Season 1 Episode 16

The Broken Seal

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Dec 17, 2005 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

At this point Sakura is still trying to protect Tazuna, while Zabuza is making sure Kakashi does not try and help Sasuke and Naruto who are still fighting Haku in is Jutsu which is made of unbreakable ice mirrors.
Sasuke has figured a way to track the quick movements of Haku but only at the price of him and Naruto being repeatedly injured by his acupuncture needles. Haku has told them before he was not aiming at their vital organs because he too like them also shares a dream. Haku being of an advanced bloodline is obviously too much for the boys to handle. Sasuke continues to tell Naruto to use Kage no Bunshin (Shadow Clone Jutsu) useless as Haku puts it. So Sasuke comes up with a plan for Naruto to escape outside of the mirrors (it's just to get Haku's attention off of him so he can watch his movements and use his fire attack against Haku) Naruto fails and is knocked unconscious. Sasuke picks up one of the needles thrown at him and defends himself and Naruto from further puncture wounds but he knows he cannot keep this up much longer. At this point Haku is pissed and begins to aim for vital organs. Sasuke tells Naruto "Get up, moron" and Naruto awakens he and Haku exchange words and Haku transports himself to all of the mirrors and shots out his deadly needles. Sasuke still warding off the needles to protect himself and Naruto... Haku begins to see that he is doing this to protect Naruto and decides to go right after him; due to an unconscious Naruto. Sasuke is basically done. Haku comments: Spectacular movement. You move very well. But this time I'll stop you. Your body, reflexes, ability to react everything should already be at its limit!!!!! Sasuke finally sees his movements and saves himself and Naruto, Then. Then we see it why the Uchiha (Sasuke's dead clan) was so great, they had a spectacular bloodline and there trait was THE SHARINGAN. Yes, Sasuke has those eyes. He is young so they do not work as well as Kakashi's one. Haku is shocked and a bit afraid he now knows what and who is up against (Haku also comes from a dead clan with an advanced bloodline) Haku marvels at his ability to even awaken the ability in battle due to the fact Sasuke is so young. He knows he must end the fight now or Sasuke will surely unleash the power. Haku goes after Naruto instead Sasuke runs to him back to Kakashi, Zabuza and Tazuna. Kakashi has blocked an attempted attack on Tazuna from Zabuza, and is bleeding. Sakura stares on in sheer fright. Zabuza: You were too slow, Kakashi. Did your desire to save these brats cloud your mind and make the mist even thicker for your Sharingan? Even with that impressive eye, your abilities to read my movements are dimming. The mist grows thick and Kakashi loses sight of Zabuza. Flash to inner Sakura saying that Sasuke can't be defeated. Naruto either. Kakashi agrees and begins to say Naruto is the number one, hyperactive, loudest ninja and Sasuke is from the leaf's most outstanding clan. Zabuza: You mean. Kakashi: That's right. His name is Uchiha Sasuke. With the advanced bloodline of the Uchiha clan running through his veins he is a genius ninja. Zabuza is shocked but he knows something they do not about Haku. They are both from a dead clan and Haku has never been defeated using that Jutsu. Kakashi leaves Sakura and Tazuna to go finish things off with Zabuza. Naruto awakens to see a seemingly defeated Haku but only to look up to Sasuke standing above him in a defensive stance yelling at him. Naruto doesn't care because they won but Sasuke: what's with that face. You total moron. Naruto: Why did you save me? Tears begin to well up in the boy's eyes. Sasuke: How should I know? I hated you. Naruto: But!!! Why?! Why me!!!? I never asked for your help!!! Sasuke: I don't know, my body just moved on its own. IDIOT!!! Sasuke collapses into Naruto's arms Sasuke: You!!!! Don't die!! Haku stands and begins to tell Naruto that in some way he was precious to Sasuke and that he can expect to see many more of his friends die if he continues to seek to be a shinobi. Haku goes back into the mirror to prepare for the final bout between him and Naruto] Naruto: Shut UP!!!! I won't forgive you!! Haku sees that killing his friend was the wrong move. A mist forms around Naruto as he lays Sasuke down. A great tunnel of fire shoots straight up out of the boy his chakra is increasing. Naruto's face has changed his voice something dangerous the chakra is dangerous, thick, and not human. Haku peers through the flames only to see a crazed boy? With his eyes fixated upon him. The fire comes together and for a moment we see it that face, the face of a demon fox. Naruto is directly below this image of flames. His body is healing the needles rejected from his body. Are those claws those eyes like cats? Zabuza and Kakashi sense the power and stop. Kakashi realizes what and who is making the chakra. His eyes widens in terror. Zabuza is still at a lost. Kakashi remembers that night that Iruka, Naruto and so many others lost families and friends the night the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox came to Leaf village and was sealed inside Naruto's body by the fourth Hokage. That was it Naruto had somehow broke the seal on his tummy to keep the fox at bay within his body for the past twelve years. The fire dissipates.