challenges Naruto to a fight when he and Sakura come to visit. Naruto accepts, and the two head to the roof. After exchanging attacks, Naruto creates a Rasengan and Sasuke prepares his Chidori. The two rush towards each other, with Sakura screaming for them to stop. It was awesome or some other word that means awesome. One of the best episodes ever! I want more Akatsuki!
  • Awesome is all I got to say!

    Finally the Sasuke Retrieval arc is here in America. I sure have been waiting for this episode to premiere. What happens in one of the best episodes of Naruto is due to the injuries he received in the Land of Tea, Sasuke is stuck in the hospital recovering. Angry that Naruto has continued to get stronger while he is still not strong enough to defeat Itachi, he challenges Naruto to a fight when he and Sakura come to visit. Naruto accepts, and the two head to the roof. After exchanging attacks, Naruto creates a Rasengan and Sasuke prepares his Chidori. The two rush towards each other, with Sakura screaming for them to stop. What a great episode. Tune in for my next review of the next episode. Thunder was here!!!
  • naruto vs. sasuke episode 108 or it might be 107

    naruto vs. sasuke the battle begins is the best episode I think it is the only naruto episode i am going to review but if theres a better episode I will review that episode too At the end if you remeber sakura dosnot want naruto and sasuke to fight with that jutsu that sasuke has you know the one with the lightning and that one for naruto that anyway on the next episode naruto makes a small hole with his jutsu and sasuke does a really big hole water comes out of the holes i did not see the rest of the episode so i do not know what happens next.
  • And so, the Sasuke Retrievel Arc begins!

    :( I'm sad to see that it has come so soon, but also sort of glad that we're moving on to something new. I was getting a bit tired of the Land of Tea Arc. I can see why Sasuke is so upset, but I really don't want him to leave. I mean, if my parents had been brutally murdered and someone told me I was too weak to avenge them, I'd get pretty pissed too. I feel sort of sorry for Sakura. It must be pretty horrible seeing your two closest friends who had been together through thick and thin suddenly declare war on each other and go for murder. I just hope this all works out in the end.....
  • This is only the beginning, as my icon shows...The best Naruto battle ever of the pre-Shippuuden era. Make sure to keep watching. I give it a 9.8, because the 10 is up and coming.

    *spoiler* Just keep watching for the real battle of the younger Naruto and Sasuke. Sasuke is unsure of himself. How could Naruto, who he considers a loser, be so strong? Sasuke is so filled with hatred and vengeance, he can't see straight. The near-brothers who are so close and so much alike, but Sasuke refuses to see it - his only concern is getting vengeance on his brother - the same brother who was seeking Naruto and not him. Naruto, for all his gruffness and yelling and hyperness, is a true friend of Sasuke, but Sasuke just can't accept anyone getting close to him. His loss. Sasuke truly is my favorite character, with his moods and darkness.
  • Great episode only for the fact that we finnily get to see naruto vs Sasuke.

    Well i thought it waz pretty good because we finnily get to see naruto and sasuke get at each other. I mean we have been waiting for these moment for a long time. Even though i thought they could have made this a little better but none the less at least it was something. Something that i thought was interesting is how Sasuke reacts, think about it we are used to seeing the very "I am the man act" from him and then suddenly he's acting like naruto. I mean Sasuke really wants to hurt Naruto and he's now totally a diffrent character. We could maybe say that Sasuke weaknees is when he gets impatient but anyways its a great start from wats to come.
  • Well, what can I say, it was Naruto ighting sasuke on the rooftop.

    Is it me or did Sasuke seem like a prick in this episode? He was really getting so worked up over the fact that Nauto beat an opponent he couldn't. Then he snaps at sakura, then calls Naruto a dropout, then proceeds to activate Chidori to use against Naruto! It's episodes like these that really make me hate sasuke.

    Uggh Sasuke is soo whiny Uggh Sasuke is soo whiny Uggh Sasuke is soo whiny Uggh Sasuke is soo whiny Uggh Sasuke is soo whiny Uggh Sasuke is soo whiny Uggh Sasuke is soo whiny Uggh Sasuke is soo whiny Uggh Sasuke is soo whiny
  • We all saw it coming...

