Season 9 Episode 8

The Bewildering Forest

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Unknown on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

This episode starts with a flashback to The Forest of Bewilderment where Todoroki attacks Gantetsu. When Naruto tries to stop him, he reveals to Naruto that Gantetsu killed his brother and his family five years ago. However, Todoroki does not know that Akio, his little brother, is still alive. Todoroki tells Naruto through a flashback how his home burned, how his parents were killed by the Shinobazu, and how he saw Gantetsu holding Akio hostage as the house burned. The house collapsed around all three of them, and that was the last time Todoroki saw Akio. After the fire,Todoroki trained for years so that he might find Akio and kill the Shinobazu, because his brother's bones were never found, unlike his parents', in the wreckage of his burned house.
Todoroki accuses Gantetsu, and again tries to kill him, only to be knocked away by Naruto, who reminds Todoroki that it is his mission to take Gantetsu to the capital of the Forest Country, no matter what. Todoroki then decides that because no one is looking in the forest, the only way to get to Gantetsu is to kill Naruto. Sakura and Lee are confronted by the group of children. They demand that Gantetsu be returned to them, and the leader of the children, Akio, orders the kids to attack Lee and Sakura, which they do. Sakura and Lee refuse to fight against the kids, and tell them that having sharp weapons like that is dangerous.
Todoroki charges Naruto, who incapacitates him with Kage Bunshin. Gantetsu walks towards Todoroki, trying to explain, when he is captured by a net trap. Monju, of Shinobazu, traps both Naruto and Todoroki in a string trap. Monju reveals that the strings will tighten until Naruto and Todoroki are in pieces, and departs with Gantetsu in tow.
The group with Sakura and Lee reveal that they are all children whose families have been killed by Shinobazu, and rescued by Gantetsu. Gantetsu could not take being with Shinobazu anymore, so he purposely let himself be caught so that Shinobazu might be caught in turn when they tried to rescue him. But they never came to rescue him. The children came to the forest to look for him. Sakura and Lee agree to help the kids find Naruto and Gantetsu.
Naruto and Todoroki are still trapped, and the steel string is becoming critically tight. Then, Naruto realizes that the string will loosen when sweat is dropped onto it. He tells Todoroki that Gantetsu does not seem evil to him, and he cannot die until he hears what Gantetsu has to say. Todoroki agrees. They break the string with their teeth, and pursue Monju.
Monju and Gantetsu pass Sakura, Lee and the kids. Gantetsu struggles and breaks free, but Monju confronts the children. Monju, when attacked by Akio, traps him in the same steel wire as with Naruto and Todoroki. Akio yells that he will never forgive him for killing his family, and Monju asks Gantetsu what this is all about. Gantetsu pleads Monju to let him go. Sakura and Lee step in, but Monju creates a net around him that is stronger than steel. Gantetsu refuses to answer Monju's question,and Monju tightens the string around Akio. Akio screams and Gantetsu, frantic, tells Monju that the children are from the houses that Shinobazu raided, and that he saved and raised them. Suddenly, Naruto jumps in. Todoroki sees Akio, and wonders if it could possibly be him.