Season 3 Episode 41

The Beast Within

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 22, 2007 on TV Tokyo



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  • Quotes

    • Kimimaro: Your speed is impressive, but this is over now.

    • Kimimaro: My true abilities lie within my bones. I'm sure the little clone brat must have told you before he left. I think it's time you wised up.
      Lee: (Drunk) Wised up? Do I look stupid to you?! (Charges and knocked back)
      Kimimaro: Well, whatever you are, I'll snap you out of it.
      Lee: (Charging again) I said I'm not stupid! In the first place, you don't even know me! And secondly, don't even try to act like you do!

    • Kimimaro: (Thinking) I can't read his movements. For him to land an attack on me, that's quite the taijutsu. No other choice. (Activates his Cursed Mark)

    • Lee: (Drunk) If you will not make the first move, then I will have to bring the fight to you!
      (Lee charges)
      Kimimaro: (Thinking) His style of attack is fairly direct.
      Lee: (Falls flat on his face) Ow!

    • Kimimaro: (Thinking) Why can't I hit him?!
      Lee: (Drunk) Can't you see? (Dodges) I'm trying to take a nap. (Dodges more blows) Buzz, buzz, you little fly. (Kicks Kimimaro back) Bring it on already! Come on! What's the holdup, tough guy?
      Kimimaro: (Thinking) These movements... What are they?

    • Lee: (Drunk) All this jumping around here is totally messing with my head. (Passes out)

    • Lee: (Drunk) What is wrong with you? You know how impolite it is to stare?!

    • Naruto: Sasuke! Why do you keep running away from me? Sasuke!

    • Temari: Allies of the Leaf Village...
      Kankuro: We're shinobi...
      Gaara: ...of the Sand!

    • Kimimaro: He's using the Loopy Fist. I've never actually seen it before.

    • Ukon: You're going to die, kid; wipe that grin off your face!

    • Kiba: That was close.
      Ukon: What was?

    • Temari: Allies of Konoha...
      Kankuro: ...the Sand...
      Gaara: ...shinobi!

      ~Japanese version

    • Rock Lee: (Drunk) I'm not drunk! I'm underage. Children aren't allowed to drink Sake!

      ~Japanese version

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Drunken Fist:

      The whole Rock Lee fighting drunk theme, has to be inspired from the two Jackie Chan movies called "Drunken Master (1978)" and "Legend of Drunken Master" or "Drunken Master II (1994)".

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