    Sasuke vs Naruto. Sasuke is really mad at Naruto because he beat an enemy he couldn't. He thinks about that for a while, and then he thinks about what Itachi said to him. He gets even madder. Then when Naruto comes it, he challenges him to a fight. Naruto accepts, and Sakura tries to stop them. They walk up to the roof of the hospital, and start fighting. Sasuke kicks butt, and at the end of the episode Naruto and Sasuke charge at each other with their 2 signature jutsu ready to hit the other.

    Oh, and Shikamaru is promoted to Chuunin.
  • Nice battle...

    This is agreat episode. The filler arc is over and the fun begins. Some important stuff happens in this episode. For instance, Shikamaru becomes a chuunin. And of course, Naruto and Sasuke fight. Sasuke is jealous of Naruto. He can tell Naruto is becoming better. The fight is great. Though it is a little short. They both seemed about even to me when they fought. Sasuke showed his skill, and Naruto showed some of his skill through trickery. You can really see both of their styles in this fight, which makes it so exciting. This is one of the best episodes yet.
  • The beginning of the end!

    Naruto vs Sasuke! they finally clash. this is the episode i've been waitng since the begining of the series. who will win? sasuke see that naruto is catching up to him and in order to surpass his brother Itachi he cant let naruto who has been weak up until now get near his level. Orochimaru sends four sound ninjas to the hidden leaf villiage. what are they up to? we will soon find out. Shikamaru becomes a chuunin. He gives Choji some good advice and tells him to be himself. Shikamaru tells Choji that Ino should eat some more and she would be more popular with the people who like her.
  • Sasuke vs Naruto!

    As Sasuke lies in his hospital bed, he thinks about all the different times he has failed and Naruto has been succsessful. He lies ever depressed in bed. Elsewhere, Shikamaru is promoted to chunin and his squad celebrates by taking him out to eat. After some encouragement by Shikamaru, Choji feels better about himself and his abilities and wants to be more useful. Back in the hospital, Sakura and Naruto come to visit him. But things don't go so well. Sasuke challenges Naruto to a fight on the hospital roof. after exchanging blows, they each use their most powerful jutsu on eachother. What is their fate?
  • Shikamaru is promoted to Chunin and gives Choji a very friendly pep-talk, Tsunade sees that the Hidden Leaf Villiage has produced some very promising ninja, Sasuke completely loses his cool, and Naruto and Sasuke FINALLY START TO FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

    omg!!!!!!! This definately my favorite episode I have seen so far. It had happy, sad, scary, and exciting all wrapped up into one!! (not to mention a cliffhanger that left me frozen for, like, five minutes) First I want to strt off with Shikamaru. He was promoted to Chunin level!!!! That makes him the only rookie to become one. This episode also shows more of Chojijthan previous ones. I love when you find out that Choji likes Ino! I also love the fact that that he thinks that he doesn't have a chance with her, but all it takes is some very factual advice from Shikamaru to change his mind. The pep-talk that Shikamaru gives Choji is very satisfying. You realize that Choji isn't just a fat lard, but he's also a good guy with a heart of gold.

    Second, we see Tsunade and Lee ontop of a building talking about (what else?) Lee's surgery. I love that Lee has the same strong thirst as Naruto to prove himself.

    And last, but definately not least, the moment we've all been waiting for, Naruto and Sasuke start to fight!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I find it really quite scary when Sasuke starts to lose control and releases his newfound hate of Naruto. I mean, when he told Naruto that he wanted to fight, the look on his face sent chills down my spine. I get some just thinking about it. His eyes were just so full of hate..............but I geuss we just have to get used to that, seeing that he eventually turns evil. This episode also had some MAJOR forshadowing about Sasuke turning against the Leaf Villiage. Like when he refused to put on his headband while fighting with Naruto. I loved when Naruto said that he never felt inferior to Sasuke, and when he commented on being excited. (I feel the exact same way) The actual combat was amazing, I loved Sasuke's footwork. The ironic thing was that they both knew each others moves and how to avoid them. The cliffhanger was terrible!! This episode also made me realize how terribly painful it's going to be to watch this arch. I just don't see how anyone can turn on all the people who care for and live them, just to gain power and revenge. The thought of doing that makes me sick. I absolutely can not wait for next Saturday night!!! (btw, if you actually took the time to read this, bravo! it's the longest review i've ever written. I've been waiting for this episode ever since I started to watch the show!) ^-^
  • finally the fight we all want to see

    finally its about time naruto and sasuke fight sasuke is in the hospital thinking that naruto is stronger than him and sasuke emo gets jealous and mad at sakura and drops his food on the floor and says to naruto that he wants to fight they go to the roof and they start fighting naruto starts strong but sasuke takes the lead for a while then sasuke uses a fire style destroys narutos clones only to see naruto is getting ready to do rasengan sasuke curses and does chidori they are about to smash it into each other then kakashi throws them to a tank of water at first it looks like sasuke did more damage but when sasuke looks at the back of narutos barrel he completely destroyed it thats basiclly what happens
  • Sasuke and Naruto finally have a clash finally.

