Season 3 Episode 41

The Beast Within

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 22, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Lee gets drunk

    OMG, this stuff is freakin' hysterical! My only complaint is that the dubbed version says "Loopy Fist" instead of "Drunken Fist." It's not cool and it ticks me off! This is EXACTLY why Naruto needs to be changed to be on Adult Swim! But what about the kids who can't stay up that late? Hm... Too bad for them. Life is rough. Get a helmet. Anyway, while I'm rambling, I'm going to tell you, in my own words, what happened. Lee took his "medicine" which turned out to be elixer (another dumb mistake by the dubbed version. It's BOOZE!). And he's so fast when he's drunk, Kimimaro can't touch him! And Lee is like, a bazillion times stronger when he's drunk. And a bazillion times funnier too! :P :D But alas, all tings must come to an end. Lee starts to get sober and Kimimaro gains the upperhand. (OMG, this next part I saw in a dream last night and I choked on my muffin when I saw it on TV. Exactly as it happened! I mean, I knew the Sand showed up, I just didn't know how. I swear to you, I've never seen this episode before!) And then Tayuya prepares to kill Shikamaru, Sakon and Ukon to kill Kiba and Akamaru, and Kimimaro to kill Lee. And then Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara show up to save their sorry butts.