Season 3 Episode 41

The Beast Within

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 22, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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After accidentally drinking a bottle of Sake, Rock Lee becomes drunk and seems to be more than Kimimaro can handle. Gai reveals exactly what happened last time he was drunk to Tsunade and says it took both Neji and him to hold Lee down, and that Lee is a master of the "Drunken Fist". Lee appears to be winning, but the tables soon turn when Kimimaro activates the first level of his Cursed Seal.moreless

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  • Rock Lee vs. Kimimaro, more of this please!

    Between Naruto vs. Sasuke (which will be later on), Rock Lee vs. Kimimaro or Rock Lee vs. Gaara, I don't know how to order them. Rock Lee vs. Kimimaro delivered on so many levels, the aesthetic value was great but also the whole fact that Rock Lee was a drunken fist. Him being drunk doesn't automatically make him cool but it was just so unique and fun to watch. Rock Lee vs. Kimimaro is one of the better fights in anime. The Sand ninja coming in and lending their aid to the Konoha ninjas before their brink of death was an interesting twist, though for a while I thought the whole power struggle between Tayuya and Shikamaru was going to be another Sarutobi and Orochimaru.moreless
  • Lee fights using the Loopy Fist technique.

    Naruto is still chasing Sasuke. Lee has taken his "elixer" (which is actually sake) and starts acting funny. Kimimaru wonders what it was that Lee took. Lee starts to attack Kimimaru and to his surprise Kimimaru cannot figure out Lee's attacks and gets hit several times. It seems that in Lee's drunken state he is much faster and stronger plus his attacks are totally unpredictable. So much so that Lee passes out. Kimimaru walks over to Lee to kill him with his blade when Lee wakes up and begins attacking again. Kimimaru is perplexed and decides to go to his second stage. Just when things are looking grim for our heroes, some old enemies show up but it seems they are on the good side now?moreless
  • Lee fights Kimimaro using the Loopy (Drunken) Fist, but Kimimaro seems to have the upper hand...

    This was a funny episode to see. Lee gets drunk and uses the Loopy (Drunken) Fist on Kimimaro. Lee uses this impressive and weird power to try and hold up Kimimaro from catching up to Naruto. However, Lee doesn't stay drunk for long, and the battle starts to turn in Kimimaro's favor. Elsewhere, Shikamaru can't seem to hold up Tayuya, and Kiba can't get Sakon and Ukon off of his trail. It seems that Lee, Shikamaru, and Kiba, can't win and they are all about to die. However, new allies come in and join the fight and help our almost fallen ninja heroes. Can these new allies defeat Kimimaro, Tayuya, Sakon, and Ukon? Or are they not strong enough to handle them? Another awesome episode, and another 10 out of 10!moreless
  • Drun...Loopy Lee VS Kimi

    What goes down in this episode of Naruto is in his drunken form, Lee's movements are unpredictable and Kimimaro is left unable to dodge his attacks. As Lee begins gaining the advantage in the fight, Kimimaro is forced to use his more powerful abilities. Lee, however, begins to sober up, and reverts to his previous state, easily being outclassed by Kimimaro. Kimimaro prepares to finish Lee off, Tayuya starts fighting Shikamaru's shadow, and Sakon and Ukon find Kiba and Akamaru. Before any of the Sound Four members can attack the Konoha ninja, Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro arrive at each battle site to take care of the Sound Four members themselves. It was an awesome episode, but the episode after this one is much better. Thunder was here!!!moreless
  • Lee gets drunk

    OMG, this stuff is freakin' hysterical! My only complaint is that the dubbed version says "Loopy Fist" instead of "Drunken Fist." It's not cool and it ticks me off! This is EXACTLY why Naruto needs to be changed to be on Adult Swim! But what about the kids who can't stay up that late? Hm... Too bad for them. Life is rough. Get a helmet. Anyway, while I'm rambling, I'm going to tell you, in my own words, what happened. Lee took his "medicine" which turned out to be elixer (another dumb mistake by the dubbed version. It's BOOZE!). And he's so fast when he's drunk, Kimimaro can't touch him! And Lee is like, a bazillion times stronger when he's drunk. And a bazillion times funnier too! :P :D But alas, all tings must come to an end. Lee starts to get sober and Kimimaro gains the upperhand. (OMG, this next part I saw in a dream last night and I choked on my muffin when I saw it on TV. Exactly as it happened! I mean, I knew the Sand showed up, I just didn't know how. I swear to you, I've never seen this episode before!) And then Tayuya prepares to kill Shikamaru, Sakon and Ukon to kill Kiba and Akamaru, and Kimimaro to kill Lee. And then Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara show up to save their sorry butts.moreless
Keith Silverstein

Keith Silverstein


Guest Star

Debi Mae West

Debi Mae West


Recurring Role

Skip Stellrecht

Skip Stellrecht

Gai Maito (Might Guy)

Recurring Role

Tom Gibis

Tom Gibis

Shikamaru Nara

Recurring Role

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