    Sasuke is still in the hospital from the battle with Itachi and is thinking about how Naruto is getting stronger every day while he is standing still in strength. He begins to get jealous. Sakura was about to give Sasuke an apple when he strikes it away in anger. Sasuke's eyes are glowing with the sharingan. Sasuke challenges Naruto to a challenge on the hospital rooftop. They make it to the rooftop and begin the battle. The battle begins and Naruto starts out strong but then it leans over to Sasuke's side. It ends with Sasuke and Naruto clashing with the chidori and rasengan.
  • Sasuke...

    yup. This is the beginning of the Sasuke Retrieval Arc. Sasuke and Naruto begin to have bad thoughts about each other. Unlike in the Season 4 Episodes, Sasuke is a big fat jerk b!tch in this season. Well anyway, their opinoins, mainly Sasukes, get them to the point of charging their signature moves, Chidori (and Sharingan)and Rasengan (and Shadow Clone Jutsu) at each other. This fight was short though because Kakashi stopped the fight. You know, Sasuke acts emo and a kerl all through this sad season. Also, Naruto has oddly no clue what is going on. I feel for him.
  • naruto vs. sasuke, need i say more?

    As Sasuke was sitting on the hospital bed thinking of why Itachi was after Naruto and could care less of him, he lossed it. He had to know, who was stronger. Him, or, Naruto the "Idiot" Sasuke tells Naruto to have a face-off on top of the building. Naruto excepts. It wasn't a fight between allies, it was a a fight between rivals. There were not many jutsus, but they went all out hitting, kicking, slamming, and attacking the other. Then Sasuke did his chidori, Naruto had no choice, but to respond with his rasengan. Before they could see who would win that battle Sakura arrives and trys to run in the middle of the explosive fight to stop them. Naruto trys his best to stop his attack and it worked, he weakened it a large amount, but Sasuke, he didn't care he was still going hard. So Sakura wouldn't get hurt Kakashi arrived out of no where and redirected their attacks so no one got hurt. What will happen? Will they ever be allies again?
  • Sasuke and Naruto finally fight.

    The episode starts as Sasuke in the hospital from the battle against Aoi. Naruto then steps in to greet him. Sasuke realizes the only way to prove himself is to fight Sasuke. Then, the battle happens. Sasuke tells Naruto that they will fight on the rooftop. Naruto heads to the rooftop to fight. This battle has a lot of action in it. Naruto tries to use shadow clones, but Sasuke fends them off. Naruto uses rasengean, and Sasuke uses chiordi. Kakashi stops the fight. Kakashi then haves a talk with Sasuke. This ends another great episode to the Naruto series.
  • Ya!

    this episode makes me happy, because they finally fight sasuke and naruto! then there about to use chadori and resengan, but kakashi grabes both of there wrists and throws them into these metal water holders. then sasuke thinks he made the bigest whole, but then he sees the back and naruto made a huge whole, then sasuke was all mad, cause he is jealuse when someone is stronger then him, then he tries to run away but kakashi catches him with these string things, thats about all.
  • 50% Flashback/Prep Talk Episode 50% Fighting Episode

    First off this take place after Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke come back from the Tea Country. Tsunade healed Sasuke and now he is in the hospital. Shikamaru is now the only Chunin that passed the exams. And Lee will finally get his operation that afternoon. Back to Sasuke. Sasuke went back and forth in flashbacks to wonder why he is so weak. He waz wondering why Itachi wanted Naruto. Also why Sasuke lost a fight against Aoi. Sakura baught Sasuke some apples to eat and Naruto waz also wit them. When Sakura waz done cutting up the apples Sasuke hit them away and challenged Naruto to a fight. Naruto (of course) accepted. So Sasuke and Naruto went onto the roof of the Konoha Hospital. Sakura came up to watch and at the end she waz about to stop them.
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