Season 8 Episode 12

The Byakugan Sees the Blind Spot!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Aug 23, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Hinata killed a guy!!!

    Granted, since this is just a filler arc, it doesn't count anything towards the real story line, but Hinata killed a guy!!! We all knew she had that inner flame burning inside of her, and we all knew she was perfectly capable of kicking some butt, but I personally never thought that she would actually kill someone! It's not like she couldn't, I just didn't think she would have the heart to! So frankly, I was very shocked when she magnatized that guy and he died in his own magnent sand. Well, after Hinata killed that guy, there was only one brother left. The head honcho. Will Naruto be able to take him down?!?
  • Hinata shows how strong she is.

    Jiga keeps knocking Naruto down. He eventually almost crushes Naruto and Hinata jumps in to defend Naruto. Jiga tells her that he will spare both of them if she will tell him where the princess is. Hinata refuses and Jiga attacks her. She is able to defend against his first attack and when he throws his chained mace at her, she grabs it and is pulled to him where she uses her Gentle Fist Jutsu. It seems to have no effect on Jiga and he then throws her against the wall. He uses his magnetism to attack her with several kunai and Hinata...
  • Oh. My. God.

    I don't care if this review doesn't work. Oh my god, Hinata just kicked that guy's arse. Woah. Naruto lost to Jiga very fast, but Hinata kicked his butt to a major level. Wow. I am seriously speechless. This episode was perfect. Completely perfect. I cannot comprehend this episode, only stare with my mouth open. My mind is in utter shock. Hinata. Just. Kicked. A$$. Now this is what I have been waiting for. Not only did Hinata manage to show how she has grown, but has done it in front of Naruto. Yay Naruto and Hinata. I am going to go to sleep now, this episode has left me in a dazed state. Dang. Hinata rules.
  • Hinata finds Naruto in a troubling situation, so she helps him out by defeating the 2nd Criminal who was trying to find Princess's whereabouts. The episode shows how powerful Hinata can be...

    Hinata finds out how she can defeat the 2nd Criminal by using the 2nd Criminal's power to make him a powerful magnet making the iron sand attach to him. While that is happening, Choji helps Naruto by using his special jutsu by breaking the rocks that Naruto was trapped in. When Naruto gets out of the rocks, he realizes Hinata's in danger and goes to help save her. He finds Hinata about to go deeper into the sand hole, and Naruto saves her by making a ladder of himself by using Kage Bushin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Jutsu), and plunged into the sand hole and pulls Hinata from the sand hole, and when she wakes up she says that she defeated the Criminal....
  • Pretty exciting

    This episode was exciting, showing Hinata's true potential as a shinobi. She has been slowing progressing as a ninja, surprising us with every new mission. An example in particular in this episode was her ability to assess her situation and discover the magnet users weakness through using her Byakuugan abilities. She is slowly catching up to her cousin Neji and should make the Hyuuga clan proud. Everyone is gaining more faith in her abilities, most noticeably Naruto (much to Hinata's delight). He shows this when he tells Haruna that he will protect her because he promised Hinata. However, honestly I don't think that Haruna is worth it due to the way she treats Naruto, but then again i guess Naruto is just more honorable than I am :P
  • Hinata proves she is a ninja

    People always underestimate Hinata. Even Naruto. The truth is that she is a talented ninja with no self esteem. She took that down the 2nd bro with her brains. Hanura seems like she is changing in personality. That bit with her talking with Naruto was sad. The 3rd brother seems more powerful then his siblings, so Naruto better watch out!
  • Worth Watching


    hey guys .. its really cooool ... a fatso whom Naruto cudnt defeat ... had been defeated by Hinata's Byakugan !!!

    Its really worth watching it ... atleast now Hinata got a chance to protect Naruto and she proved her talent

    These special fillers are worth watching even if they r not the part of the story ... but the single episode ones like Akamaru's Long Day etc., is not gud ...wht i mean to say is tht ... please watch these episodes even if they r fillers
  • Go Hinata-chan!

    Hinata gets her big moment and finally takes down a powerful villainous Janin, named Jiga. Someone that messed Naruto up with his electromagnetic genjutsu and threw him around like a doll. Hinata shows growth by defeating him. Much more powerful than Suzembachi whom Hinata only held back for Naruto to beat later. But this time, she beats someone herself to save Naruto. Now with Jiga out of the way, it's time for the big bad to come out: Renga.

    Renga's shows up with some of his amazing skills, which we'll learn about next. Alright showing he can stand on air (with _ _ _), omnipresent-like, yeah, this guy will be some work.

    The animation on this episode seemed to be lacking a little as the episodes before looked better than this, but still, it was fine.
  • Hinata defeats the 2nd criminal brother and is saved by naruto.

    Hinata discovers how the second\'s magnetic powers work. Through the translation i had, it was not explained very clear. Once Hinata discovers how he uses his magnetic powers she lures him into an area with much sand. She then uses her chakra to increase his chakras\' polarity causing him to become a magnet. With that strike they both fall into a sand pit. Hinata is unable to move while the second is being consumed by the sand he is atracting. Chouji bashes through the rocks, freeing Naruto. Naruto then remebers that Hinata was fighting the second brother and uses his shadow clone jutsu to pull Hinata out of the sink hole that was formed when the second brother was turned into a magnet attracting all of the sand in the area.